WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) – Scammers are always looking for new ways to prey on people, especially those who are most vulnerable. Now, some local agencies are warning of a particularly unique scam – genetic testing.

“It’s just too scary. And I know they take money from the elderly. And I don’t know anybody else, but I have $ 800 a month to live on. And I have bills at pay, “said Jenece Whitsitt, victim of the scam.

It was one thing after another for Whitsitt. After four heart surgeries in the past year alone, she had no idea that a simple DNA test she had been told her doctor had ordered would almost ruin her financially.

“She said your doctor ordered a test for you, a very expensive test,” Whitsitt said.

It all started when Whitsitt got a call from someone named Angela Randle. She said she was a medical professional working with Whitsitt’s doctor on a DNA test he had ordered for his heart disease, and all she had to do was swab his cheeks and l ‘Send by mail.

Whitsitt said it all seemed legitimate. The supplier was professional, helpful and the process was straightforward. She put the swab in the bag, sealed it, and put it on her porch for FedEx to pick up.

But at the last second, she had a bad feeling.

“Within minutes I said stupid, you never read it, and you signed it? You know, so I took it back, and I opened it, I started reading, and there was very small print, ”Whitsitt said.

The print was so small that she had to use her bifocals with a magnifying glass. It was then that she realized something was wrong.

“He said I would be financially responsible for any amount that was not paid for by Medicare,” Whitsitt said.

Sedgwick County Assistant District Attorney Jason Roach said that’s where they’re leading you.

“In situations like this, call your doctor. Is this a test they really ordered? Is this a test they really want? , you should know that you may be paying out of pocket for this procedure, ”Roach said.

Scammers will bill your insurance for the test, knowing that it will be refused because it was not prescribed by your doctor and is not medically necessary. But, since you signed the documents, you will still have to pay for the test.

Whitsitt is not alone. In June, the Anthony Police Department issue a warning after residents had the same scam. As recently as last week, the McPherson Police Department also sounded the alarm for its inhabitants.

Roach said Whitsitt did the right thing by trusting his instincts. The Inspector General’s office said these scams often cost people like her thousands of dollars – money they will probably never get back.

“It scares me. It really scares me. To the point where I think I don’t have that kind of money. They never gave me a prize,” Whitsitt said.

Whitsitt said she hopes her story will help save someone else from the scam.