5 Best Optometrists in Boston, MA

Below is a list of the best optometrists in Boston. To help you find the best
Optometrists located near you in Boston, we’ve compiled our own list based on
this list of evaluation points.

Boston’s Best Optometrists:

The top rated optometrists in Boston, MA are:

  • Envision Optometry an independent optometry practice
  • Optical Pro specialized in a comprehensive optometry practice
  • Vision Center and Ortho-K – pprovide extraordinary optometric attention for patients of all ages
  • South End Eye an independent optometry / optics firm operated and owned locally
  • Eyes on Copley offers comprehensive optometry services

Envision OptometryOptometrists in Boston

Envision Optometry is an independent optometry office located in the financial district of Boston. They take pride in serving this community and offer comprehensive, comprehensive eye exams that are detailed with special emphasis on dry eye treatment, glasses and a free 2 year warranty on every frame. Their practice is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the patient’s eyes are well taken care of.

Owner Dr. Jaclyn Garlich graduated from the New England College of Optometry and received her American Academy of Optometry Fellowship in 2011 with a keen interest in the treatment of dry eye. She is the editor of an optometry newsletter that informs thousands of optometrists about the latest advances in their profession and is the recipient of numerous awards.


Comprehensive / Diabetic Eye Examinations, Cataract / Contact Lens Assessments, Dry Eye Consultations, LASIK Surgery Consultations, Eye Medical Examinations, etc.


Address: 126 High St, Boston, MA 02110
Telephone: (617) 426-0100
Website: www.envisionboston.com


“Dr. Garlich and the team at Envision Optical are fantastic. They are thoughtful, caring and work personally with you to meet your eye care needs. I highly recommend it for yourself, your family and friends. . ” – Joe M.

Optical ProThe Best Optometrists in Boston

Optical Pro specializes in a comprehensive optometric practice that provides cutting-edge eye care with extraordinary glasses. Their physicians are committed to using cutting-edge technology to educate their patients and provide personalized eye health services. They provide licensed opticians who work with the latest styles and trends and the most advanced optical materials to make patients see and look their best.

At Pro Optical, we take great pride in providing comprehensive eye care, exceptional eyewear, and top-notch customer service. Their optometrists have earned their reputation and the respect of their patients for being dedicated to their vision and eye health.


Eye exam, Contact lenses, Glasses


Address: 175 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02114
Telephone: (617) 523-7006
Website: www.proopticalboston.com


“Dr. Jost is far from the best optometrist I have worked with. She is friendly, knowledgeable and very hardworking. She answers all of my questions in detail and does so in a way that I understand better. condition of my eyes and my prescription after leaving my appointment. She never seems in a rush to finish an appointment quickly, instead of focusing on the best experience and the best quality of care. – Julien

Vision Center and Ortho-KBoston Optometrists

Vision Center and Ortho-K, Curtis Frank, OD, has provided extraordinary optometric care to patients of all ages in Boston, Massachusetts for approximately 30 years. In his practice, Dr. Frank takes a holistic perspective on vision care and eye health for women, men and children. As one of the region’s leading experts in the field of orthokeratology, mainly called ortho-K, Dr Frank gives this non-surgical treatment to develop vision for both adults and children with myopia (myopia).

Dr. Frank and his team are the most knowledgeable in all of optometry vision and are dedicated to providing the best eye care using the most advanced technologies and treatments. With modern eye health and vision screening offerings, retinal cameras and automated testing equipment, families in and around Boston receive advanced eye care in a warm and friendly environment.


Contact lenses, Eye exams, Dry eyes, Lasik, Astigmatism, Cataracts, Keratoconus, Frames and lenses


Address: 10 High St # 503, Boston, MA 02110,
Telephone: (617) 261-1820
Website: www.docteurcurtisfrank.com


“OMG. I love this practice. Ortho-k has been life changing. I have been wearing hard lenses for eight years while I sleep. When I wake up and take them out, I don’t need to wear contact lenses. contact, bifocals or reader / cheaters whatever you call them I have great vision To use a computer or watch the sunset sitting on the beach or read a book or a tweet. I highly recommend Dr. Frank’s practice if you are ready for a change. – Catherine F.

South End EyeGood optometrists in Boston

South End Eye is an independent, locally operated and owned optometry / optics firm. They are committed to providing patients with exemplary personalized service. Michele Zuccala and Mary Keenan founded South End Eye in the summer of 2009. Both have over forty years of combined experience in the eyewear industry.

Their patients will benefit from an exemplary service of experts who will bring them stability, defense and knowledge for their eye care needs. They understand the need for eye care and eyeglass service in the neighborhood. Their vision was to have the ability for residents to support a southern business and meet their visual needs. Personal service is their signature.


Eye Exam, Lenses & Frames, Eye Health & Diseases, Contact Lenses


Address: 681 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118
Telephone: (617) 391-0088
Website: www.southendeye.com


“Fantastic, friendly, neighborhood eye care. I went for my annual vision checkup with Dr Martin which was comprehensive and very helpful. Newer technology, which meant I didn’t have to dilate my eyes.“- Sonia S.

Eyes on CopleyOne of Boston's top optometrists

Eyes on Copley provides an optometrist, Dr. Patricia, who offers comprehensive optometric services ranging from routine eye exams to post-operative care for laser vision correction. Whether patients are new to Boston and looking for an ophthalmologist for their family, or wanting a change, Dr. Patricia and her team are ready to help. Their service includes a comfortable date and exceptional support.

They aim to exceed the expectations of their patients to ensure complete satisfaction with the services they offer. They also make sure that every member of their team is ready to provide patients with the highest level of care at every visit.


Eye care services, designer frames, contact lenses


Address: 10 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02116
Telephone: (617) 859-0630
Website: www.eyesovercopley.com


“Dr. Fox is warm and welcoming. The rest of the staff are lovely and very helpful in finding frames that fit you. Great selection of designer eyewear.“- Jacqueline U.

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