Best helmets and sunglasses for mountain biking

Much wisdom came out of ’92, but perhaps the wisest of all was the RZA Protect your neck… Uh, dome. Anyway. As you hike the trails and bike park this summer, you can be thankful that the rate of development of helmets and sunglasses has been so rapid in recent years. Helmets and sunglasses (we only recommend glasses that make you measurably faster) get so good and light that we tend to forget that we ever wear them. Here are some of our favorite models from this year.

Sweet Protection

Trail Blazer MIPS & Ronin RIG Reflect Sunglasses

Nowadays, MIPS technology is becoming the standard for rotational security. But Sweet Protection didn’t just stop there. They’ve built multi-piece variable elasticity into their shell to put the right amount of protection in the right places. Their Ronin Rig Reflect sunglasses come with 2.2mm thick toric lenses, so never worry about small branches at face height or poor visibility again.

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Stego Plus and Sport Shield Supersonic EDT Sunglasses

Designed for enduro riders, this MIPS-equipped helmet is ready to rock. With superior ventilation and an action camera mount, your edit has pretty much already been filmed. As a kit, Scott has optimized the Sport Shield Supersonic EDT goggles for a perfect fit with the Stego Plus. A staple of Scott’s lineup since 1989, they’re still around for a reason.

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Mainline & Squad MTB

A full face helmet and integrated goggle set, Smith’s Mainline and Squad collection is designed for serious fog protection. Certified for descent and packed with features like MIPS and Koroyd honeycomb technology, this set is designed to take that blow for you and make you want to get up and do that jump over and over again.

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Design of Giro Sport

MIPS & Blok MTB Disciple

Giro’s full offer is ready to go. Integrated anti-fog goggles are paired with MIPS technology in the helmet to reduce the risk of head trauma by redirecting impact energy in the event of a crater. With 14 vents both in the brow area and around the head, you’ll be cooler down the slopes.

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Dragon Alliance Tolm LL Ion Sunglasses

Almost aviatorial retro styling meets modern lens technology in the new Tolm LL Ion from Dragon Alliance. The wide field of vision offers good protection against wind and UV rays. The protective polycarbonate lens also serves to keep pesky branches out of your eyes.

SPY + Flynn 50/50 Sunglasses

The new SPY Optic Flynn 50/50 glasses are above all a question of style. But the intense focus on removing optical distortion will allow you to see the more technical features of the trail from above. Take a good look, drive fast, safety third. Or something like that.

Zeal Optics Divide Sunglasses

Zeal Optics’ Divide sunglasses are tech-focused for downhill. Their polarized lenses cut glare and enhance detail and clarity while their ProFlex rubber injections keep the Divide in place, whether you’re out on the Continental Divide Trail or sipping a hefeweizen sitting on the patio.


DRT5 and Sutro Odyssey Collection

Packed with soft features like anti-bacterial sweat protection and, of course, MIPS protection, Oakley’s new MTB kit will have you styling shifties at the bike park and blasting FKTs on your local enduro track. The ’80s gemstone tones will make you at least 20% faster than anyone in all black, guaranteed. We think. Take it with them.


Kortal Race MIPS & Devour Sunglasses

The POC Mortal Kombat Helmet and Goggles Set provides the ultimate finish to any decked out kit. The MIPS will protect your noggin from rotational impacts and the wide field of view of the Devour goggles will prevent tears of defeat from leaving your eyes. No weakness, only speed.


Adapt MIPS & Chronoshield Volt + sunglasses

The new Adapt MIPS and Chronoshield Volt + sets from Bollé are a luxury configuration that will make your trail partners green with envy. The wild styling and awesome ventilation are more than enough to sell us this kit, but the MIPS protection really seals the deal.

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