Applicants must support “refusal protection” legislation; connecting with others will open your heart; new camera format is hard to read

Matt Nicodemus: Election: Candidates should support ‘refusal protection’ legislation

Near the end of a virtual end-of-session town hall meeting on June 26, 2020, Colorado Senate Speaker Steve Fenberg (SD18) answered yes to my question as to whether he and the representative from District 10 of the Edie Hooton House would both support a proposal by the nonpartisan citizen organization of the Boulder-Denver area, Sworn to Refuse (StR), for “refusal protection” legislation to be enacted by the Colorado legislature. The resulting law would protect from dismissal and other penalties any state employee or contract worker who refuses an unlawful order from a superior. StR was very grateful to hear Senator Fenberg say that he and Hooton would be with us if there was a bill in the 2021 session.

Sworn to Refuse, founded in 2017, believes that while whistleblower protection laws play an important role in exposing and stopping illegal activity in government, at the time a whistleblower report alert is filed with the competent authorities, the damage caused by the violation of the law may well already be in progress or a fait accompli. If conscientious workers know they will be protected from reprisals from above, then they will be empowered to do the right thing by saying NO! to wrongdoing and thereby prevent an ordered unlawful activity from occurring.

StR hopes the candidates vying for the HD10 seat will join Edie Hooton and Steve Fenberg in speaking out and working hard to make Colorado a state where our government stands firmly against corruption, the violation of rights and to further illegal activities by state employees and contract workers not just with words, but with the tangible support of officials who defend our citizens and our lands and uphold the law.

Matt Nicodemus, Boulder

Sue Winthrop: Politics: Connecting with others will open your heart

It seems to me that one of the reasons our country has become so violent and divided is that we have lost the desire to take the time to listen to other people’s stories. During the pandemic, isolation has become the norm. It was difficult to get out into the community. Our seniors, in assisted living, long-term care or memory care, do not receive regular visits from family, friends or volunteers. As a nation we have become self-centered and lost the excitement and experience of talking to others. The stories that people hold in their hearts can be a learning experience. Sharing their words, their wisdom and their truth is a beautiful and sweet connection. It seems to me that discovering another person, regardless of their opinions, race or religion, can open one’s heart to a gentle and caring nature.

I was reminded of this after having a wonderful conversation with a gentleman, Gy, who was at my house fixing my washing machine. Gy really knows what he’s doing. Although the most important, his story was interesting. Gy came to the United States in 1989 from Congo, to escape violence. He is a musician and sings with a group that plays in venues in the region. Gy played semi-professional football and follows American football. I promised not to say who he is rooting for. He has three children, two of whom are musicians. I asked if he was worried about his kids, and Gy’s response was, “No, I try to raise my kids to follow the golden rule.

It took several hours to fix my washing machine, even though I made a new connection. This experience warmed my heart. It is experiences like this, caring people that will help our nation heal.

Sue Winthrop, Longmont

Miriam Paisner: Camera: the new format is hard to read

I have a paper subscription to the camera and I want to know why you changed the format. The print is too small. I can’t read it even with my glasses on and the articles are way too long to read.

It’s no fun and I’ll be canceling my subscription soon if I can’t read what I’m buying.

Your layout is also all wrong. Please revert to the old method. I don’t want to cancel my subscription.

And what happened to the television programs this Sunday?

Miriam Paisner, Boulder

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