6 Amazon decorating essentials for your bedroom

Whether you live in a dorm or your first apartment, making your bedroom comfortable and personalized requires some decor. While the space can be small, a few key additions can make your room even more comfortable and enjoyable. Amazon has countless options, but sorting them all out would be a big headache. Luckily, we’ve got the job done for you.

Instead of studying in a dimly lit room, illuminate the area with a sunlight projector which will give your space a beautiful orange glow. Show your interest and keep your textbooks intact with stylish bookends that bring personality to the space. Treat yourself to essential storage space with a bedside shelf so you don’t have to search for your phone in the dark. Here are six Amazon essentials you need for your bedroom:

Bookends range from functional to downright gaudy. Check out this pair of T-Rex Skull bookends to see for yourself. In dorm rooms, they can be a necessary utility to store your books between classes and open up a space where they would otherwise sit in a big pile on your desk.

Despite the relative simplicity of bookends, they provide the ability to express themselves through the design of the bookend itself, as well as the books it contains. Buy Shakespeare if you want to look smart, or buy self-help books to look wise.

This bookend design is made of steel and is heavy enough to hold small to medium sized books. The simple tree design adds liveliness and personality, but doesn’t protrude too much.

2. Sunlight projector ($ 18.50)

Constellation spotlights have had their time in the sun, now have a spotlight that given you the sun. This article is more novel than really useful. Do not use it as a reading light.

However, it does provide a nice mood lighting to the room. Use it when inviting guests and want a nice warm glow on the LED neon lights of most string lights. Warm colors create a more inviting atmosphere and turning them on late in the afternoon can help relieve stress.

Having a room lit only by LEDs can actually interfere with your sleep, as most operate in the blue light spectrum, keeping you awake.

3. Chemex coffee maker ($ 44.63)

Besides its intended use as a coffee maker, a Chemex coffee maker can also serve as a desk decoration or room ornament. What is most useful is that it can perform two functions at the same time.

Having a dedicated coffee maker can make school a lot easier during a busier week. Your daily order of iced coffee at Starbucks can add up. With a Chemex, filters and an electric kettle, infinitely better coffee than store-bought infusions can be had at a fraction of the cost.

Making coffee in the morning and opening the door will definitely draw attention to your space, making it a great way to make friends and meet your dorm mates. You might find dark-eyed neighbors knocking on your door asking for a cup of warm brown liquid every morning.

4. Bedside shelf ($ 35.99)

One of the most important things missing in a dorm room is a bedside table. A place to put glasses, books or a glass of water. However, there is usually no space available in a room to add one. Placing things on the floor is a temporary fix, but it can be tiring to walk on your cell phone every morning.

A bedside shelf can alleviate these problems. It can provide enough space for storing night items just by clicking on the side of your bed. The only problem is that someone might sink their knee into it on a groggy trip to the bathroom.

5. Clip on Light ($ 16.49)

A clip lamp is a greatly underrated item to have. When you share a room with someone, a late night study session or reading in bed is difficult because you don’t want to keep them awake.

With this Amazon essential, the comfort of studying in bed can be achieved without disturbing a roommate. This particular model comes with three lighting modes so that it can be adjusted to best suit the situation.

Bright light to stay awake or warm light to fall asleep? You can have both with this smart dormitory accessory.

6. A folding moon chair ($ 34.98)

Old wooden chairs in your dorm room are sure to hurt your back, based on experience. Having a nice chair to lie on during relaxed study sessions is therefore a necessity. An extra chair is also great for entertaining guests if you don’t want them messing up your bed or sitting cross-legged on the floor.

The advantage of this chair is that it folds up, making it easy to move around. You can take it between different rooms or even outside on the green campus. Make sure you don’t leave it outside, the rain will spoil the plush.

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