Bleach Fan Unleashes Ichigo’s Hollow In New Cosplay

The world of Bleach has certainly earned its place as one of the greatest shonen franchises of all time, with Ichigo Kurosaki growing by leaps and bounds over the series’ history. With the anime set to return later this year via the anime adaptation of the Thousand Year Bloody War arc, which will see Studio Pierrot return to the series for the new season, and Tite Kubo recently creating a new chapter, a fan celebrates Shonen by delving into Ichigo’s darkest days via unique cosplay.

The Bloody Thousand Year War arc is set to adapt what was originally considered the series finale for Bleach manga, but the past year has seen series creator Tite Kubo return to his masterpiece by creating a new chapter in the life of Soul Society. In the latest one-shot special, Kubo showed us life in Soul Society years after the Blood War ended, with Ichigo and his friends aging a bit. Ichigo and Orihime now having a child of their own, it will be interesting to see if Kubo returns with new chapters in the future or if this latest entry was the true end of the road.

Instagram Cosplayer Cosplay With Bee took the opportunity to share their take on Ichigo and his Hollow side, using a combination of makeup and contact lenses to bring back the terrifying side of the protagonist Shonen who gave him an upgrade. major level but at a serious price:

As the bloody Thousand Year War hits the small screen, there’s no telling if Kubo’s special final chapter is set to receive an anime adaptation as well. With so many anime franchises making a comeback in recent years, we doubt we’ve seen the last of Tite Kubo’s newest stories in the world of Soul Society.

What do you think of this new take on Ichigo’s more twisted side? Do you think that Bleach manga will receive new chapters this year? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Soul Society.

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