Broadband and moving – Everything you need to know

Fortunately, most broadband service providers are happy that you move your service just like you move your furniture.

Use our postcode checker to see what’s available in your new area, then find out what to do about your current contract.

Moving with BT

What to do: BT’s website ( has a easy portal to request a move. All you need is your account number, current phone number, new address, and the move date. Take your equipment with you when you move – you can usually set it up yourself, unless a new line is needed.

How long does it take?: BT needs at least two weeks’ notice and recommends letting it know “as early as possible” – around six weeks before your move date should be fine. If there is already a line of work in your new home, it will start in a few days; but installing a new one could take two weeks.

Cost: Free, unless you need a new line installed.

Do i need a new contract? : If you are in the last three months of your current contract then yes you will need to renew it. Otherwise, your current contract will continue.

Can I still have fiber? : it depends what it is available in your new region, although BT Superfast Fiber has fairly wide availability.

Moving with Plusnet

What to do: Call Plusnet customer service ( with your username, move date and new address ready. However, if you have a broadband-only plan, set up your new phone line first – then contact Plusnet when you know the installation date.

How long does it take?: Transferring your Plusnet broadband takes about a week to fully organize, and even longer if an engineer needs to be booked, so call them about three weeks before your move date. Once everything is sorted out, you should be online at the end of your moving day, or at the end of your setup day if an engineer is called. You can watch free-to-air TV on your YouView box as soon as you move in and install it… but you will need broadband for catch-up and on-demand.

Cost: Free if you take out a new contract, but fees apply if you continue with the same. Additional charges apply additionally if you need a new line installed.

Do i need a new contract? : Not necessarily – but Plusnet encourages you to buy one.

Can I still have fiber? : If you are moving to a fiber area then yes. Since you’re encouraged to get a new contract anyway, it’s not difficult to arrange for an upgrade or downgrade if you need to. And if you go from standard broadband to fiber, Plusnet will provide you with a free router.

Moving with Sky

What to do: The sky has a portal to arrange a move through “My Account” on their website ( For Sky TV, remember that you’ll need a satellite dish – so if your new property doesn’t already have one, an engineer will need to come and install it.

How long does it take?: Sky needs at least two weeks’ notice, but you can book your move up to 90 days in advance. They’ll give you an install date and, provided everything else is sorted out, you should be online from that point on.

Cost: The transfer of the package itself is free, but any installation, such as a satellite dish, will cost extra.

Do i need a new contract? : No, you can continue your old one.

Can I still have fiber? : As long as you have a BT-enabled line in your new home, you should at least be able to get Sky broadband – but fiber is another matter, in which case you may need to renegotiate or renew your contract.

Moving with TalkTalk

What to do: You can organize your move through the TalkTalk website using its Moving portal – just make sure you have the full address of your new home and the date of your move. Once you’ve moved, you’ll also need to re-register and reactivate your TV2Go and Talk2Go apps.

How long does it take?: TalkTalk requires at least 14 days’ notice, but you can book your move up to three months in advance.

Cost: Free if you continue the same plan.

Do i need a new contract? : Not if you continue the same plan. If you need to change your services – for example, if you have fiber optic at your old home but can’t get it in your new home – you’ll need to sign a new contract.

Can I still have fiber? : Perhaps. If broadband fiber optic is available in your new area and you stick to it, that’s okay. If fiber isn’t available and you need to downgrade, that’s okay too – you’ll just get a new contract.

Moving with Virgin Media

What to do: Call Virgin Media customer service ( to arrange a move and make sure you have your new and old addresses, move date, and account number handy. On moving day, take your equipment with you, as you may be able to set it up yourself.

Woman with box

Cost: There is an administration fee, although the installation itself is free. (Or you can pay an engineer to install it for you, if you prefer.)

Do i need a new contract? : Nope. You can keep your current contract or choose to upgrade.

Can I still have fiber? : Virgin Media cables don’t reach everywhere, so it depends on where you are traveling. If you find that you need to downgrade, Virgin Media encourages you to call and negotiate a new contract. But beware, your new home may not be able to connect to Virgin Media at all, in which case you will have to cancel your contract and possibly pay a cancellation fee.

What if I want to change supplier?

If you are in the minimum terms of your contract, now is a great opportunity to find an even better broadband deal for your new home. Enter your new zip code into our zip code checker and see what’s available or check out some offers:

* Average speeds are based on download speeds of at least 50% of customers during peak hours (8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.). Speed ​​can be affected by a variety of technical and environmental factors. The speed you receive where you live may be slower than stated above. You can check the estimated speed of your property before you buy.

Broadband service providers are very eager for you to switch services – so much so that they will make the switch as easy as possible for you, even taking care to cancel your current service. TalkTalk, for example, prides itself on how easy it is to change, promising to send your welcome pack and be online within days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my phone number when I move?

Yes, potentially, if you don’t stray too far. The only exception is Sky, which cannot transfer a phone number to another line.

Can I take my equipment with me?

Yes, in fact most vendors encourage you to take your equipment and may charge a fee if you don’t.

Will I have to change my plan?

Different providers offer a variety of services in different zip codes – so depending on what you are currently subscribed to, you may need to change your plan.

Most vendors ask you to get a new contract anyway, so it’s pretty easy – and you can take advantage of any open offers as well.

Can I upgrade my plan when I move?

Yes, when you enter into a new contract, you can certainly negotiate different services there – and while a new contract is not necessary, most vendors are happy to offer you an upgrade at any time.

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