BOOM! Roast!! – Week 4: WHOMPIN!

Well… It was definitely a Saturday, eh? Six Top 25 teams lost, two from the Top 10 while a further three scored a ball game until the end (four if you count what we all had to watch). It was the closest thing to a Blood Saturday we’ve had in a while and made people believe we could have a 07 rebirth in just week four of the season! One can only hope. There was also good news on a silly Saturday that saw Georgia score 62 points on Vandy and see the Dores gain 77 yards over Georgia. Read this sentence again. Ok, now that you’re with us, we can move on to the fun stuff that happened on a Stupid, Stupid Saturday with THE ROASTED!


If you haven’t already, just go follow WHOMPIN Twitter. They are the best, and I bend the knee and recognize them as the shadow kings. I was shocked too, but sweet being-Jesus they are so good. In case you didn’t know, WHOMPIN beat the Aggies in Jerry’s-World in typical WHOMPIN fashion.

I’m not sure about that attacking strategy there, Elko, but hey, whatever you want to do.

Piggy’s defense was also on point and stopped everything Zach Calzada and Aggie’s offense mostly wanted to do. How do you ask?

That’s how it is my friend.

With a 20-10 final, that makes Arkansas 3-0 against Texas Schools this year (they beat Rice in Week 1), and if you believe that fact has gone unnoticed by the faith of Fayetteville, WHO YOU would be wrong!

So after you get your DMWA shirt, you can then move on to the shaaaaaaaded area for real fun …


Magnificent… .Just magnificent!



Ohio State faced Akron this weekend and won by two points more than Auburn against the Zips, 59-7. That’s not really what I wanted to mention here because for some reason we haven’t figured out yet, LB K’Vaughn Pope decided he was done with Ohio State… the team he was playing for, in the middle of a series. Click on the tweet for the series of events.

Once Pope got into the locker room, he would get on the old Twitter machine and make… regrettable tweets.

Yeah, that’s a rough look. He then deleted the tweet, but that’s pretty much done once you hit send it. Coach Ryan Day has announced that Pope has been fired from the squad, making it the best “I Quit” scene since Half Baked.


“Member when you went to baseball card shows when you were a kid?” I am a member.

There would still be the old dude in those 80s bifocal glasses that reeked of cheap cigarettes and bad decisions and towards the end of his table there would be this plastic trash can with a bunch of paper bags wrapped with cards. crap, BUT! There was the promise of an All-Star player in the peloton! And for $ 5, you could get that 1 card + 29 other crappy cards that you already have 5 at home!

Welcome to my Mystery Bin children! Things that made me laugh but that are not strong enough to stand on their own!

So did you know Bowling Green beat Minnesota 14-10? Yeah… it happened.

From the Twin Cities, we’re going to Texas, where there are only two undefeated teams left after this weekend. One is UTSA who beat Memphis because of course they did, and… SMU! THE PONIES ARE ON AGAIN! In a very good 42-34 rivalry against TCU.

I think you know where it’s going because every time someone you don’t expect to win puts one on the road, we have to plant the flag…

Annnd… it didn’t end there.

It’s an easy layup, but if TCU had put so much effort into preventing SMU from planting the flag on the pitch, maybe you wouldn’t have let them score 42 on that same pitch…

And finally, if you thought to get out of here without hearing from FSU… BOY! Were you wrong! The Noles faced Louisvile and it went well.

FSU would add an FG to that score, but that was all in a 31-23 L to push the Noles to 0-4 that year.

How bad is it on Tally-ho, you ask?

It’s not good. When the group has to react and distance itself from what is happening on a ground with which it shares… that… yeah… that’s not good.

FSU’s next stop, the Syracuse Orange has just called. If this one slips between their hands, they have UMASS in front but… .wooooof.

So … what did I miss? Please feel free to comment below, and until next week let’s all strive to live like Dave Doeren after beating Clemson.

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