4 evolutions in ophthalmology to know

Four updates, including recent studies and technological developments in ophthalmology, reported by Becker’s since March 1:

1. Ocular device company New World Medical received FDA clearance for its implant-free Streamline goniotomy system in March. The Streamline System is a single-use device that can be used as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with cataract surgery.

2. Matthew Mills, MD, an ophthalmologist at Eye Care Professionals based in Reno, Nevada, was the first in northern Nevada to implant a new type of intraocular lens to correct presbyopia in April. The implant, dubbed RayOne EMV, features spherical aberration to improve distance and intermediate distance vision, reducing the patient’s need for glasses.

3. San Antonio-based Parkhurst NuVision was the first ASC in the nation to offer the newly FDA-cleared Ally Lensar laser for cataract surgery in June. The Ally System can be used to remove cataracts and also correct vision problems like astigmatism. Combined with specialized lenses, the technology can eliminate the need for glasses, including reading glasses and bifocals, after cataract surgery.

4. A study published on July 8 found that artificial intelligence systems are able to detect early signs of visual field loss and glaucoma in participants with the same accuracy as ophthalmology experts.

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