Bollé Safety launches the ProBlu eyewear line to provide visual protection against harmful blue light

This range has been developed with the most advanced integrated anti-blue lens technologies, ProBlu 420 and ProBlu 445, using polycarbonate lenses to allow dispersed pigments to block blue light up to 445 nanometers (nm). Combined with the blue anti-reflective coating applied to the inside of the lens, the ProBlu 420 product line absorbs 100% of harmful blue light up to 420nm, making wearers’ eyes more comfortable and less tired. Since the time spent in front of a screen is part of everyone’s daily life, ProBlu by Bollé Safety offers products for the wearer’s professional and personal life. This new ProBlu range offers products suitable for four main audiences:

  • Industrial: Designed for those working in more industrial working environments, these glasses combine protection and performance, fully compliant with international safety standards to protect wearers’ vision from blue light as well as other dangers in their working environments. Those on construction sites, including research labs, automobile factories, construction sites, as well as oil, gas, mining and electrical installations, are faced with blue light from a variety of sources. the highest levels of productivity at work, whatever the circumstances.
  • Screeners: Designed for those who sit in front of screens all day, whether working in the office or in their leisure time at home. ProBlu Screeners are available in a variety of sophisticated styles, from retro and timeless to bold and modern, while offering premium blue light protection and made with the same anti-glare and scratch-resistant innovations as the found on all Bollé Safety products. the Wellington and London models are also available in reading glasses ranging from +1 to +3.
  • Children: Designed for today’s kids, who are currently doing more online activities (including at school) than adults ten years ago could have dreamed of. Bollé Safety has designed a whole new range of ProBlu eyewear just for them to keep those precious eyes comfortable during screen time with the same protections as adult eyewear.
  • Players: Gamers spend hours in front of screens playing games, so it is extremely important for them to protect their vision. However, these protections cannot be annoying for fear of negatively impacting their gameplay. That is why we are developing comfortable and efficient frames with ProBlu 445 filter technology lenses that will absorb harmful blue light up to 445 nm, without altering colors or the perception of games. These goggles will be available in 2022 and will allow players protection to focus on their game and nothing else.

“Reducing screen time may not always be possible or realistic”, Rubina miller, Vice President of the Brand of Bollé Safety, “so, with the launch of ProBlu, we are trying to meet people where they are and offer them a range of options to protect their eyes from blue light in all areas of their life. Today the screentime may seem inevitable, but at least with our advanced protection technologies we are able to make it safer and more comfortable.At Bollé Safety we believe that anti-blue light glasses should not. only concern eye safety, but also on improving physical and mental well-being, sharpening skills and speeding up decision-making; allowing you to see all you can do. ”

The full range of ProBlu by Bollé Safety products is available from selected dealers around the world and in line.

About Bollé Safety

Bollé Safety’s mission is to protect the eyesight of every wearer. Global brand with a heritage of more than 130 years, the first series of industrial and tactical protective goggles and masks from Bollé Safety was launched in 1950. Bollé Safety was built on a genuine desire to use the best technologies and innovations available to create durable and quality products. products that people love to wear over the years. The company has earned a reputation among those who know its products for high quality, as Bollé Safety is constantly refining its combination of performance, fit and comfort, resulting in some of the most technologically advanced safety glasses in the world. industry. Bollé Safety is the world’s leading manufacturer of protective eyewear worn by industrial workers, first responders, the military, shooting enthusiasts, healthcare and cleanroom professionals around the world. Its eye protection is worn by more than 20 million people in more than 150,000 companies in more than 100 countries in all industries where there is a risk to the eyes and face.

For more information on this, please visit: or send us an email to: [email protected] . Bollé Safety is a division of Bollé Brands, Inc.

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