A $210-a-week Fitzroy rental in Melbourne ransacked by potential tenants

For $210 a week, you could live in a one-room house with no toilet. And although the house leaves a lot to be desired, the rental agent says the deal “won’t last long.”

A $210-a-week rental in Melbourne’s popular suburb of Fitzroy has been trashed by online punters for its appalling setup and price.

While the listing description may say that the room at 35 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy “won’t last long,” its short list of features leaves a lot to be desired. It is also among 11 other rooms in the terraced pension.

The shoebox configuration includes a loft bunk bed, shower and sink, all very close to each other. Although the listing indicates that the landlord had to remove the original toilet from the room to make room for the bedroom, it is not specified how a potential tenant could access the toilet.

The list, however, includes a double bed, a desk, a TV and a wardrobe – in the form of a small rack installed on the lower level of the loft bed.

The room was also previously listed at an inflated price of $290 in 2019, the Daily Mail reports.

“Retaining period features, communal kitchens with stainless steel appliances with additional kitchenette, garden and communal laundry room,” the description reads.

“Tram stop at your doorstep, close to public transport, city and several exciting shopping areas.”

It appears the list has been online since mid-March 2022, according to a post by Pedestrianand he was also mocked by TikTok user Jordie van den Berg.

“Here’s the room, which looks like a bathroom that they’ve added a bedroom to but there’s no toilet,” he said in a video from March.

“Look, you win some, you lose some. There is no wardrobe so you have to put your clothes anywhere but the good news is there is also no toilet in the bathroom so your clothes won’t smell like dinner last night after dropping the kids going to the pool.

In the comments, his supporters continued to whip the list.

“Is this the worst ever…i tip yes,” one comment read.

“Just when I think it can’t be more shocking, I’m floored yet again,” another shared.

“So basically a jail cell except you have to pay for it no thanks,” another wrote.

The boarding house and its former owner are also marred by controversy. The residence’s former owner, Karl Kachami, was sentenced to four years in prison in 2020 after masterminding Victoria’s fourth biggest gold heist.

Kachami armed himself with an unloaded pistol, wore a surgical mask and safety glasses and took over 28kg of gold and $700,000 in cash from the Melbourne Gold Company.

During the trial, Kachami attempted to defend himself by saying he felt pressured into committing the crime after struggling with mortgage repayments during the pandemic.

However, the judge denied these requests.

“On the numbers provided, however, a simple analysis demonstrates that you have the wherewithal to comfortably and legitimately handle any loss,” County Court Judge Howard Mason said. “The clear motivation is that you simply resorted to serious crimes to ameliorate a financial setback.”

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