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Have you ever wanted to invent an everyday product that makes your life easier or more pleasant, and maybe a little rich too? If you’re looking for existing inventions to inspire you, don’t be surprised if a particular object was invented by someone who wasn’t old enough to drive, drink, or vote. In fact, some of the products we use every day were imagined by those who still believe in Santa Claus.

From ear muffs and early versions of the calculator, to trampolines and popsicles, many products we take for granted were invented by young people.

Thus, in recognition of young inventors, 24/7 Tempo salutes these miracles who have made our lives better.

The children who invented these and other products come from all walks of life. Many of these inventions became instant hits among the inventor’s peers, and savvy parents took steps to secure a patent, secure distribution agreements, and align sources of production. In other cases, these young inventors have been forced to rely on their own talents and resources to be recognized.

Many products invented by children deal with the issues that they and their parents face every day. Other inventions were created for fun or to pass the time. Like so many products, some of these items came into being by chance. Other products were made by inventors who rose to fame later in life. And some creations have been developed to meet the needs of struggling members of society. Here are 30 NASA inventions we use every day.

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George Nissen, 16, was inspired by trapeze artists. He designed a bouncy rig that we know as a trampoline.

The popsicle was created by accident when 11-year-old Frank Epperson left a soft drink outside on a cold winter’s night in San Francisco.

Benjamin Franklin, famous for inventing bifocals and lightning rods, developed hand fins for swimming as a preteen.

Even at such a young age, these inventors were smart enough to recognize a problem and solve it. For many of them, like the inventor of the snowmobile Joseph-Armand Bombardier, the early experience of invention led to a career of innovation.

To compile this list, 24/7 Tempo consulted company websites, reference materials, and media sources to create a list of kids who developed everyday products. We have taken into account recognizable products that are used daily. Not all of these products are sold today, but are projected to be popular in the future, or have experienced a period of success in the past. Some of these products were forerunners of the articles that went mainstream. All dates of invention and ages of inventors are estimates.

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