A make-up fanatic baffles viewers with an incredible optical illusion…but can you figure out what’s going on?

A makeup artist has stunned fans with an incredible optical illusion she created on her own face.

Mady Kennedy – who describes herself as a “creative artist and illusionist” – has nearly seven million likes on her TikTok page thanks to her amazing creations.


Mady Kennedy stunned fans with her latest optical illusion look – with many left wondering where her real eyes wereCredit: tiktok.com/@madykennedy/
Mady as she looked before starting the amazing look


Mady as she looked before starting the amazing lookCredit: tiktok.com/@madykennedy/
And shared a look at how she created the illusion using makeup and her amazing skills


And shared a look at how she created the illusion using makeup and her amazing skillsCredit: tiktok.com/@madykennedy/

And his latest offering didn’t disappoint, with viewers left baffled by where his real eyes are in the two-faced look.

“Let’s do another illusion,” Mady began in her video.

“You all seemed to like the step-by-step creation process in my last video, so let’s do that for all my future looks.

“This one is going to be a recreation but we’re going to give it a new twist.

“So basically two faces in one – one is going to be white and the other is going to be red.”

She also shared a “little tip”, adding, “If you really want to confuse the eye, make sure your features are really close together, almost blending into each other.

“It’s really f**ks with the eyes.”

After drawing on a basic outline of two pairs of eyes and mouths, Mady then colored them in and showed the final effect.

“You guys, I’m obsessed with this look,” she said, while also sporting half-blonde, half-red hair.

She even had white contact lenses to cover her real eyes, before moving the one in her left eye to the side to give another look to the look.

And fans were also obsessed, taking to the comments section to congratulate Mady on the illusion.

“You are awesome!” one person wrote.

“Please tell me you go to Halloween parties where there are contests and you always win first place. »

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“You are ridiculously talented!!” another added.

While a third commented, “There are no words! Wow.”

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