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September 20, 2022, 9:58 a.m.

On September 20, 1939, Jean-Paul Sartre was enlisted in the French army. Due to his exotropia, which caused him balance problems, and his partial blindness, he did not go to the front. Instead, they made him a meteorologist. It was, as he wrote in a letter to Simone de Beauvoir, “extremely peaceful work; indeed, I do not see any branch of the services which has a calmer, more poetic work, except, that is to say, the breeders of pigeons, always supposing that there are any left today.

“My job here is to send balloons up and then observe them through a pair of binoculars,” he explained. “It’s called ‘doing a weather observation’. Then I phone the battery artillery officers and tell them the direction of the wind. What they do with that information is entirely their business. Young people make intelligence reports based on this; the old school just put it in the wastebasket. In any event, since there is no shooting here at present, either course is equally effective. As for me, I have a huge amount of free time left on my hands, which I’m using to finish my novel.

Sartre was captured by German troops in 1940, and spent nine months as a prisoner of war, during which time he also wrote extensively, and spent the rest of his hours reading Heidegger’s work. being and time. (As you do.) It was his eyes again that led to his release – or his escape, depending on who says so. “It wasn’t a very capricious escape, but it was simple and it worked,” writes Sarah Bakewell in At the Existentialist Cafe.

He suffered a lot from his eye problems, thanks to all the reading and writing, which was mostly blind. Sometimes both eyes were so sore that he tried to write with them closed, his writing wandering on the page. But his eyes gave him his escape route. Pleading the need for treatment, he procured a medical pass to see an eye doctor outside the camp gates. Surprisingly, he was then allowed out, showing the pass, and he never came back.

Instead, he returned to Paris and got back to work.

Sofia Vergara Shines at ‘Modern Family’ Reunion in Gold Platform Heels – Footwear News Sun, 18 Sep 2022 15:03:13 +0000

Sofia Vergara took a walk on the wild side for a reunion special this weekend.

On Saturday night, the “Modern Family” star posed with her co-stars Sarah Hyland. Ed O’Neill, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Ty Burrell at a wedding. As seen in a new Instagram post, the actress wore a ruffled midi dress with an all-over leopard print by Roberto Cavalli. The sleek number featured a halter-neck crossover silhouette, with a strapless pointed bodice and a triangle front cutout. Vergara’s finishing ensemble was a beige clutch accented by a thin chain handle and crystal flower clasp, as seen in her pre-wedding Instagram Stories.

“I love you guys !!!” Vergara captioned her photos, with red heart emojis.

Adding a stylish finish to Vergara’s look was a chunky pair of heeled sandals. The platform-sole style featured curved toe straps and thin ankle straps for added security. Giving the whole thing an extra touch, chunky 4-5 inch heels, as well as a shiny metallic gold finish all over. The pair added a formal, assertive finish to its ensemble with its silhouette and eye-catching sparkle – just like new styles released by D’Accori, Larroudé and Marc Fisher.

Vergara also continued her reunion with a second post, featuring a series of selfies.

For shoes, the “Griselda” actress favors high platform sandals and pumps. In addition to stiletto and block heel styles, her rotation also includes on-trend Gia Borghini mules, See by Chloé boots and Puma sneakers. Over the years, Vergara has made platform pumps and high-heeled sandals her staples, often from top designers like Christian Louboutin, Saint Laurent and Gianvito Rossi.

Vergara is also a fashion stalwart, tapped by Dolce & Gabbana as a brand ambassador and campaign star for its Devotion handbag. The actress also has her own clothing line available at Walmart, as well as eyewear collections for Foster Grant. In addition to donating glasses, Vergara and Foster Grant also intend to donate one pair of reading glasses to RestoringVision for every pair of glasses sold. (RestoringVision is a non-profit organization that empowers people by helping millions of people around the world regain their sight.)

Click through the gallery to see Vergara’s street style transformation over the years.

Lions Club Plans October Fundraising Walk to Provide Pasadena ISD Children with Eyeglasses Thu, 15 Sep 2022 22:18:57 +0000 Feet will do all the work at the Pasadena Lions Club’s 20th Annual Walk For Sight Fundraiser on October 22, but potentially hundreds of pairs of eyes will be the beneficiaries.

Online registration is ongoing at until the day of the two-hour event, which begins at 8 a.m. at the perimeter of Veterans Memorial Stadium, 2906 Dadney Drive, Pasadena. The funds raised will be used to buy reading glasses to offer to young people.

“They will walk as many times as they can during this time or until they are tired,” Pasadena ISD health and wellness coordinator Amanda Macneish said of the walkers.

“Pam Tevis, who started 20 years ago, is going to be there to start the march.”

No on-site registration will be available during the event.

As of September 15, $6,691, or 13%, of the $50,000 goal had been met. Individuals can either participate in the walk or donate to a team.

Southmore Middle School led the way with $765 raised, followed by San Jacinto Middle School with $510, Pasadena Memorial High School with $460 and Frazier Elementary School with $400.

Participants must register by October 3 to guarantee a t-shirt. The shirts will then be delivered to the various campuses the week of October 17.

What: 20th Annual Pasadena Lions Club Walk for Sight

When: 8am-10am Saturday October 22

Where: Veterans Memorial Stadium, 2906 Dadney Drive, Pasadena

How to participate/donate:

In addition to providing eyewear for students, the event provides professional memberships for school nurses and physical education teachers and supports mini-grants for teachers and a wellness excellence award.

There are plenty of incentives for college students to fundraise for the cause long before they tie their shoes up. Those who raise $100 or more will be entered into a draw for special prizes. Those who raise $25 to $99.99 will receive a Savannah’s Bakery Cookie gift card, t-shirt or bottle of water.

Something new will be on the way.

“We’re adding big inflatable obstacles around the course so kids can stop and play on the obstacles while continuing their tricks,” Macneish said.

“All obstacle courses will be held by volunteers from local high schools,” she said. “These high school kids probably went on a March for Sight when they were little. So that’s going to come full circle.”

Also, as Houston hosts the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament next March, the March for Sight will be kicking things off locally for it.

“This year, it also serves as the kickoff for the ‘NCAA Read to the Final 4 Challenge.’ of November,” Macneish said. “There were 11 school districts (in the Houston area) that were invited to participate, and they almost like a tournament of schools based on how many minutes they read. It works like the Sweet 16 and all along to the Final Four. Then we’ll see which school has read the most minutes.

39,000 students are expected to “compete” for minutes read during a five-week reading season that ends in December. It will concern 391 schools. When Houston last hosted the Final Four in 2016, an HISD school took home reading honors.

Sally Hawkins is Oscar-worthy in a crowd-pleasing Ricardian tale Fri, 09 Sep 2022 21:00:00 +0000

(Graeme Hunter)

As you know if you’ve seen the Channel 4 documentary Richard III: The King in the Car Park, Philippa Langley in 2011 was an aspiring, Edinburgh-based screenwriter suffering from chronic ME. Her relationship with her husband, John, was strained; she struggled to take care of her two children. What changed everything was his budding interest, even obsession, with Richard III.

The latter, according to Langley, fell victim to Tudor propagandists and blamed Shakespeare, in particular, for portraying Richard as a hunchbacked nephew killer. The least she could do was find the guy’s remains and with the help of her fellow Ricardians, her own intuition and a group of scientists, she did. Langley – who by the way is the look-alike of real life activist Erin Brockovich – also dreamed of giving Richard a decent burial. She invested money, time and all the energy she had in this mission and, after endless slights and setbacks, she succeeded.

Stephen Frears, Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope, the team behind Philomena, have turned this material into a crowd-pleasing fairy tale, complete with a handsome and friendly ghost (played by Game of Thrones actor Harry Lloyd), who seduces our heroine (Sally Hawkins) and makes her husband (Coogan) jealous.

The Lost King may be frothy, but it’s also quietly subversive, genuinely funny, and could and should earn Sally Hawkins an Oscar/Baftas Best Actress nomination.

It would be an understatement to say that Hawkins isn’t following Brockovich’s route. Famous for her lack of vanity, the 46-year-old actress takes her desire to look peculiar to new heights (she wears a pair of reading glasses almost as big as her face). In other words, if Lloyd is the prince charming of the film, Hawkins makes him his indefatigable, sometimes heartbreaking little frog.

Hawkins with his ghostly ruler, played by Harry Lloyd (Graeme Hunter)

Hawkins with his ghostly ruler, played by Harry Lloyd (Graeme Hunter)

One of the most impressive aspects of the script is how it acknowledges Langley’s flaws. His take on Richard, initially, comes down to: he was a hottie, don’t treat him like a nottie. It’s only at the end that she stops seeing her curved spine as a problem (although the fact that her ghost always seems to have a straight back might prove controversial).

Speaking of which, some academics/scientists involved in the parking lot digs aren’t happy with the movie. You can kind of see why. Archaeologists and DNA experts from the University of Leicester who unearthed and identified the remains of Richard III sound grumpy and unsupportive. As for Richard Taylor of Lee Ingleby (assistant registrar of the university), he is a ruthless traitor. The actual Taylor is probably a lot nicer. Yet it is common knowledge that Langley was not asked to speak at a key press conference in 2013. The University’s top brass made the decision to sideline her. One of the morals of this story: share kindly.

The irony is that The Lost King, in addition to boosting Langley’s profile (it definitely sells her as an inspirational woman), could damage her reputation, not least because it exaggerates her hippy-dippy qualities. In the film, Langley is told by a sincerely supportive co-worker that she shouldn’t talk about her “feelings” and “intuition”, because such language plays on stereotypes about irrational women. So many facts about Richard III are still disputed by historians. Thanks to this film, Langley, now synonymous with the Ricardian movement, could find itself under attack from all sides.

The Lost King is a drama that will cause more drama. It’s not in the same league as Almodovar’s parallel mothers, but both projects prove the same truth. There is nothing dry in the bones.

The Lost King receives its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9 and is released in the UK on October 7.

Ryan Reynolds Just Wore a Corduroy Suit: Summer Is Officially Over Wed, 07 Sep 2022 16:25:16 +0000

It’s official, summer is over. Sorry to mess things up, but all the signs are there: steady showers, shorter daylight hours, a new season of The Great British Bake Off on the horizon and uh… Ryan Reynolds wearing a corduroy suit for his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Yes, that’s right, the heyday of Reynold’s dad cool summer wardrobe are sadly over. Gone are the fun-but-wholesome short-sleeved shirts, white vests, children’s jewelry and tall tops, replaced by a corduroy two-piece accessorized with tortoiseshell reading glasses (prescription, we hope) and sensible big boy shoes.

James Devaney

Let’s be honest, it’s Reynolds who relaxes in the middle of his sartorial comfort zone: the actor has become well-known for his understated, casual dress sense of no-frills items. But if there’s one fabric we most associate with fall and the colder months, it’s corduroy. He talks about leaf-strewn walks in parks, red wine and pints by the pub fire.

Suits in the fabric typically come in warmer colors such as brown, burgundy, and camel, so Reynold’s choice in the cerulean hue is refreshing to see. If you’re tempted to try it, do like Reynolds and layer it with something relatively simple because corduroy is packed with substance and character. A simple turtleneck or white t-shirt will do.

Professional lenses: no more hard selling Tue, 06 Sep 2022 05:38:02 +0000 HOYA launched a new line of professional lenses in July 2022.

Several factors have prevented professional lenses from realizing their full potential, but a recently launched portfolio in Australia is helping optical practices approach the category in a whole new way.

The professional lens category has been around for several decades and has a surprisingly reasonable level of awareness among the general public (57% in one survey), but data shows it lags behind in terms of market penetration at around 3- 4%.

But with increasing demands on near and intermediate vision due to changing working environments and increased time spent indoors, lens manufacturers like HOYA are developing more advanced designs to meet this challenge. new challenge and support optical practices to communicate benefits to patients.

Professional lenses differ from Progressive Addition (PAL) lenses with unlimited powers which generally provide the wearer with clear vision in the mid to near range. PALs, on the other hand, gradually progress from far to near, with the middle section being more of a by-product of lens design.

Mr. Ulli Hentschel, National Training and Development Manager for HOYA Lens Australia, says some key hurdles have held back the professional lens category. But new information has informed the company’s new portfolio of professional lenses launched in July 2022, including Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 3, Hoyalux WorkStyle Business, Hoyalux WorkSmart Room and the SUPEREADER.

Professional lenses differ from progressive lenses, with unlimited powers that generally provide the wearer with clear vision in the intermediate to near range. Image: HOYA Australia lens.

“Some key barriers and implications that we’ve seen in professional lenses, among eye care professionals, include confusion over which lens is appropriate for each scenario – it was too complicated,” he explains.

“Some also don’t know the difference between PAL lenses and professional lenses and therefore lack the confidence to sell them, and they also fear being perceived as offering the ‘hard sell’ for a second pair to repeat customers. Among patients, there is a lack of awareness about professional glasses compared to other types of glasses, and PALs are expected to be all-in-one glasses, so there is no need from another pair.

Ulli Hentschel.

As a result, Hentschel says the category called for a more streamlined portfolio with obvious positions such as: good, better, best. There is also a need to provide clear differences between professional lenses and PALs and for practices to have a second pair strategy that will benefit the right patients.

Replacing its previous interior designs, HOYA’s new range of professional glasses seeks to overcome these challenges, with key features such as:

• Hoyalux iD WorkStyle 3 is a premium lens designed for the clearest, most comfortable and natural vision when switching between different digital devices at near to far intermediate distances up to one, two or six meters . It is available in three individual designs (Close, Screen, Space) depending on visual preferences. It is equipped with premium brand binocular harmonization technology verified with HOYA’s binocular eye model and AdaptEase technology for wider fields of view.

• Hoyalux WorkStyle Business is a mid-range solution for wearers of progressive lenses who want wide viewing areas when working at near and intermediate viewing distances, up to two or four meters. It includes View Xpansion technology which maximizes visual fields at the periphery of the lenses and offers reduced swimming and sway.

• Hoyalux WorkSmart Room is an entry-level professional lens with a range of up to four meters, allowing the user to effortlessly switch between their computer screen and keyboard, while seeing the big picture clear of her office throughout the day. It provides swimming and sway reduction and stable image perception in a dynamic environment.

• SUPEREADER is designed for heavy readers. This lens offers close distance support and is said to have much better depth than regular reading lenses. It includes Quic focus technology, providing a natural head posture for less head rotation for close-range work.

A second pair strategy

In Australia, Hentschel says that traditionally high-end or basic professional lenses have been offered, which has shut out some of the market.

That’s why HOYA has launched a new mid-range product (Hoyalux WorkStyle Business) that is more financially acceptable, while including lens technology that sits just below the company’s new premium offering (Hoyalux iD Workstyle 3).

“This means that if someone is prescribed progressive glasses and then is sold a more affordable version of our professional lenses, they will still benefit. And then maybe next year they’ll be tempted to try the premium version,” he explains.

When explaining occupancy lenses to patients, Hentschel says it’s important to understand the client’s visual requirements, asking open-ended questions about the type of screens they use for work (laptops are the most common home work device) and if he felt any discomfort. in their neck and back, or headaches and eyestrain. Another key question could be to ask them if they spend more than two hours daily indoors, immobile behind a screen.

“And then you can use that information to figure out what kind of lenses they’re using for screen use. And that’s really important because we have a range of different lenses that people can choose from. , which will be suitable for various tasks.

The company recently hosted a Continuing Professional Development session with Optical Dispensers Australia to explain these methods in more detail. It has also developed a range of consumer brochures, desk pads, posters and fact sheets with easy-to-follow graphics that allow practices to clearly demonstrate the benefits of each type of HOYA professional lens.

While there’s a common perception of professional lenses as a second-pair product, Hentschel says some practices might want to think of it another way.

“Depending on the person, you might say that a professional lens should actually be the primary pair and the progressive lens might be the second pair. That’s because a lot of people spend the majority of their day sitting in front of a screen,” he says.

“And then when you’re driving home, maybe from work, or going out to the shops, maybe you don’t need to have the most advanced progressive lens, so having a professional lens more advanced may actually be more beneficial to that person.”

Useful questions to ask customers

• Have you been irritated by visual discomfort, unnatural posture or eyestrain due to prolonged proximity to work?

• Although you don’t need any distance vision correction, do you think your current reading glasses are capable of providing good intermediate distance vision?

• Would you like the convenience of moving indoors without having to remove your reading glasses?

• Could you see a benefit in having lenses specially designed to meet your specific visual needs and working distance?

• Like shoes, professional lenses have different designs for different functions and activities.

More reading

The new range of HOYA professional glasses meets a growing demand

How professional lenses hit the sweet spot

The psychology of seeing your partner with rose-tinted glasses Sun, 04 Sep 2022 04:33:27 +0000

Even if you’ve never heard the term “partner enhancement,” chances are you’ve experienced it many times in your life. And chances are you’ve experienced it in both giving and receiving.

What is Companion Enhancement? Perhaps the easiest way to explain it is to first look at a different relationship in which one might experience what we’ll call “parent enhancement.” Think of all those times your parents played a feat and how good it feels for the child. Examples include an outpouring of praise and support after jumping off a swing or diving board, celebrating a “graduation” from preschool or kindergarten, or cheering after a performance (let’s be honest, rather mutilated) of a song during a piano recital.

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Parents amplify their children’s praise and support partly because they want the child to feel special and valued, of course, but we also tend to really view our children as something even more special than most children. Which, statistically speaking, is most not the same way averages work.

When it comes to partner enhancement, however, the person who gets the high opinion isn’t the one who benefits so directly: you are. The better you feel about your partner, the more you see him as a special, talented and interesting person, the better your relationship will be. And that’s true even though, frankly, they’re not that unique to a person. It works even better if they think the same of you.

How Partner Improvement Helps New Relationships Grow Stronger


The first days of a relationship are a watershed moment. As you get to know someone, you may soon discover that there is simply no true romantic connection, no shared interests or ethics, and no real hope for a relationship. ‘coming. On the other hand, if you and a new boyfriend or girlfriend begin to truly connect, you’ll likely soon begin to engage in what psychologists and relationship experts call partner enhancement.

Simply put, you can think of it as looking at your partner through the proverbial rose-colored glasses. You’ll elevate their accomplishments – from a funny joke or anecdote to a meal he cooks to a project she does at work and so on – even beyond the objective merits of what they’ve done. , seeing that person as talented, competent and attractive. In the early days of a relationship, we tend to seek out and identify a myriad of positives about our new significant other, and we also tend to be able to downplay their negative traits and flaws – that too is a type of partner enhancement.

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As a relationship progresses over the years, the partner’s improvement tends to fade to some degree. We still care a lot about our partner and see them in a positive light (in a good, loving relationship, anyway) and we still have reason to support and celebrate them often, but we’re not as likely to see every little thing he does. so amazing. We are also much more likely to get annoyed by their quirks and habits.

But that’s okay: assuming you’re saying you’re in a long-term union, partner enhancement has already done its job.

Why it’s normal for partner enhancement to fade over time

two young people on a bench during the day

The fact that you celebrate every little detail of your significant other in the early days of romance and come to see them more for who they really are (the old phrase “warts and all” is a little insensitive but illustrious well the point here) is nothing to be sad about.

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The fact is that during the first days of partner improvement, you are building the foundation of your relationship. If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend become close and loving enough at the start of your partnership, chances are that the foundation of romance will be strong enough to last for the long haul, even after those rose-colored glasses have been exchanged. against reading glasses.

The flip side of the partner enhancement equation

loving mature couple

If you always find yourself seeing the negative things in your partner – doing the complete opposite of partner improvement, in fact – then that’s a red flag for the relationship in the early days, and it just might be a sign that you shouldn’t commit to being with that person.

On the other hand, if you have been in a long and more or less loving and successful romantic relationship for a long time and yet you now see yourself identifying fewer and fewer positive traits and seeing more negatives about your partner, then this may be a question that has more to do with you than your partner. It’s important to take an honest look at yourself and determine if you’re unhappy with your own life and if you’re projecting that unhappiness onto the other person and your relationship.

It’s also entirely possible that your partner is making you feel down or leaving you unsatisfied, and in that case, that’s a problem you need to work through together. The most important point is to realize that the partner you are with today may not have changed over time, but rather you may have changed the way you see them. It may take some effort later in the relationship to look for the good and ignore some of the shortcomings, but the effort is worth it if it means you can both carry on happily together, through the good times, the bad times. bad and boring times. times too.


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Biden’s stern warning on extremism shows rose-colored glasses are off | Joe Biden Fri, 02 Sep 2022 02:59:00 +0000

Joe Biden’s journey from idealist to realist continues. But it’s not quite complete.

After 36 years in the Senate, he takes over the US presidency in 2021 as an apostle of bipartisanship, convinced that his authoritarian predecessor Donald Trump would fade away and that the Republican Party would find its bearings.

Earlier this year, he understood that Trump’s malignant influence still ran deep. “We have to be absolutely clear about what is true and what is a lie,” Biden said on Jan. 6, the first anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Capitol, pausing before using Trump’s name.

Then, a month ago, a group of historians reportedly gathered in the White House Map Room for two hours to give the president a dire warning about the threats to American democracy. They included Jon Meacham, author of The Soul of America.

Polls show a country still falling apart. More than two-fifths of Americans think a civil war is at least somewhat likely within the next decade, a share that rises to more than half among self-identified ‘strong Republicans’, according to research by YouGov and The Economist.

Against that backdrop, Biden used a prime-time “soul of the nation” speech on Thursday night to deliver the starkest warning of his long career about the danger from Trump – who he named this time. , – the extremist “Maga” (Make America great again ) Republicans and political violence.

“This is a nation that rejects violence as a political tool,” he said. “We are still, basically, a democracy. Yet history tells us that blind loyalty to a single leader and willingness to engage in political violence are fatal in a democracy.

It was a pugnacious speech that many progressives, worried that Biden is trapped in a rose-tinted past, have long urged. It was also sure to enrage Trump and his allies although Biden, who recently called Maga’s philosophy “semi-fascism”, did not repeat that f-word.

But the speech also, perhaps understandably, tried to err on the side of optimism by drawing a distinction between Maga Republicans and mainstream Republicans. Biden cast the former as a bizarre rebel cult that opposes the rule of law, seeks to overturn elections and revels in violence. Maga, he implied, imposed minority rule on an otherwise reasonable group of people.

“Donald Trump and the Maga Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. Now, I want to be very clear from the start: Not all Republicans, not even the majority of Republicans, are Maga Republicans. Not all Republicans embrace their extreme ideology. I know that, because I got to work with these mainstream Republicans.

He continued: “But there is no doubt that the Republican Party today is dominated, led and bullied by Donald Trump and the Maga Republicans and that is a threat to this country.”

Maybe. The point is at least debatable after the past seven years. Many mainstream Republicans have retired or been purged, most recently Congresswoman Liz Cheney. Polls show a majority of Republicans believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen. Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, both hardliners, are the party’s top two contenders for the 2024 nomination. There is no moderate alternative with a reasonable chance.

In what could be a triumph of hope over experience, Biden still wants to believe that Maga is applied top-down. But there is evidence that it is coming from below, with millions of rank-and-file Republicans willing to accept false conspiracy theories and vote for extremist candidates midterm. As Trump may find out the hard way, the base took on a life of its own.

If Biden, with an elaborate set design in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, where the nation’s founding documents were written, worked to isolate Maga and rally Democrats and Democrats to reject him, he might have more work to do. The right was forced to compare his criticism to Hillary Clinton’s infamous 2016 comment on the “basket of deplorables” anyway.

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News Network did not show the full speech and when it did, asked why Biden was speaking against a dramatically lit “blood red” background. Far-right host Tucker Carlson, the most-watched prime-time figure on cable news, sneered and deployed chyrons such as, “This is by far Biden’s most shameful moment.”

The network’s 9 p.m. newscast added, “Biden vilifies millions of Americans,” “Biden uses prime-time address to fuel more division,” and “Clueless Biden spews hate in dark, mournful speech. “.

Biden has come a long way since the man who suggested he could rewind to a golden age of Democrats and Republicans debating together, dining together and respectfully agreeing to disagree. But in the November midterm elections or the 2024 presidential ballot, his hardest lesson may yet be to come.

Oberoi Mall targets seniors and launches senior citizens club with organized activities Wed, 31 Aug 2022 10:02:22 +0000

Oberoi Mall in Mumbai devotes the first Sunday of every month to the elderly, who can visit the premises and participate in the activities specially organized for them.

The Oberoi Mallin Association with Adhata Trust (an NGO working with the elderly), celebrated World Seniors Day, August 21, 2022 in the mall atrium. The mall has announced the launch of its seniors’ club called “The Fun Bunch”.

Oberoi Mall’s new monthly event gives them a fun and relaxing break. With this initiative, the mall aims to create a happy space for all seniors to have fun and provide opportunities to interact and communicate with people.

To further enhance the senior experience, Oberoi Mall has introduced new services like designated doorman service, refundable reading glasses, free senior parking on the first Sunday of each month, adult pull-ups on demand and more. Again. This will be in addition to its existing offerings, which include an electric wheelchair and ramps for easier mobility.

Speaking about the initiatives taken by Oberoi Mall on Senior Citizens Day, Sameep Pathak, General Manager of Mall, said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of our monthly property, especially for seniors. We firmly believe that age shouldn’t be a barrier to having fun and creating happy memories. We will continue to find various ways to engage with different groups in society and help create value in their lives. »

Commenting on the association, Arun Nanda, Adhata Trust, Managing Director saidThe foundation focuses on building community centers and meeting the psychosocial needs of older people. The purpose of the association with Oberoi Mall is to raise awareness of the physical, social and mental well-being of older adults and to create an environment that supports them.

Sobhita Dhulipala puts on her nerd glasses and attends ‘The Illuminated’ book reading event; Check! Mon, 29 Aug 2022 14:34:24 +0000

While Sobhita Dhulipala can surely up the glamor quotient of any event she attends, the actress may be the biggest nerd in the room. We have seen Sobhita pursuing his interests all the time. From an avid traveler to an avid book reader, the actress has never been shy about adding several interesting highlights to her personality.

Recently, Sobhita Dhulipala shared a post about her very first book reading event. The actress wrote “GUESS WHAT

Yesterday I read my very first book, discussed the underlying themes of “The Illuminated” – a book I loved, discussed our processes as storytellers of different mediums, joked around a bit, met some people singles that won numerous awards, kinda realized that the character I hated the most was actually exactly like me (!), Irish Coffee was a clear blockbuster and look who got those new author-signed books! !!

Thank you @parmeshshahani and @ummrita for the lovely inscriptions on your books, @aninditaghose for your excitement, @billysiddiqi for introducing yourself as yourself, and @thewhitecrowstore for gifting me the gem of an Avni Doshi book and the ‘free food offer’.

The actress also shared a story on social media where she mentioned how much she fell in love with “The Illuminated” and has been talking about it for the time she read.


“A few months ago, I put ‘The Illuminated’ by Anindita Ghosh as my book of the month. I reached out and met the author to tell him how much I cherish every word and every time I come across.

So today….we’re doing a little gathering where we talk about the book, the travels, the characters, their conflicts, or hope for other special things. I’m pretty excited to do this obviously nervous too because I’m goofy AF.

if anyone is free and interested, just drop by. It’s at 6 p.m. at another BKC location. Write in the White Crow’s Bookstore. Even if you are not registered, come. There is a bar also written in case I suck LOL”

Meanwhile, on the work side, the actress is gearing up for ‘Ponniyin Selvan’, ‘Night Manager’ and ‘Made In Heaven 2’