Alison Hammond forced to make changes after ITV This Morning reading error

Alison Hammond had an extra day this morning this week as she replaced Covid-stricken Holly Willoughby. The presenter, who usually presents ITV’s daytime show on a Friday, joined Phillip Schofield on Thursday’s show after Jose Gibson took Holly’s place for the rest of the week.

And as it was St. Patrick’s Day, This Morning got into the Irish spirit and the penultimate episode of the week opened with a performance by Imelda May. Shortly after Imelda’s performance, it was up to the hosts to welcome viewers to the show and reveal what happened during the two and a half hour program.

But Alison suffered a mistake as she mixed up the words. Then later, the 47-year-old told viewers at home she didn’t “know what was wrong” with her before admitting she needed her glasses.

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After a commercial break, Alison explained that she had trouble reading the autocue since the show started, which is why she put on her glasses. “Welcome to This Morning, now you don’t see double,” she said.

Alison explained the reason for her change

“I actually put my glasses on because I couldn’t see, I couldn’t see the autocue today. I don’t know what’s happening to me. So I thought I’d let you know. “

Trying to help her co-host, Phillip suggested they ask the camera crew to move closer to the table they were sitting at for their next segment, but she told him, “No, it’s okay. “

Not listening, the 59-year-old still brought them closer, commenting, “Crawl in there, get in your team, crawl, don’t be shy. It’s okay, closer, closer, come in.”

“It’s so much better, thank you so much…oh it’s a little close, no it’s too close. It’s so much better, thank you so much,” Alison said.

With the new “intimate” setup, Alison took off her glasses and started reading the autocue again, but stumbled upon the word “qualified” as she and Phillip laughed.

“That didn’t help then, did it?” he teased as Alison replied, “I’m putting them back on,” before continuing with the rest of the show.

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