A healthy young TikTok creator lives in a retirement village

Liz, 30, left her audience puzzled after revealing that despite her young age and perfect health, she lives in a community of mostly elderly people.

When most people think of the lifestyle of a healthy 30-year-old woman, their minds are unlikely to fall by default to a lifestyle village designed for people aged 55 and over.

For Florida resident Liz, this is precisely what she calls home, although she has no health issues to speak of and is fully capable of living independently.

The community, commonly referred to as a lifestyle village in Australia, not only meets its basic needs but exceeds them, according to Liz, who runs the TikTok account Liz Wizdom.

In a video this week revealing her unexpected residency, Liz shared what she does on a typical day, including a visit to the library to swap some riddles and sample her 80-year-old neighbor’s homemade bread.

She also took part in a visit to the beach where she passively participated in a discussion about the best reading glasses, then returned to her apartment building for a party.

Attendees brought food, socialized and listened to live music. Liz said, as she later left the resort to meet up with her usual friends over dinner to remind her of her “real age”.

The video about her unorthodox arrangement quickly went viral, with one main question on the audience’s lips: why is she living in a nursing home?

Liz followed up with a second video detailing how she came to live in a senior community, explaining that it was entirely out of personal preference and the sheer fact that she just could.

“My parents are snowbirds, they are in their sixties and they rented this building before me. So I had already come to visit and meet everyone.

“So when a unit became available that I wanted to hire they already knew, yes I’m young but I’m not going to throw haters and I’m DTP – that means up to the puzzle.”

Liz said that once she got the green light, she just signed a lease and moved in.

It had “been great” since starting her new life in the 55-plus community, she added.

A third video highlighted a few more quirks of its living environment, including the heated pool being empty most of the time because it was still too cold for residents.

An on-site herb garden, posters throughout the building with “rules,” a library room for books and puzzles, and a gym with broken equipment were also on the list.

Viewers were particularly stunned by the revelation, with many expressing a strong desire to also join a community over 55 for the calm and relaxing atmosphere.

“I didn’t even think it was possible. I would thrive here,” one wrote in a comment.

“Why don’t we live like this as standard. Why do we have to wait until we are 55? said another.

“HOW CAN I ALSO LIVE THIS DREAM?” Please! Tell them I’ll share my FURLS hooks. This is exciting,” wrote a third.

It was understood that while the majority of residents were to be 55 or older, a small percentage of people under that age were permitted to live there.

Liz said she works from home while living in the building.

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