Accommodation, personal protection and broadcasts focus on display

Energy companies are starting to focus on reducing emissions in their operations, a trend highlighted by some of the exhibits at the Permian Basin International Oil Show.

Accel Compression showcased its new compressors that use air instead of diesel and can help facilitate greenhouse gas removal and help businesses meet Quad Oa emissions standards.

“It’s the big push now,” said Roger Becker, president of Accel Compression. He said compressors are in high demand as Permian production continues to increase.

Also responding to concerns about flaring, he said Accel offers an ignition system that ensures that a pilot is lit, so that when gas is vented it burns. That way, he said, if the Environmental Protection Agency or environmental groups fly over the Permian, they can see the gas is vented but burned. The systems can be installed over existing systems economically, he added.

Accel also offers vapor recovery units, and Becker said the units have grown with the advent of horizontal drilling, which has increased production.

Personal protection

The entry of new businesses into the Permian Basin is helping drive sales of Wayne’s Workwear, according to Regina Clevenger, sitting in front of a display of flame retardant clothing, steel-toed boots and personal protective items like goggles. security and H2S monitors. .

“We sell the items to our customers, who follow the rules and regulations for FR clothing and personal protection items,” she said. Wayne’s Workwear embroiders company logos and sews patches on clothing.

Oil field accommodation

Target Hospitality, which has 15 lodges providing accommodation for the workforce in the Permian Basin, has grown steadily over the past six to nine months, said Danny Mercer of the company.

The company’s 15 lodges in the Permian Basin are full or nearly full, and more companies are showing interest in working with Target.

Target provides workforce housing and other temporary modular housing used by oil and gas or mining operations, government agencies, large-scale events and disaster relief.

Happy with the results

After being delayed for a year, the organizers of the Permian Basin International Oil Show are pleased with the results.

Tony Fry, executive director, said he thinks the show is going wonderfully.

“Good attendance, great weather and the exhibitors I spoke with are happy with the customers and the contacts they make,” he said.

An oil show director said expectations are that 40,000 will attend the petroleum show this year, up from 60,000 in previous years, but a strong performance given the year’s delay and the pandemic.

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