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I’m in my early 30s, and I admit I was pretty lazy and did a lot of silly things in my 20s. A lot of people around me feel like I’m one step ahead in life, and I’m just starting to figure this out. When I’m making progress or accomplishing what I consider a milestone in my life, instead of celebrating with me, everyone kind of treats it like it’s time. It’s really hard to be proud of myself for something positive, and their reactions make me doubt myself, regret my decisions and feel like I can’t make up for it. How can I get started and feel good about myself?

Late flowering

Hi LB,

Before we go any further, I want to enthusiastically encourage you to let go of those friends who don’t want to celebrate your milestones. I’m not saying you need sycophants in your life, but I think you would benefit greatly from friendships with people who want to see you succeed in a way that makes sense to you. Your friends should meet you where you are instead of judging you by their own standards. Find people whose standards match yours and be friends with them instead of those other assholes.

I once had a classmate who found me on social media every few years and rubbed her “accomplishments” on my face, but it turned out that the “magazine” she was “editor of Was just a bad guy designed a website that she launched and abandoned that same year. After college she moved back to the Midwest and lived with her well-off parents (I think she still does, and I don’t care enough to go check it out), and she works in a field that hasn’t. nothing to do with our undergraduate program. Put simply, she doesn’t do any better than I do when you take the boastful facade off social media. At least I never went back to live with my parents.

I’m full of funny stories about my 20s on the East Coast, but I still rent. My social media calendars are overflowing with high school mates who either own sprawling ranch-style homes or McMansions with backyards overrun with dogs and kids. I have a friend who had a giant wedding last year that was actually too small for them, so now they’re having another giant ceremony just a year later. My high school crush just visited the Southwest with their spouse and two kids in an RV, while towing their giant van behind them. My dad bought me my current car over ten years ago and this morning I put the heel back on a pair of boots. I had to remove my $ 30 Zenni frames to be able to see my shoe mending work because I couldn’t afford to switch to bifocals, and today I chose to buy masks KN95 instead of a pair of reading glasses.

There are definitely days when I feel like a huge failure for these reasons, but I can’t lie: I love my life, and I don’t regret anything. Most people aren’t even happy with what they have anyway, and sometimes the normal ones are even envious of the freedom and whimsy of skidmarks like us, people who have dared to live a life without so much. commitments. The work sucks, you know? Being a parent is stressful and scary as hell. Owning a business is expensive and is rarely as rewarding as “entrepreneurs” on the Internet might suggest.

How many times have you been proposed by a married person? Personally, I lost count, but I bet that’s more than the number of those people who were also ethically non-monogamous. People are generally unhappy and unethical, and life is rarely as fun as other people would like you to believe. You’ve probably lived your life with a level of impetuosity that stirs up jealousy in those who can’t afford to relax and let go as you or I can. Put simply, people hate it and your life has probably been a lot cooler than you think. So what if you just applied for a home loan or whatever? It’s all relative, so indulge yourself and make new friends. You will thank me.

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Why does my husband think he would be a brilliant bouncer? I blame Liam Neeson | Zoe Williams Tue, 19 Oct 2021 01:35:00 +0000

WWith the labor shortage in slaughterhouses posing an existential threat to the pork industry and the shortage of heavy truck drivers threatening the supply of everything, the critical shortage of bouncers seems less terrifying, because it will not let us not on our hunger. One in five nightclubs is unstaffed, and Mr. Z reflected, with his characteristic foresight, on the ramifications. Maybe some bachelor parties could come together in droves, still dressed as Vikings, for example. And once you’re allowed into a club in viking disguise, what’s stopping you from jumping over the bar and drinking vodka like it’s mead? That’s when he made the surprise announcement: he would make a really good bouncer. This is because he is so polite, and, according to him, any situation can be defused with elaborate courtesy; manners are like a fire blanket. He would be Raffles, the gentleman bouncer.

Then he said he would like to keep his regular job, so it should be moonlighting, and by that point he was far enough along in his flight to wonder how long he could work two jobs before he got off. tired. . I said it wouldn’t be a problem because of all the adrenaline pumping in the head and then we had a conversation about burnout, which is the other thing people talk about. middle-aged when they can’t imagine how badly they would. to beat all works.

It’s a weird part of the creep of age, that you think you can turn to anything. It doesn’t help to have children because they are so inconsistent. Most of the time they think you’re a total jerk, because you’re still using Facebook and you need reading glasses. Still, there remains a trace of childhood wonder, when they think you have superpowers and you could probably do a triathlon if you weren’t busy watching CBeebies. When we left during the summer, the combined ignorance of travel and the trouble of a foreign language led me to ignore a taxi driver. He was quoting us 30 euros, and I thought he was asking if there were 30 of us. I was trying to explain in French how many of us really were, without using the word “five”, which I couldn’t remember. Instead of using my fingers, I landed on this incredibly courteous phrase, something like, “We are just that, as you see before your eyes.” The taxi driver laughed and so did all his friends, but he let us get into his minivan anyway, and my son, in wonder, said, “I didn’t know you could speak French.

I also blame Liam Neeson. He only served the world a favor by inventing the genre “middle aged action hero” (not to be confused with the genre “middle aged but somehow at the peak of attractiveness. By Bill Murray). Neeson’s embodied fantasy, in the Taken kidnapping franchise, was the guy who looks like a has-been, but one in whom incredible resources of bravery and prowess lurk, waiting to be released out of necessity.

Anyone who has already started krav maga late in life, or has hurt themselves by saying: “No, no, I can lift this on my own”, or allowed themselves to be filmed behind the wheel of a heavy truck before realize that it was actually quite difficult – can trace their impulses directly to Neeson. In the Public safety interests I think he should release Taken 4, in which the same thing always happens, but he continually puts his back on himself and scolds cat and mouse climaxes at being too slow to get up. ‘a chair.

Life looks more and more like a tale of morality, a complex and epic Dickensian lesson, in which a foolish society underestimates its people for years, until a series of increasingly unfortunate events forces a confrontation with reality. Suddenly you realize that all of these low-skilled jobs are in fact highly skilled. Those people who were described by the speech as not ambitious enough were actually the ones who kept the show on the road. We will eventually gain some collective wisdom; but, inevitably, there’s a short phase of denial, in which a crowd of 50-year-olds are sitting here: “I think I would actually be good enough to pick tomatoes.” “

Zoe Williams is a Guardian columnist

]]> 0 LOOKING BACK: Geneva was home to a booming eyewear industry | Way of life Sun, 17 Oct 2021 14:00:00 +0000

I have been wearing glasses since I was 7 or 8 years old. I even tried contact lenses for a very short time – during which time I found out that putting my finger in my eye wasn’t much fun (kudos to everyone you contact for being able to do so). Optical lenses have been produced right here in Geneva for decades, and it was considered a profitable industry.

The Geneva Optical Co. was founded in 1873 by Andrew L. Smith under the name of AL Smith & Co. Spectacle Manufacturers. Smith opened his office on Linden Street and primarily sold products from his hometown of Southbridge, Massachusetts.

Two years later he joined Joshua Maxwell, William Hall, Phineas Prouty Jr., Corydon Wheat and William H. Smith to incorporate the Geneva Optical Co. into it. Geneva Optical was said to have been the first in the country to make trial lens cases at a time when eyeglass fitting was a system of trial and error, meaning opticians had to carry multiple types of eyeglasses. different so their patients can try them out.

In 1882 E. Merritt Cole came from Southbridge to investigate the optical trade in Geneva; as a result, he formed the Standard Optical Works limited company in 1883. Its shareholders included names such as Alexander Lafayette Chew, Corydon Wheat and Phineas Prouty. Cole was one of the country’s leading manufacturers of optical products and an expert mechanic and draftsman. He started making lenses in the same building complex as Geneva Optical.

Sadly, Cole was in poor health and had to leave the state to recover in 1888, leaving his affairs to William Bowker, who had followed him from Southbridge. At that time, an agreement was made between Geneva Optical and Standard Optical for the former to become the wholesale distributor of the latter’s products, although the exact date is not written in the documents.

Business grew so much that in 1892 the manufacturing plants were moved to Lyceum Street, where the machines were increased by the dozen. That same year, the directors of Geneva Optical agreed to sell James E. Brown and Theodore J. Smith their “Name, Goodwill and Retail”, which included all items from the Linden Street office and all items bearing the name of Geneva Optical. Co. This may have been done to formally separate the retail business from the manufacturing business.

A huge employer

Standard Optical Co. was incorporated in 1896 with most of the shareholders mentioned above. It continued to manufacture eyeglasses and eyewear in all metals, as well as machines used by oculists and optometrists in the manufacture of eyeglasses. By 1912, the company employed more than 500 men and women, virtually all skilled craftsmen and mechanics, in addition to distributing its products around the world.

Organized in 1909 by Standard Optical and the Pennsylvania Optical Co. of Reading, Pa., The United States Lens Co. occupied the same factory on Lyceum Street where it took over the lens crushing plant. Its main concern was the production of lenses, as well as the design and construction of new and improved machines. Standard Optical will distribute its products until 1924, when it will take over United States Lens Co.

Geneva Optical would continue as wholesale distributors of optical products even after the consolidation of Standard Optical with Shur-On Optical, DuPaul-Young Optical Corp of Southbridge, Mass., And General Optical Co. of Mount Vernon (NY) in 1925. Known as the Shur-On Standard Optical Co., the company continued manufacturing operations at the Lyceum Street plant; its name would eventually become Shur-On Optical Co. At its peak, the company employed more than 800 workers.

In the late 1950s, the company was sold several times until Textron bought it. Textron eventually announced that the lens manufacturing department would move to South Carolina, and by 1969 the company had completely left Geneva. In 1974, the Lyceum buildings were demolished.

Various other optical companies came and went.

John Spengler, formerly an employee of Standard Optical, established his private practice in 1899, first specializing in ear, nose and throat care before devoting himself to ophthalmology. He was known nationally for his pioneering work in the field, including taking black-and-white photographs of the interior of the eye and taking photos of the living eye in natural colors in 1928. He also ran the Spengler Optical Co., manufacturing and selling optical glasses for binoculars, binoculars, reading glasses, microscopes, invisible bifocal lenses and barometers.

Harold J. Stead was inspired by his brother Ernest to enter the field of optical work. He started as a shopping boy and apprentice at Geneva Optical in 1900, then moved on to a lens surface grinder at Standard Optical for a short time before going on his own, going into business with his brother, from become a salesperson for other optical companies, and travel to other optical works across the states.

Stead details his return trip to Geneva in “The First Fifty Years of an Optical Career”, when he started his own business on Linden Street in 1916, next to the property originally occupied by AL Smith Co. He offers Steadfast bifocal lenses. among other services.

Eventually, Stead found himself at Shuron-Standard in May 1928, where he became a leader in the field of prescription technicians, a trainer for the Shuron factory in Geneva and wrote the newsletter “Shuron Shopman”. .

Andrew Smith, E. Merritt Cole, William Bowker, and Harold Stead all held patents on several eyewear-related improvements. Smith and Cole held several on their own and even requested one with Bowker together in 1886.

Chapin is the archivist of historical Geneva.

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Buyers are thrilled to discover 7 Costco items they “didn’t know” existed Sat, 16 Oct 2021 14:26:15 +0000

That feeling when you’ve stopped by Costco for a small handful of grocery basics and one product you weren’t even looking for is obvious. You did not know this brand that you like to make this! Or, wait, how haven’t you noticed this food here before? This weekend on social media, Costco members across the country are coming up with new finds that many believe will likely become permanent staples in their grocery orders. Have you tried these Costco gems?

Read on to find out which Costco products sparked curiosity and conversation at the end of the week. Plus, if you’re working on your weekend grocery list, don’t miss the Costco members saying these are the best frozen meals in the warehouse.

Earlier this week, u / 305golf shared with the Costco subreddit: “Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream. I enjoy these cookies, had no idea they had them in ice cream.”

If you’ve flown Delta you may be familiar with these cookies which the brand claims continue to be baked exclusively at their factory in Belgium, as they have been doing since 1932. Many Lotus Biscoff fans love these little toasted cookies and sweet soaked in coffee. . But the ice cream bars? We are also intrigued.

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Courtesy of Burpy

On Friday u / shiant shared a photo of the trunk saying, “My Costco haul today.”

This grocery order got people talking – and one of the most talked about items was Costco Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes. U / DonkeymanPicklebutt asked, “How’s meatloaf? I’ve been tempted to get it in the past.”

After a number of comments, the general consensus among these members is that this meatloaf is delicious and filling, and that the mashed potatoes are actually real, not flakes.

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U / shiant’s photo of Kirkland Signature Broccoli Cheddar Soup in the post also inspired a discussion about Costco soups, with u / ChaserNeverRests commenting, “Oooh, I didn’t see this in mine the last time I did. Went there. Hope we get it soon! “

Soup is in the spotlight this season – check out 23 cozy soup recipes that are perfect for losing weight this fall

hot pocket sausage egg cheese croissant crust

u / TRX808 said, “I need a box of these Hotpockets for breakfast. I’ve never seen any in local warehouses.”

U / discodawg02 shared on Friday that they had just joined the Costco subreddit. “I was wondering if anyone else was hoarding a big collection of those cool little tiramisu glasses?” “

With 159 comments at press time and counting, it’s clear that many members are fans of these Italian sweets.

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Earlier this week, u / RiverRooted shared, “Pumpkin Gingerbread spotted in the wild. Delicious.”

U / PM_MeYourAvocados cited nutritional information that suggests that a tenth of this pumpkin bread weighs 420 calories, 21 grams of fat, and 35 grams of sugar.

It sounds heavy, but using pumpkin in a healthier way can be amazing for you. If you want the whole pumpkin right now, read up on A Major Effect of Eating Pumpkin, Dietitian Says.

Yes, amazing, but don’t understand too much excited. We have to preface this by stating that u / zebedeeAU captioned it as “New Deal in Costco Australian Food Court”.

But, as some reviewers have observed, it’s certainly interesting to learn what the Costco food court has to offer in other parts of the world. For the latest news at Costco food courts closer to you, check out the most unhealthy prescriptions at Costco food courts, dietitians say.

Get more news from Costco and the grocery store here:

Editor’s Note: Some stock images have been used to represent the products mentioned, and technical choices in user reviews have been retained to preserve the original quote.

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Magpul Explorer XL glasses Fri, 15 Oct 2021 04:37:07 +0000

Nicolas Lenze 10.15.21

OutdoorHUB Review: Magpul Explorer XL Sunglasses

Glasses can be used for many different purposes in our lives. Whether it’s helping us see traffic signs while driving or looking like Tom Cruise, glasses can make it easier to navigate life (and sometimes dating). Sunglasses can be particularly useful. I live in Colorado and we have more sunny days than not. On many of those sunny days, I find myself either on the shooting range or in the wild. This means that I need my sunglasses to be durable. Most people know Magpul for their PMAGs or rifle butts, but today we’re going to take a look at their glasses. This is the OutdoorHUB review of the Magpul Explorer XL sunglasses.


Explorer XL

The Magpul Explorer XL are more than sunglasses. They are made from injection molded natural Grilamid TR90NZZ. This material retains its integrity at extreme temperatures and offers exceptional impact resistance. The wrap-around shape prevents the glasses from having an ANSI Z87.1 rating, but Magpul’s website says they are designed to the same standards as the rest of their glasses. The lenses are covered with an oleophobic treatment, which is a coating that does not allow oils to be absorbed; it is the same coating used on the screen of your smartphone.

Explorer XL

The hinges use coated stainless steel pins for added strength to the most vulnerable part of the frames. The nose and temple pads feature rubber overmolding for added comfort when wearing Explorer XL glasses for extended periods of time. The MSRP is currently set at $ 149 itself.

First impressions

Explorer XL

Usually I don’t care much about the packaging, but the glasses are different. If you’ve ever sat on your glasses, you know how important a good case can be. The Magpul Explorer XL are delivered in a DAKA can. It’s a $ 20 case that I don’t have to pay for when I want to protect my glasses. In my case, I use it to keep track of small items that are easy to lose.

Explorer XL

The glasses themselves are light and flexible. The style I got was the tortoiseshell frames with polarized bronze lenses. The tortoiseshell color is subtle and doesn’t look like your grandmother’s frames. You can only really see it when the sun hits them. The fit is perfect for my average height man face. I was very impressed with what I saw.

Explorer XL sunglasses in use

Explorer XL

When talking about what the world looks like to the wearer, one thing to note is that I am color blind; I have a strong deutan color deficit. With that out of the way, here’s what it looks like to look through the bronze lenses.

Explorer XL

What strikes me the most about these lenses is that they don’t seem to darken everything. In my experience, most sunglasses lenses just darken the image. These give everything a brownish tone, but I feel comfortable wearing them even in low-light environments or while driving at dusk. They are also great for reducing glare. I drive a Ford Edge. These are known to have borderline windshield glare. When I wear my Explorer XL, this glare is greatly reduced.

Explorer XL

The branches are light and thin, but not so thin that they are fragile. With other glasses, the thick temples can cause pain in the back of my ears when worn for a full day. The rubber overmolding of the nose pads is small but effective. They keep my nose comfortable and the deck doesn’t sweat excessively.

Explorer XL

Final thoughts

Explorer XL

There are a lot of things to love about these glasses. They are stylish, durable and can be worn as eye protection indoors and outdoors. The wrap-around shape also makes the Explorer XL glasses a lot less distracting and minimizes blind spots while I’m driving. When hiking or other activities in nature, the bronze glasses keep things uniform, making movement very easy to detect. I also find the price reasonable. While some companies just choose a pre-made frame, put their logo on it, and bill like a pharmaceutical company, these have been well thought out and offer a lot for the price of admission.

Explorer XL

The negatives are difficult. In all fairness, I really like these glasses. I did not ask for them for review. My wife bought them for me as a gift, and I was so impressed that I decided I needed to share my thoughts and hopefully bring more people on board. If I had to complain about anything I would say I would like to see a little more Magpul in the design. A few subtle PMAG ribs near the hinge might be cool. Also, with Magpul being a company that makes accessories for modular weapon platforms, some modularity would be a huge bonus. There is plenty of room in this DAKA Can for a set of clear lenses or other interchangeable options. For the price, however, I don’t think the bezels are missing in any way.

Explorer XL

If you’re looking for a new set of shades that gives you more than just a glance from a potential suitor, I highly recommend you take a look at the Magpul Explorer XL goggles. You can pick up a pair directly from Magpul by going to their website. You can also follow Magpul on their social media platforms. They can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Thanks for reading and remember to always protect your eyes!

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Sneaking Into The Weaver’s Life Thu, 14 Oct 2021 00:00:00 +0000

Adele Harvey demonstrating how to weave at the Fryeburg Fair Provided

BETHEL – Walking through Adele Harvey’s studio, nine weaving machines are set up. Sitting at the first, she weaves a brown thread while simultaneously pressing the different pedals. It’s almost like she’s playing an instrument, an organ of sorts.

Harvey has mastered his art of weaving for 50 years. The first time the idea intrigued her was when she was in college reading The Odyssey. While Homer is away, many suitors try to marry his “widow,” Penelope. She tells them that she’s weaving a quilt for her stepfather, and when she’s done, she’ll choose the next man she’ll marry. However, every night she removes the seams so that they always stay undone.

This anecdote always delighted Adele and became one of the reasons she decided to continue weaving. As a young girl, she also wove her own clothes for school. With these two magical combinations, she embarks on the study of weaving. She learned to weave on her own and found she had the gift.

Only life arrived, as it does, and upon graduation from college, she and her then-husband moved from Chicago to the Detroit area and continued to move through the America. They also had two children. When they moved to Lincoln, Massachusetts, she became a member of the Weavers Guild, where she eventually sat down and started to really weave… compulsively. She attended many courses there and met her circle of weaving friends. When she arrived at Bethel, she continued to weave, setting up her own workshop, using threads she had collected over the 50 years she was weaving.

She has a library filled with thousands of models (which really sound like music when she reads them aloud), she compares them to recipes.

“Moving on to cooking, you can change the recipe – a recipe has the ingredients, the thread; the recipe has the measurements; how you put it on, then you can boil it, roast it, sauté it, so you can make adjustments as you go. It can be unique to the person, ”says Harvey.

She makes the models mainly for herself and her family; however, she sets up a loom for the Bethel Historical Society.

“The basis of weaving is to put one set of threads under tension and allow it to put on another set of threads,” says Harvey. “Well, it’s kinda energized because if it wasn’t you’d have big curls all over the place. “

While Harvey sits at each loom, she works carefully and with great attention to each thread. She’s so immersed, it’s like she’s found her own secret world and Bethel seems to be melting away from her. Then she stands up, adjusting her glasses, passionately explaining how the wire connects to the pedals, and the world of Bethel returns.

” Previous

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Judy Kucharuk: Grateful for the precious gift of being a grandparent Tue, 12 Oct 2021 17:16:00 +0000

I concluded that I am much better as a grandparent than as a parent.

For some reason the loud noises don’t bother me anymore, nor the plasticine crumbs littering the dining room floor after a game date. Well, that’s okay.

“Can you read three Nana books?” “

“Yes, I am going to read three books my dear”?

“How about five pounds?” Are you going to read five Nana books? “

“Sure! I’ll read as many books as you want – go get them and let’s get comfortable!”

Grandparents can do it. We can sit among the ruins of wooden railroad tracks with a small Hot Wheel car digging behind our back and read books for an hour. A pair of reading glasses slipped into my purse for exactly this purpose.

The conversations with the older grandchildren are hilarious. I carry their little stories home with me and slip them into my brain to keep them safe (or for the speech at their wedding).

The joy on their faces when they see me at the front door. Running towards me and giving me a big hug. The cry, “Nana!” My heart is melting and puddling at my feet.

I remember the same kind of love I felt for my own grandparents. I have already written where as a child I would sit on the couch looking out the picture window, impatiently awaiting the arrival of my grandparents for Thanksgiving or Christmas. My sister and I were shouting, “Grandma and Grandpa are here! and we were running outside to help them bring back their abundance of pastries. My grandmother’s long coat swinging around her legs, my face snuggled into the folds as I kissed her. The intoxicating smell of her snow-white hair, the softness of her face, the love in her eyes as she returned her arms to me.

Do not mistake yourself. I wasn’t a horrible parent, but I was a very young parent and didn’t seem to have the time or patience to read an endless pile of books before bed. I thought my house had to be spotless and that toys all over the carpet were ruining that aesthetic. Working full time also limited the time I could just snuggle up and have in-depth conversations with my school-aged child.

I couldn’t imagine not having this special moment in my role as a grandparent. I learned so much about the importance of time and how precious it has become.

I am grateful.

Judy Kucharuk lives and writes in Dawson Creek.

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Nick Offerman’s Nature Book ‘Where Deer and the Antelope Play’ Mon, 11 Oct 2021 14:00:38 +0000

On the bookshelf

Where the deer and the antelope play

By Nick Offerman
Dutton: 352 pages, $ 28

If you purchase related books from our site, The Times may earn a commission from, whose fees support independent bookstores.

In his latest book, “Where the Deer and the Antelope Play”, Nick Offerman describes a number of memorable nature hikes: hiking in Glacier National Park with a few friends who happen to be Wilco’s leader Jeff Tweedy and the Booker Prize winning author George Saunders; set out on an English farm with shepherd-turned-author James Rebanks; wandering the South West with his wife, actress Megan Mullally.

But the book is more than a name road trip. It’s an exploration of our relationship to the earth and the creatures that inhabit it – what it is now and what it should be – often incorporating the ideas of two different naturalists, John Muir and Aldo Leopold.

“My books are usually an excuse for solving life issues that concern me right now,” says Offerman. His discursive style also allows him to take on everything from Kit Carson’s reputation to a personal mask-wearing philosophy and disdain for guys whose vehicles “growl, roar or whine in any way louder than necessary. “.

In a recent phone conversation about the book, Offerman explained that it all relates to his outlook on life: “The way we deal with others with social and cultural issues is directly applicable to the way we deal with life. rest of nature. “

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

You are a comedian with a political inclination. Was it difficult to find the words to express your sincere communion with nature?

I’m such a fan of beautiful pastoral writing, romantics until today, so it’s a special challenge. I want the reader to know how I felt on this trail or in this pasture, but I’ve seen it done so beautifully dozens of times that I’m not going to try to find the lyrical sequence of adjectives and nouns. Instead, I go into personal experience and find the emotion that way.

When I jump up the hillside with my shepherd friend, it’s not my panache in describing the plant life or the bubbling stream that makes it work as much as the joy I felt in mending its stone wall. I aspire to convey that emotion more than to correspond to what Wordsworth might have said.

Much of the humor is self-deprecating; you recognize that it is strange to deliver an environmental message by driving an Airstream across the country. Is it guilt or a way of letting readers know that they don’t have to be perfectly righteous to strive for change?

I was brought up in the Catholic religion, so I’m programmed to feel guilty. But it’s important to be guilty and to comfortably admit it to each other. I invite everyone to be self-deprecating and say, “let’s roll up our sleeves and see if we can do better tomorrow.

You also tease Jeff Tweedy for his wacky claims of heroism. There’s the rafting trip where he miraculously saves George Saunders’ glasses, then a dramatic fall (really a slide) down a mountain. Is Jeff really a drama queen?

Jeff is such an amazing songwriter and musician that it annoys me a bit when he’s as funny as he is – he’s devilishly hilarious. But the thing with him wasn’t much of a stretch; he was killing us by making fun of himself for essentially scratching his knee. His riffs on his heroic actions were a highlight of the trip.

You express your admiration for writers like Wendell Berry and Michael Pollan, but your book isn’t just a lot funnier, it’s a lot angrier.

I am aware of the resentment that permeates my work. That’s my opinion because I’m not as good a writer as they are. And I agree with that. We need all the colors to make a real painting. But after the tumultuous four years of the last presidency and the pandemic, I think my tone has become more measured. I looked at the messages from the people I admired and said, “Let’s just take a deep breath here. Funny and mean tweets don’t seem to appeal to us.

We are all stubborn, incredibly subjective animals, and we have to accept each other. My wise friend John Hodgman always says, “Everyone should be allowed to love what they love. “

This is a good place to start. I stopped making fun of my sister’s love for new country music and found that we’ve been getting along a lot better since then. But I would add to his quote, “within reason.” You can’t say, “I only like the white race,” for example.

And although I’ve tried to tone it down, there is a point where I say nasty things about the current governor of Texas. When I edited the book, I struggled to remove it. Luckily, he then did a few more incredibly heinous things that made me say, “Oh, I was on the right track.”

It’s hard to imagine a Republican reading this book. Do you worry about preaching to converts?

There will be singing for the choir, but I hope to convey my own confusion in life – this is our natural state – and the ways in which I have been slowly enlightened and – what is that beautiful word, sorry I am coming to wake up – inexorably. Slowly and inexorably. So I say, here are some things I learned, and maybe if I can train a few of my readers slowly but surely I’ll get us all to be a little more decent to each other and planet we live on.

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Apple’s best iPhone 13 is complicated (video) Sun, 10 Oct 2021 09:00:07 +0000

Anton D. Nagy contributed to this article “The best Apple iPhone 13 is complicated”.

I think the topic of choosing a new iPhone generally goes three ways. A: some people just want an iPhone, it doesn’t matter which one, which means the cheaper the better. Of them: other people either want the successor to their current iPhone because they liked it, or want to try a different one because they didn’t. I think the third category is the most interesting: people who want the best iPhone, and that’s a tricky premise because we usually put price as the determining factor, and in the case of iPhones, it’s not that simple. .

This year we have four iPhones, two regulars and two pros, where for the first time, it’s really just two different phones with different size options. The point is, the more I’ve spent the last few days comparing them, the more I realize that they’re not that much different, so you might not need to pay extra to get the best for you. you .

I think the most important thing to consider is that in my opinion these are the best iPhones Apple has ever released. I know to a lot of you they look like an iteration of last year, and visually they kind of are, but think of it like at launch M1, where that’s exactly what every product would always have. had to be, even though it’s cooked under familiar material, and I say familiar because appearances can be deceptive. I will have comparisons with the older models soon so you can understand where I am going with this.

So for starters, no matter which iPhone you choose, you get exactly the same in the box. A phone and a USB-C to Lightning cable. You’d assume that at least the Pro models get a few more perks for the price difference, but that’s not the case here. If anything, they went a lot greener this time around as there is no plastic to be seen here.

As for their differences, think of it this way, if you like small and medium light phones, the 13 series should be your choice. If you prefer a little more weight in the mid-range, or are all about big phones, the 13 Pro series is for you. Just keep in mind that there is a difference in price and functionality.

The 13 series is made of the same aluminum as most high end phones, but the Pro series adopts a stronger stainless steel. Now if resale value matters to you, I would just recommend going for a darker color if you go with Pro as my 12 Pro Max After The Buzz have proven that silver doesn’t age as well as aluminum. . I prefer the matte back of the Pro series though, but it’s not like the regular 13 doesn’t handle fingerprints well in most cases. Color options also belong to the regular 13 models for anyone looking for variety, although I consider the Pro variants to have a more elegant finish.

iPhones on the table

Now, from the front, their screens are almost identical. Same flat finish, same Ceramic Shield protection, same smaller notch for Face ID that pushes the earpiece higher and almost the same AMOLED panels across the board. This means that all four models have incredible color accuracy and contrast, and are all bright enough to handle outdoor visibility perfectly. Where they vary is that the Pro models have LTPO panels that allow a variable refresh rate from 10 to 120Hz. This means it’s more efficient at sipping power under moderate use and choking. when you add intensity. Now, if that doesn’t matter to you, stack them side by side, and most of the time you’ll feel like all 4 are the same quality, and that same experience extends to the dual trigger speakers on each unit.

Now, when it comes to the experience of using these phones, it’s worth noting that no matter which phone you choose, iOS 15 is pretty consistent. The icons will be just a little more distributed between the Pro Max and the mini, and naturally the text will be bigger, but even if there are some differences in resolution since their pixel density doesn’t vary much, you won’t. get a little more content on the Pro Max, and not quite the 20% that their size differences imply. The Pro and Regular share the same numbers, so both are the same. That’s good because you don’t really get a watered-down experience with the mini. You can be sure that if this size is right for you, the experience will be too. This is not good as it means a lot of wasted space on the Pro Max. I wish there was some sort of multi-window UI or Apple Pencil support for such a large canvas. That’s why I think the 13 or 13 Pro is the place to be, because you get a massive screen on a package that you can handle with one hand.

iPhones on the table

Even down to the spec sheet, it’s crazy how all phones now start with the same storage. They all get the A15 Bionic which is so far unrivaled. They now all start with the same amount of storage and picking more costs the same price difference. All flavors of 5G are now standard, and so are their IP ratings and wireless connectivity. And sure enough, the regular variants have two GB less RAM and one less GPU core, but I really can’t tell the difference in everyday usage. Load up the home screen with all the widgets you want, move around different screens and you won’t be able to tell which one is better than the other. Unless you’re scrolling through menus or playing a game that supports a high refresh rate, the experience is solid across all four iPhones. Maybe what you will notice is that the battery life has improved. I’ll leave my final verdict for our full reviews of each, but so far I’m finishing the days just fine on all units, even the mini.

Maybe the place where most think they will find major differences is in the camera department, because if you look at the datasheets, the Pro models not only have extra focal length, but they have also better optics and perks like Pro RAW, ProRes and a macro mode that regular models don’t. That said, given that regulars have the same sensor as last year’s 12 Pro Max plus sensor change stabilization, I think you’re going to be surprised.

apple phones

During the day, you won’t notice much of a difference from a distance. Whether you use the ultra-wide or the standard camera, their results are almost identical, and even if you wanted to go 3X digital on the 13 just to match the Pro, I’d say these digital photos are pretty decent. You just can’t get into 15X like you can on the Pro, but even that isn’t as usable. The problem is the close-ups where I have a love-hate relationship with the Pro because I like the shallow depth of field, and that automatically forces macro mode, with no way to turn it off. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool the closer you get, but not compared to 13 when you don’t.

Where you will notice the optical differences is in low light. I would say both smartphones perform admirably from their main sensors in very difficult conditions. It’s when you upgrade to Ultra-wide that the 13 Pro takes a lot less time to take a photo, but the results aren’t that much better. Same thing if you point, because on both it’s really just a digital crop.

IOS Home Screen

Portraits and selfies are literally the same, as these mods are identical across the board, with pretty good separation and detail.

Even if you were to switch to video, the results are almost identical in terms of detail, stabilization, and color reproduction. I would trust one of these four iPhones to serve as the B camera as long as I have good light, and the same can be said of 4K to the selfie performance of the front camera. Now I’m skipping the cutscene on all phones because it only supports 1080p HDR, which I can’t portray on this 8-bit video, and it’s also limited to 30fps, which to my opinion, is not a cinematic frame rate. Even though ProRes is a differentiation between Pro and Regular, it is unfortunately not available at the time of this comparison.

In conclusion, I think you now understand why I am as shocked as I am. You would think there would be a lot of differences between them, but it turns out that no matter which iPhone you choose, you still get an iPhone in every sense of the word. There is really nothing here that I would rate as watered down at all. Yes, there are differences, but I cannot say that they are seen as a setback between one formation or the other.

    iPhone 13 Pro

    The iPhone 13 Pro packs Apple’s best processor and camera in its stainless steel chassis to give buyers the most rugged iPhone experience yet.

Obviously I have to pick one, and it’s harder than it looks. See as much as I think the mini is too good for its size, I need reading glasses so it is killing me in everyday use. As much as I love the additional real estate of the Pro Max, I also commute a lot and one-handed use isn’t really its cup of tea. If any of these extremes work for you, go for it. Really, the best compromise is the 13 or the 13 Pro, and what you need to consider is how much you care about stainless steel, an extra camera lens, extra perks for photography and video, and 120 Hz on the screen.

IPhone 13 range

In my case, I’m a creator, so upgrading to 13 Pro is a no-brainer. For me, the better I get, but stay tuned for our full reviews coming up to shed some light on my full experience using each phone. Now, in your case, it may not be necessary. If you are looking for the best iPhone you can buy, I think all 4 devices are suitable. The question is which one best suits your needs.

Jaime Rivera

Jaime has been a tech fan since he got his first computer at the age of 12, and has followed the evolution of mobile technology from PDA to everything we see today. As a multimedia manager, he was tasked with making our YouTube hobby one of the biggest video channels in the industry. When he’s not building one of our videos or filming our Pocketnow Daily, he finds himself in his second biggest passion, running and fitness. Learn more about Jaime Rivera!

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High cholesterol can cause a yellow or blue ring around the cornea; floaters can be a sign of Lyme disease. Double vision is associated with multiple sclerosis, and dry eye can be linked to lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Cancer can even be detected through the eyes. So, before you skip your next eye exam, remember that you can not only save your eyesight, but your life as well.

Did you know that high blood pressure can also be detected in your eyes? Which in turn can cause glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

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