Analysts gave Bausch + Lomb Co. (NYSE: BLCO) a consensus “moderate buy” recommendation.

The fourteen analysts covering Bausch & Lomb Co. (NYSE: BLCO) reportedly gave the stock a “moderate buy” rating, representing the consensus opinion of the group. This information was obtained from Bloomberg. Additionally, ten equity researchers gave the stock a buy rating, while only four gave it a hold rating. The average price target for stocks given by brokerage firms that have published reports over the past year is $23.15. This price target is for the next 12 months and should be achieved.

Recent press releases have included comments from several equity research analysts regarding their thoughts on the company’s stock. In a research note published Oct. 11 by Morgan Stanley, the company rated Bausch + Lomb as having “equal weight,” meaning the rating is neutral. In the research note, the company said it would lower its price target for Bausch + Lomb shares from $20.00 to $19.00 and lower it from $20.00 to $19.00 for the stock. HC The Wainwrights’ coverage of Bausch + Lomb officially began on September 12, the day after the publication launched. They recommended that the company “buy” the stock and set a price target of $21.00 for the stock. In a research note released Tuesday, August 30, Goldman Sachs Group reaffirmed a “neutral” rating on Bausch & Lomb shares. The company also lowered its price target on its stock from $22.00 to $19.00. These two measures were taken in conjunction with the publication of the research note. In a research report released July 31, Royal Bank of Canada lowered its “outperform” rating and price target for Bausch + Lomb, which had previously been set at $22.00. The new target is $18.00.
Friday was the first day that BLCO was officially available for trading, and the opening price was $14.47. Over the past 52 weeks, the price of a bottle of Bausch + Lomb has ranged from $12.20 to $20.20, with an average price of $20.20. There is currently a leverage ratio of 0.35, a quick ratio of 1.10, a current ratio of 1.57, and a leverage ratio of 0.35. Over the past fifty days, the company has experienced a simple moving average of $15.75.

Bausch + Lomb’s (NYSE:BLCO) latest quarterly earnings report was released on Thursday, August 4, and the company announced the results. The company reported earnings of $0.29 per share for the quarter, $0.09 higher than the consensus estimate of $0.20 per share among financial analysts. Additionally, the company reported revenue for the quarter of $941 million, which is significantly higher than the consensus estimate of $906.72 million provided by industry analysts for revenue in the quarter. As a result, sell-side analysts believe Bausch & Lomb will earn $1.06 per share in the current fiscal year.

Major investors have recently revised the percentage of business corresponding to the stake they hold in the company. Bausch & Lomb spent $34,000 during the second quarter to acquire an additional stake in Bausch + Lomb. The transaction took place during the period. During the second quarter, Legal & General Group Plc contributed Bausch & Lomb, which amounted to $153 thousand. During the second quarter of the fiscal year, Oppenheimer Asset Management Inc. made an investment in Bausch & Lomb totaling $177,000. During the second quarter of this year, shares of Bausch + Lomb were acquired by CSS LLC IL for a total price of $182,000. Last but not least, Point72 Hong Kong Ltd. added $256,000 to its Bausch & Lomb stock during the second quarter. This is certainly not the least of Point72’s achievements. Institutional investors hold 10.32% of the company’s shares, or 10.32% of the total number of shares currently available.

The Bausch + Lomb Corporation is widely considered the industry standard for eye care worldwide. Its three distinct operating divisions include surgical, ophthalmic pharmaceutical and vision care/consumer healthcare businesses. Surgery is the largest of these divisions. In addition to contact lens care products, over-the-counter eye drops, eye vitamins and mineral supplements that treat conditions such as eye allergies, conjunctivitis and dry eyes, the personal care segment Vision/Consumer Healthcare also offers contact lenses in a variety of wear modes, such as daily disposable lenses and frequently replaced lenses. These contact lenses correct vision and treat conditions such as eye allergies, conjunctivitis and dry eyes. These lenses are good for treating allergies, conjunctivitis, and dry eyes, among other eye problems.

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