BonLook Seeks Distance Shopping Opportunity With Acquisition Of EyeMeasure

Montreal-based commercial eyewear specialist BonLook announced that it has acquired EyeMeasure, an app that allows users to virtually measure their pupillary distance and the height of their bifocal segments to help them purchase prescription eyewear online.

The acquisition of EyeMeasure adds to BonLook’s stable of technology tools and allows it to continue providing remote solutions to its customers, a factor that is of increasing importance in the COVID era, in which it has become. difficult for people to physically visit many retail stores.

“Innovation is one of BonLook’s core values, and this new acquisition brings us closer to our goal of improving eye care services and the accessibility of prescription eyewear purchases in-store and online.” , said Louis-Félix Boulanger, COO and co-founder of BonLook. “For several months now, BonLook has been working to identify solutions capable of responding to changes in the industry, while developing new technological tools that we can not only use but also share with other industry players.

The EyeMeasure app – currently only compatible with iOS devices, free and built into the BonLook app itself – also includes a feature that allows customers to virtually try on a pair of glasses using frame scanning which aims to replicate the store experience normally get.

“We are currently reinventing systems that will allow eyecare professionals to access greater potential for e-commerce expansion and reach more customers in innovative and efficient ways,” added Boulanger.

BonLook will make its new acquisition available to other businesses and partners through its SDK, allowing them to develop their own mobile applications to extend virtual trial functionality.

April 20, 2021 – by Tony Bitzionis

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