13 of the best eye creams of 2021

Many brands make eye creams for people who suffer from bags under the eyes, dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Some are antiallergic and are also suitable for contact lens wearers.

This article explores what eye creams are and what to consider when purchasing a skin care product for the eye area. It also reviews a range of products available for purchase online and discusses some safety precautions.

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Eye creams are cosmetic products specially formulated for use on the delicate skin around the eyes. Eye creams can help moisturize and brighten the skin and sometimes improve its firmness.

The skin surrounding the eyes is thinner than the skin on the rest of the face. As a result, it may be more prone to drought, the negative effects of environmental pollution, and sun damage.

Additionally, when a person blinks or uses facial expressions, the skin around the eyes can develop fine lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet.

Some benefits that a person can get from using eye creams can include:

However, there are some risks. For example, they may not be suitable for people who wear contact lenses. They could also irritate the skin,

Here are some factors that individuals can look for when choosing an eye cream:

  • Ingredients: Some creams contain caffeine, which can reduce the appearance of bags under the eyes, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Manufacturers of skin care creams can also include hyaluronic acid in their products because it helps moisture penetrate the skin.
  • Skin type: Some eye creams have a non-comedogenic formula, which means they don’t clog pores. These products may be suitable for people with acne prone skin.
  • Formula: Some brands sell light, non-greasy eye creams, which can be beneficial for people living in hot, humid climates.
  • Cost: The price of eye creams varies, so individuals may wish to tailor their search to creams that suit their budget.

Our editor selected the following eye creams based on online research and customer review sites.

Please also note that the author has not tested these products. All information in this article is based on research and we do not intend to recommend certain products over others.

Eminence Snow Mushroom Moisture Cloud Eye Cream

Cut: 0.5 ounce (oz)

Skin types: All

Eminence eye cream contains snow fungi, which would attract moisture to the skin and improve its elasticity and barrier function.

Eminence states that the other ingredients promote hydration, reduce puffiness and the appearance of bags under the eyes.

Additionally, the company claims that it does not test its products on animals and that this eye cream is soy and gluten free.

SkinCeuticals Eye Balm

Cut: 0.5 ounce

Skin types: Dry, normal and sensitive

This SkinCeuticals product is a moisturizer that would be suitable for people who have signs of aging around the eyes, such as crow’s feet and bags under the eyes.

Its main ingredients are soy isoflavones, vitamin E and silymarin. SkinCeuticals claims that these ingredients help improve skin firmness and nourish dry skin while restoring essential lipids.

Avène Soothing Eye Contour Cream

Cut: 0.33 ounce

Skin type: Very sensitive skin

Avène Light Eye Cream contains chamomile and dextran sulfate. According to the company’s website, these ingredients can help soothe sensitive skin and reduce puffiness.

This eye cream also contains hyaluronic acid to help hydrate the skin.

Avène RetrinAL Eyes

Cut: 0.5 ounce

Skin types: All

This Avène eye cream contains four main ingredients, including retinaldehyde, hyaluronic acid, dextran sulfate and thermal water.

The company claims that these ingredients smooth fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, and soften the skin.

Bioderma Sensibio Tonic Lotion

Cut: 8.4 ounces

Skin type: Sensitive skin

This product is a liquid toning lotion with a light texture. Bioderma claims that this cream provides a moisturizing and refreshing effect.

The company also claims that the ingredients in this cream reduce discomfort due to dryness and lessen the appearance of visible redness.

The Bioderma website states that users can apply this lotion to their face and eyes after cleansing, and they can use the cream in the morning or in the evening.

Spectacular eye lift by Skin Authority

Cut: 0.5 ounce

Skin type: Sensitive

According to customer reviews, Skin Authority’s Dramatic Eye Lift is a gel with a light consistency. The company claims that it’s not greasy, won’t clog pores, and hydrate the skin.

The product description states that this cream helps lift sagging eyelids, lighten dark circles and increase skin firmness.

Its ingredients include evening primrose seed extract, grapefruit extract, and bergamot oil.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel-Cream

Cut: 0.5 ounce

Skin type: Dry skin

This eye contour gel aims to hydrate the skin and contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the skin and helps keep the skin hydrated by binding to water molecules.

Neutrogena claims its formula is non-comedogenic, won’t clog pores, and has been tested by ophthalmologists.

Rich Light Neocutis

Cut: 0.5 ounce

Skin type: To dry

The ingredients in Neocutis Lumière Riche Eye Cream include caffeine, sodium hyaluronate and glycyrrhetinic acid. Neocutis claims that these ingredients reduce puffiness, hydrate and brighten the skin.

Additionally, the company claims that this product is suitable for people who want to reduce the appearance of their wrinkles, crow’s feet, and dark circles.

The company designed this cream to be non-comedogenic and claims the product has been tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists as well.

Ormedic Balancing Lifting Eye Gel

Cut: 0.5 ounce

Skin type: Dry and delicate skin

Ormedic has formulated this eye contour gel to hydrate dry and delicate skin.

It contains quinoa extract, which is said to help reduce puffiness and the appearance of bags under the eyes. The website also states that the product uses fermented black tea and plant stem cells, which exhibit anti-aging properties.

DEJ Revision Eye Cream

Cut: 0.5 ounce

Skin types: All

Revision Skincare’s DEJ Eye Cream aims to provide intense hydration and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, redness and sagging.

According to the website, individuals should apply a bead-sized amount to the area under the eyes and along the orbital bone twice a day.

Skin Authority Eye Brightener

Cut: 0.5 ounce

Skin types: All

This natural cream formula uses chamomile, green tea, and ginkgo biloba leaf extract to minimize the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles around the eyes.

Skin Authority states that this product helps the skin to retain moisture, while people can use it on the upper eyelid and brow line.

Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

Cut: 1 ounce

Skin type: All types

The main ingredient in this product is hyaluronic acid. Although it is naturally present in the skin, its natural function does not involve moisturizing the skin.

As a result, this formula uses three forms of Hyaluronic Acid, which the manufacturer combines with Vitamin B5 to help plump the skin and provide intense hydration.

Plus, this product is said to be light, oil-free, and vegan-friendly.

The Ordinary also specifies that it does not test the finished products on animals.

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

Cut: 0.5 ounce

Skin types: All

This CeraVe cream contains ceramides to maintain the natural barrier of the skin and hyaluronic acid to retain the existing hydration of the skin.

CeraVe also uses niacinamide to calm the skin.

CeraVe uses multivesicular emulsion (MVE) technology to provide time-based release of specific ingredients in cosmetic creams. In this eye cream, MVE technology helps the skin stay hydrated throughout the day.

According to a 2016 assessment, EVD techniques in skin care products have links to improving acne.

CeraVe claims that this product has been tested by ophthalmologists. It is also allergy tested and non-comedogenic. Additionally, the company says it is suitable for people with acne-prone skin.

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