All about Amy’s eye condition

On 1000-lb Sisters, Amy Slaton is open on her weight loss journey. Her fans may not be aware of her eye problem which is making her legally blind.

Amy Slaton from 1000 pound sisters has been an open book throughout her weight loss journey on the show, but some fans might not be aware of the TV personality’s rare eye disease. While fans have supported Amy’s lofty weight loss goals, many 1000 pound sisters viewers don’t know she has more than her weight to fear. For those Amy fans who aren’t in the know, here’s all about the reality TV star’s eye condition and what it means for her future.

Before they are presented to the world the 1000 pound sisters, Amy and her sister Tammy Slaton were already popular online. Amy started working as an artist on YouTube in January 2011. Over the years, Amy has garnered millions of views by sharing vlogs about her daily life and that of her sister. Amy’s YouTube videos gained so much popularity that they ultimately led to her and her sister getting their own reality series on TLC. Even if 1000 pound sisters focusing primarily on Amy and Tammy’s journey to losing enough weight to have bariatric surgery, Amy spoke about the other health issues she’s overcame or is living with.

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In 2015, Amy shared a video titled “Amy’s Toxoplasmosis”. In the YouTube clip, Amy detailed the issues she’s had all of her life with her eyes, which have left her legally blind. In the video, Amy explained that she could barely see with her left eye and that she could only partially see with her right eye. Amy shared that her eyes had always been that way and said she was bullied in school because of the way her eyes looked. The 1000 pound sisters Star Amy Slaton explained that she became visually impaired because of her mother’s cat. See the clip below:

According to US Department of Health and Human Services, ocular toxoplasmosis is a “Eye infection caused by the Toxoplasm a gondii parasite.” Amy said, “One of the cats my mother had [toxoplasmosis]… and she was cleaning up after cats, or whatever, and she was pregnant with me. “

Amy pointed out that no one knew that cats can transmit the parasite to humans and infect the unborn child of a pregnant mother. She said she has a pair of safety glasses that help combat eye strain, but issues with the 1000 pound sisters the sight of celebrity is serious. Toxoplasmosis stuck in Amy’s eyes when she was a baby, and Amy explained: “At 35, I will be completely blind because my scars are getting bigger.” As Amy’s scars keep getting bigger 1000 pound sisters season 3, she increasingly loses what is left of her already impaired sight. Amy will be 34 on October 28, which means she may only have a year of sight if she is unable to treat her eye problem.

Amy’s persistence has been a hallmark of her journey on 1000-pound sisters, and her never-ending battle with toxoplasmosis only cement that Amy is an indestructible force. From bullying as a child over the appearance of her eyes to the anticipation of complete blindness at 35, Amy’s eye disease has not been an easy challenge to overcome while trying. to lose weight. Even as her eye condition worsens, Amy continues to be an adorable optimist about 1000 pound sisters.

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Sources: Amy Slaton / YouTube, US Department of Health and Human Services

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