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In today’s world, eyeglasses are generally seen as hindrances as people wish to break free from eyeglasses and contact lenses for various reasons such as convenience, fashion, independence, marriage, activities sports, modeling or to join a career in defence. Anyone over the age of 18 with proper topography and stable refractive error can break free from the glasses in less than a minute.

Dr. Simmi Aggarwal of Ambay Eye Care & Lasik Centre, Ludhiana told us that the breakthrough vision correction procedure has brought amazing changes to the vision and lifestyle of millions of people around the world. The life-changing benefits are so significant that refractive vision correction has become one of the most frequently performed vision correction procedures in the world. These include Lasik, Presbyond, Contoura (Topoguided Lasik) and ICL (Implantable Collamer Lenses).

LASIK is a safe and effective procedure for treating refractive error (Spectacle Power) and helps eliminate the use of glasses and contact lenses. At Ambay Eye Care Hospital, we use the most advanced laser system, Zeiss MEL excimer laser system, the world leader in medical technology. The laser system is designed to provide precise correction for the unique attributes of your eyes, allowing for individualized treatment that is personalized for your eyes only.

PRESBYOPIA is a refractive error that occurs with age. The visual condition affects almost everyone over the age of 40. Due to presbyopia, reading finer print like reading the newspaper becomes more difficult and you start to hold things back so you can read them clearly. PRESBYOND LASER BLENDED VISION is a new physiologically optimized laser treatment option for presbyopia. PRESBYOND is a comfortable, fast and effective way to regain your youthful vision. It is a breakthrough laser procedure offering multiple benefits like exceptional visual acuity at all distances i.e. far and near, improved intermediate vision and re-adjustable treatment. After PRESBYOND, vision is clear at any distance and you are able to work comfortably on a computer. Anyone over 40 who uses reading glasses or bifocals for both distance and near is an appropriate patient. Even a patient over 60 can get PRESBYOND.

ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) is a state-of-the-art refractive error solution ideal for anyone who needs or wants power suppression with high quality vision correction. It has many advantages, including its correction of the widest range of nearsightedness (myopia) (metropia) and astigmatism (cylindrical power). It has the widest power correction range of +10 to -20 D with cylinder up to 6D. Much like Lasik, the procedure only takes 5-10 minutes and involves implanting a very thin custom lens into the eye through a very small incision. These are highly personalized lenses made after detailed eye analysis. ICL provides very stable long-term correction with exceptional quality of vision in these patients. Typically, patients return to their daily routine within 3-5 days. The ICL procedure is performed on patients who may not be candidates for common laser procedures like Lasik, LASEK, and PRK.

Ambay eye care is a pioneer in the field of refractive surgery through a corrective procedure based on laser and lenses. In fact, Dr Simmi Aggarwal Managing Director, Ambay Eye Care was the first to do Presbyond Laser Blended Vision in the northern region. The hospital has vast experience in performing Lasik, Presbyond and ICL not only in India but also across the globe.

Ambay Eye Care’s sole mission is to provide high quality eye care with state-of-the-art outpatient facilities staffed by responsive and committed professionals.

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