Build quality, dust on the camera, bad signal, red screen, etc.

Many have already purchased the iPhone 13 series of smartphones and started sharing their recordings. As it often happens, satisfied users rarely leave reviews, but if a person doesn’t like something, they consider it their duty to tell everyone about it.

As many users have already unboxed the new iPhone 13, they have noticed some production and quality control issues. Dust particles in a camera under safety glasses are often mentioned.

In addition to the dust on the camera, some internet users have encountered scratches on new smartphones. Pro models have a polished steel side bezel which is easy to scratch even during assembly. Scratches can affect the resale value of the device. If there are any marks on the frame, it will not be scratches, but glue spots, which can be removed by wiping them with a damp cloth.

Additionally, there is an issue with a loose connection between the iPhone 13 screen and the bezel. Some internet users have reported that a standard A4 sheet of paper fits easily into thick spaces.

All known iPhone 13 issues: quality improvement, camera dust, bad signal, red screen and many more

After receiving the iPhone 13, many users started complaining about the poor network signal: “iPhone 13 has a worse signal than iPhone 12, so you have to carry two cell phones at the same time. There are times when the mobile phone will display a cell signal but will not receive messages and calls.

We’ve written about the iPhone 13 camera artwork issues before. Apple said it doesn’t know. However, users continue to report it. Additionally, some users claim that photos are blurry when taken up close.

The iPhone 12 series had a green screen issue. In the generation of iPhone 13, according to some users, there is also a problem with the color tone of the screen, but now the color is not green, but red.

All known iPhone 13 issues: quality improvement, camera dust, bad signal, red screen and many more

Additionally, some users have suggested that “dizziness and eye pain after use” could be related to the PWM used on the iPhone 13.

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