Acadiana helps with the gift of sight

Last April, Victor Jorges told you the story of Iker Sandavol-Martinez.

At the age of six, he quickly lost his sight.

His teacher at Carencro Heights Elementary noticed he needed help.

She set up a GoFundMe and, Acadian style, people came together to help Iker get the surgery he needed.

Today, Iker’s parents couldn’t be more thrilled with their son’s results.

“We are happy because now he can go to school and see well,” Iker’s father said in Spanish. “We’re just happy.”

Dr. Jim Piccione of Lafayette Family Eye Care is the person who operated on Iker.
He said he would try everything to correct the six-year-old’s eyesight.

Piccione said Iker was older than he used to see for surgery; he had some concerns.

“We usually like to operate on them very early – at the age of eight to twelve weeks,” Piccione said. “Iker was 6 years old when he presented himself to me… so very late. Often these patients are not doing as well. It was imperative to have the operation as early as possible to remove the cataracts. was old enough that I could put an implant in both eyes. “

Iker has cataracts.

It creates a fog on the natural lens of the eye and over time makes it harder for Iker to see clearly.

“I believe that depending on age and presentation his was probably developmental,” said Dr Piccione. “Which means it gradually got worse as he got older. I don’t think he was born with horrible cataracts on day one, because I think his vision would have been much worse when he was. introduced me to six years old. “

Dr Piccione’s job was to get an implant to fit Iker’s eye, now, and grow with it over the years.

“It’s doing these measurements to make sure we’re putting on the right implant to last him a lifetime,” Piccione said. “He might need glasses to read, but the goal was that he didn’t need glasses for the distance.”

Before surgery, Iker’s vision was 2300 in the right eye and 2100 in the left eye. The standard to be considered legally blind is 2200.

Today, the sight of the little boy without a glass is 20/30.

“Which is important,” Piccione said. “You have to be 20/40 to get an unrestricted driver’s license. He has had great results. Up close he can see 20/25 with his reading glasses. I think he will do a great job, and his vision will only improve as he gets older. “

The operation changed the life of Iker and his family.

Those spots he used to see are now clear images.

The faces and expressions of his parents now show a lot more than before.

As for the money raised to help Iker get the surgery, Dr Piccione said he will have some left over to help pay for the cost of the glasses in the future.

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