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Those who committed crimes not children

I’m referring to (Monday June 28, page A8 Sound Off) “Children shouldn’t be considered adults,” where they accuse a 14-year-old of being an adult. I do not agree. They are not children. They murdered someone. All these children, as you call them, who are charged as adults, if they are found guilty, they go to a young offenders camp, which is 13 to 24 years old and that is their prison. And if they become disciplinary issues, then they’re transferred to an adult prison, a place they really don’t want to go. They are not children. They have committed a crime.

The introduction won’t make a difference

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One person says the newspaper should introduce us to the new owners of the Chronicle (in Sound Off on Tuesday, June 29). Will it make a difference if you meet the owners? It is a publishing house. They will do what they think is best for their newspaper. Hopefully they won’t make any changes, but they probably will. As long as my paper is delivered, that’s all that matters to me.

Security cameras are everywhere

I would like to respond to the sound “No confidentiality (for anyone anymore)” today (Thursday July 1, page A7). The person is worried about the security cameras in the park. They should go to Publix, to a bank, to several of our restaurants and bars. They would see security cameras everywhere. They’re put there for a reason: security alone.

Senior menu in large print required

These restaurants that have their menus online, they show you the menu, but it’s so small. Even on the computer, I can’t see the fine print. Can’t they make it bigger? There is no way to zoom it on the computer to make it bigger. I cannot read the prices. Even with my reading glasses on, I can’t see the prices. They’re too small. I would like them to do a senior menu so that we could see it on the much bigger screen.

The deceased cannot answer the phone

The IRS, the Internal Revenue Service, tried to contact my mother, who is deceased, saying, “We recently sent you a refund check for the stimulus check that was not cashed” and they want to send another one. You call all the phone numbers they give you and you can’t talk to anyone and there is no option to tell them that she is dead. So let them send the check to my deceased mother again and it will be returned like last year and they still say it is not cashed. I cannot even reach a person to tell them that they are deceased and that is why the check is not cleared or has not been cashed. We don’t need another one. You cannot talk to a living person.

Opening request for the Homosassa bank

Please open the Homosassa Bank of America. The pandemic is under control and we seniors cannot go to Crystal River to do our banking, especially during all of the construction. We really need our bank.

A scarlet letter for the unvaccinated

In the interest of public safety, should we have a law mimicking the old story of “The Scarlet Letter”? Should anti-vaccines be required to wear a large red letter “U” around the neck for “Not vaccinated”?

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