Buyers are thrilled to discover 7 Costco items they “didn’t know” existed

That feeling when you’ve stopped by Costco for a small handful of grocery basics and one product you weren’t even looking for is obvious. You did not know this brand that you like to make this! Or, wait, how haven’t you noticed this food here before? This weekend on social media, Costco members across the country are coming up with new finds that many believe will likely become permanent staples in their grocery orders. Have you tried these Costco gems?

Read on to find out which Costco products sparked curiosity and conversation at the end of the week. Plus, if you’re working on your weekend grocery list, don’t miss the Costco members saying these are the best frozen meals in the warehouse.

Earlier this week, u / 305golf shared with the Costco subreddit: “Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream. I enjoy these cookies, had no idea they had them in ice cream.”

If you’ve flown Delta you may be familiar with these cookies which the brand claims continue to be baked exclusively at their factory in Belgium, as they have been doing since 1932. Many Lotus Biscoff fans love these little toasted cookies and sweet soaked in coffee. . But the ice cream bars? We are also intrigued.

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On Friday u / shiant shared a photo of the trunk saying, “My Costco haul today.”

This grocery order got people talking – and one of the most talked about items was Costco Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes. U / DonkeymanPicklebutt asked, “How’s meatloaf? I’ve been tempted to get it in the past.”

After a number of comments, the general consensus among these members is that this meatloaf is delicious and filling, and that the mashed potatoes are actually real, not flakes.

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U / shiant’s photo of Kirkland Signature Broccoli Cheddar Soup in the post also inspired a discussion about Costco soups, with u / ChaserNeverRests commenting, “Oooh, I didn’t see this in mine the last time I did. Went there. Hope we get it soon! “

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hot pocket sausage egg cheese croissant crust

u / TRX808 said, “I need a box of these Hotpockets for breakfast. I’ve never seen any in local warehouses.”

U / discodawg02 shared on Friday that they had just joined the Costco subreddit. “I was wondering if anyone else was hoarding a big collection of those cool little tiramisu glasses?” “

With 159 comments at press time and counting, it’s clear that many members are fans of these Italian sweets.

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Earlier this week, u / RiverRooted shared, “Pumpkin Gingerbread spotted in the wild. Delicious.”

U / PM_MeYourAvocados cited nutritional information that suggests that a tenth of this pumpkin bread weighs 420 calories, 21 grams of fat, and 35 grams of sugar.

It sounds heavy, but using pumpkin in a healthier way can be amazing for you. If you want the whole pumpkin right now, read up on A Major Effect of Eating Pumpkin, Dietitian Says.

Yes, amazing, but don’t understand too much excited. We have to preface this by stating that u / zebedeeAU captioned it as “New Deal in Costco Australian Food Court”.

But, as some reviewers have observed, it’s certainly interesting to learn what the Costco food court has to offer in other parts of the world. For the latest news at Costco food courts closer to you, check out the most unhealthy prescriptions at Costco food courts, dietitians say.

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Editor’s Note: Some stock images have been used to represent the products mentioned, and technical choices in user reviews have been retained to preserve the original quote.

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