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Meghan Markle is an author of children’s books.

His book, The bench, released on June 8, just four days after Meghan gave birth to her and Prince Harry’s second child, Lilibet Diana. In an interview broadcast today with NPR’s Samantha Balaban for Weekend Edition’s ‘Picture This’ children’s book series, Meghan explains how her husband’s relationship with their son, Archie (2), inspired her book.

Meghan explained how, on Harry’s first Father’s Day, when Archie was just over a month old, she gave him a special gift: a bench. It would be a place for them to “reset”.

“Like most of us, come on, what am I going to give them as a gift?” And I thought I just wanted something sentimental and a place where he could have a bit of home base with our son ”, Meghan says in the interview.

“This is your bench,” the book begins, a poem. “Where life will begin / For you and our son / Our baby, our parent.”

Meghan also explains in the interview how important it was to her that the watercolor illustrations in the book, done by Caldecott Medal recipient Christian Robinson, were inclusive:

“Growing up, I remember so much how it felt not to be represented,” Meghan says. “Me

She calls the book “a love story” and adds that she hopes readers can see it as a “love story that transcends my family history.”

Meghan added that The bench is a favorite of Archie, who “has a voracious appetite for books.”

“Archie loves the book! Now the fact that he loves The bench, and I can say, ‘Mom wrote this for you’, it’s amazing.

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Goldstone Garcia, Lions Eye Clinic’s new emergency department Sat, 19 Jun 2021 11:51:59 +0000

For the region’s poorest and uninsured people, getting eye care can be daunting and difficult. But about 2,000 people a year have found a way to get the help they need. The Florida Lions Eye Clinic offers free cutting edge care to children, families and adults who do not have medical insurance and who meet the eligibility criteria by being well below the poverty line. Now the center, located in Bonita Springs, has a new executive director who hopes to expand services to even more people.

After:Bonita Springs wants private development, access to water and more on waterfront lands

Robin Goldstone Garcia recently took the reins of the small yellow building on Pennsylvania Avenue in Bonita. The new Executive Director arrives with a wealth of experience, both professional and personal. Garcia graduated from SUNY Oswego in New York with degrees in psychology and business and headed for 20 years working in the software industry and then as a financial advisor. But a personal journey also led her to volunteer for Lighthouse of Collier County. Her son was born with Usher syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes deafness. At the age of 12, her son also began to lose his eyesight.

“So I started looking for information and started volunteering at Lighthouse,” she explained.

Robin Goldstone Garcia is the new executive director of the Florida Lions Eye Clinic.  The clinic, located in Bonita Springs, sees approximately 2,000 patients a year who are uninsured and have incomes well below the poverty line.

Soon they asked him to become the executive director of this organization. Years later, she became deputy director of the Florida Blind Services Division and moved to Tallahassee. But after only a year in this job, she realized it wasn’t for her.

“I felt I could make more of a difference at the community level than at the state level,” she said.

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Where do wrinkles come from? Fri, 18 Jun 2021 19:52:00 +0000

June 18 — Several months ago I had two cataracts removed from my eyes. How they got there, I don’t know. As far as I can remember, they never asked for my permission, and besides, they never paid rent to be there.

According to the ophthalmologist, and doctors are never wrong, I now have 2020 vision. I have never had such vision since I was ten years old.

All I really need now are reading glasses, and my vision is pretty good.

It seems like a good thing at first glance, but every good thing has a little dark corner somewhere hidden away.

The good part is that I can see it excellently.

The bad part is that I can see excellently.

I didn’t quite understand this until quite recently, it became complete.

Usually when I go to the bathroom in the morning to prepare for the day, I don’t wear my glasses. Before my cataract operation, everything was blurry and I was used to it. Isn’t it funny how you get used to certain things and then not notice them?

Now my vision is so good that when I go to the bathroom in the morning to get ready for the day, I have perfect vision in the mirror.

If that’s not scary, then you haven’t looked at yourself in my mirror on any given morning. If I didn’t know better, I would think it was Frankenstein’s grandson.

What shocked me so much was when I looked at my face to prepare to shave, I noticed things that I had never noticed before. These things were “wrinkles”.

I have noticed these things in other people, like the one who lives in the same house as me. But I never noticed it on me. But they were there. They were there in all their disgusting glory.

Not only did I have a wrinkle, but for some reason that wrinkle brought his whole family with him. And, to make matters worse, the first wrinkle never asked permission to settle on my face.

But they were there, and I was looking at them for the very first time.

I don’t know the real purpose of wrinkles or where in the world they come from or where I can send them.

I have a parent, who will remain anonymous, who deals with wrinkles all the time. She’s had so much plastic surgery that it’s hard to tell who she really is. She reminds me of Joan Rivers.

I always played jokes on him. When I saw her I would look at her face and say, “Is that a new wrinkle on your face?”

I laughed and she laughed, but her laugh was not as genuine as my laughter. In a few moments she would be gone, and I never knew where she was going, except I suspected she was looking at the new wrinkle in the bathroom mirror.

The next time I saw her, that wrinkle was gone.

Have you ever noticed that things keep coming back to you when you try to attract them to someone else? I thought about calling her and asking her advice on what I should do for my wrinkles. I knew if I did, she couldn’t stop laughing, so I wasn’t going to go in that direction.

But what are wrinkles really good for? What is a wrinkle for? And, where did they come from? And do I have to wear a mask?

Because of my confusion in this area, I thought I would take the risk of asking the gracious mistress of the rectory about my wrinkles.

Cautiously, I walked over to her and said, “I found out that I had wrinkles on my face and I don’t know where they came from? Do you know what I could do?

Obviously, she thought I was joking because I couldn’t get her to stop laughing.

When she finally calmed down, she said, “You have had wrinkles for as long as I can remember.” Then she laughed again.

When she calmed down again, she said, “The purpose of wrinkles is to keep track of your age. Each wrinkle represents a certain age in your life.” Then she burst out laughing again. Obviously, it’s funny for her.

The next time I was in front of the mirror, I carefully looked at my wrinkles and tried to count them. If what she says is true, I must be 397 years old.

I walked out of the bathroom with a very sour grin on my face, and when my wife looked at me, once again, she burst into hilarious laughter. I’m glad she finds it funny!

I don’t know what to do with my wrinkles, but I’m not going to have cosmetic surgery.

I have to accept it as it is and not let something as stupid as a wrinkle define who I am. If I do this, I will never come to any kind of reality about myself. I’m definitely not my wrinkle.

Thinking about this, I remembered a verse from the Bible. “Lead me, O Lord, in your righteousness for the sake of my enemies; make your way straight before my face ”(Psalm 5: 8).

My face has more important things to do than deal with wrinkles. I need to trust the Lord every day to show me the way he wants me to take for his glory.

Dr. James L. Snyder is pastor of the Family of God Fellowship, 1471 Pine Road, Ocala, FL 34472. He lives with his wife in Silver Springs Shores. Call him at 352-216-3025 or email The church website is

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Australian spin-out watches clinic with prophylactic nasal spray for Covid-19 – Endpoints News Fri, 18 Jun 2021 09:11:39 +0000

Whether patients are immunocompromised or just don’t like needles, a young Australian biotech says she has an alternative to Covid-19 vaccines that doesn’t involve a hit to the arm – and on Tuesday she fired a new one round of fundraising to take him to the clinic.

ENA Respiratory, which emerged from ENA Therapeutics last year, raised nearly $ 24.7 million (AU $ 30 million) to advance its nasal spray against respiratory viral infections, the company said on Tuesday.

The milestone-triggered funding was led by Australian investors Brandon Capital Partners and Minderoo Foundation, with input from Uniseed.

ENA’s lead candidate, INNA-051, is a small molecule that targets TLR2 / 6 receptors on airway epithelial cells to stimulate the body’s natural immune response to viruses. He should enter a clinic “in the coming weeks”, according to the ENA.

Christophe Demaison

“Besides vaccines, complementary approaches are needed to help protect the most vulnerable people and also provide protection against emerging variants,” co-founder and CEO Christophe Demaison said in a statement.

He considers the spray to be particularly useful for the elderly or immunocompromised, and cannot respond sufficiently to currently available vaccines. It would be self-administered once or twice a week, either before or shortly after exposure. And because it is not specific to a virus, the ENA believes that INNA-051 could prevent other illnesses like the flu and colds, as well as emerging variants of Covid-19.

In December, the ENA published results in EBioMedicine showing that a group of ferrets treated with INNA-051 in a challenge study saw viral replication reduced by up to 96%.

“If humans react the same way, the benefits of the treatment are twofold,” Demaison said at the time. “People exposed to the virus would most likely get rid of it quickly, with treatment ensuring that the disease does not progress beyond mild symptoms. This is particularly relevant for vulnerable members of the community. In addition, the speed of this response means that those infected are unlikely to transmit it, which means a rapid stop in community transmission. “

In addition to the funding, the ENA appeals to Ruth Tal-Singer, GlaxoSmithKline veterinarian, on its board of directors. While currently President and CSO of the nonprofit COPD Foundation, Tal-Singer has previously held various leadership positions within the pharmaceutical industry, including Vice President of Medical Innovation and Vice -President of respiratory R&D.

Nasal sprays have gained increasing interest as an alternative for those who cannot benefit from vaccines over the past year. In November, gene therapy pioneer James Wilson and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania signed a pact with Regeneron to see if they could combine biotechnology’s Covid-19 antibody cocktail with a platform for administration of AAV by nasal spray. And in March, GV led a $ 47 million fundraiser to fund Leyden Labs’ mission to develop a nasal spray that could protect people from a range of viruses for a few days.

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Virus maker Vibalogics plans expansion at German site as US growth plans underway – Endpoints News Thu, 17 Jun 2021 13:57:00 +0000

A German virus-making CDMO is expanding its business in Europe by building an existing factory – and soon it will be its own owner, too.

Vibalogics has entered the first phase of a $ 50 million expansion of its Cuxhaven, Germany plant, the company said. It will also buy the site from the current owner.

CDMO specializes in the production of oncolytic viruses, viral vector vaccines and gene therapy products. The expansion will add an additional 100,000 square feet to the site for quality batch release and stability studies, drug product finishing and process development.

The site expansion will accommodate additional BSL-2 classified areas that feature 500-liter single-use bioreactors for virus-derived products, in order to effectively increase capacity. It will also have additional cell production suites and 32,000 square feet of harvesting, filtration and purification technology, as well as an additional 32,000 square feet of warehouse and office space.

Vibalogics President Stefan Beyer said in a press release:

The virotherapy sector is at an exciting phase in its journey. More and more companies are joining the industry, embarking on new projects with the potential to transform healthcare. We invest in our infrastructure, technologies and people in Cuxhaven to ensure we continue to meet the growing demand of the global market and provide the best possible service to our customers.

In November 2020, the company announced it would invest an additional $ 150 million in its 110,000 square foot factory in Boxborough, MA, with the goal of one day mass producing hundreds of gene and cell therapies. The announcement came about a year after Tom Hochuli came from Lonza to take over the management of the company.

This site should be up and running soon, the company said. It will employ around 100 staff and its first task will be to help evolve J & J’s AAV-based Covid-19 jab. Eventually, that focus will shift to remedies for cancer and rare diseases.

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Mexican real estate in the rubble after Inferno, the creator of “Girls Ghosn Wild” Wed, 16 Jun 2021 17:35:46 +0000

“The Real Housewife of Salt Lake City” star Jenshah accused authorities of “fraud” during her arrest earlier this year, and “dry” contact lenses unwittingly waive her rights to Miranda. Claims to have been.

Jen asks the judge to close her case, where she was charged with Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud and Conspiracy to Engage Money in a Telemarketing Program.

Page Six obtained a court document claiming the reality TV star his indictment is “hard work” and “flawed criminal theory.” She also states that she accidentally gave up Miranda’s rights due to poor eyesight.

“The contact lenses in my eyes were dry and I didn’t have reading glasses, so my vision was blurry and I couldn’t read the newspaper in front of me,” she said. In a new legal document, her attorney claims Jen signed the document “as a direct result of law enforcement deception and calculated tactics to thwart her will.”

In April last year, a lawsuit in the Southern District of New York killed hundreds across the country as Jen and her assistant Steuart Smith encouraged investment in online projects and sold bogus business services. . , Mainly claimed to have stripped the elderly. For many years. They would have created a list of “reeds” that were previously exploited. They would then have shared the names of these victims with conspirators who could again abuse the “lead”. Jen and Stuart will likely take a cut.

In a statement, the Department of Homeland Security said Jen and Stuart “have built a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of vulnerable, often older working class people.”

Rick Bowmer / AP / Shutterstock

If found guilty, Jen and Stuart could face 30 years in prison.

However, Jen maintains that “the theory of this case has multiple flaws.” [and] In fact, she says she was confused about the arrest and believed authorities were telling her about the 2017 case where she was the victim of robbery and assault.

“I was very confused at this point, emotionally unbalanced due to a strange sequence of events, and I suspected that I had been the victim of a misidentification,” she added. He said the police were not forthright when he was arrested. Don’t tell her she’s been recorded.

“I didn’t know the purpose of the conversation, or rather, whether Captain Bastos had been charged towards the end of the hour and twenty minute cross-examination immediately after saying, ‘I want to draw a conclusion. “” She stated in the affidavit.

well done

According to the document, the officer hinted that he wanted to help Jen. But they say the policeman had decency. “He was well aware that he would take him to a judge that day on the basis of his indictment in New York,” the document said. “Of course, he desperately wanted to talk to her, but he didn’t. However I want to do that. “

Jen has been acquitted and is being held freely.

Page Six states that if the case is not dismissed, Jen’s attorney asks the judge to bar any statements she made after waiving the use of Miranda’s rights in court.

Mexican real estate in the rubble after Inferno, the creator of “Girls Ghosn Wild”

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‘RHOSLC’ star Jen Shah accuses detective of goading her into speaking after arrest Tue, 15 Jun 2021 22:35:23 +0000

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Star Jen Shah accuses the detective who interrogated her after her arrest of using deception to make her talk and wants her statements rejected as evidence.

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According to court documents obtained by Radar, lawyers for the Bravo star are set to dismiss the wire fraud charge against her. The legal team also wonders about the tactics used by the police following the arrest of their client.

Shah is asking that all statements she made to police after her March 30 arrest be deleted. She claims that the officer who arrested her made false statements to her.

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Source: BRAVO / NBCU

Her lawyers say Shah gave up her rights when questioned by detective Christophe Bastos but only did so because she was in a “vulnerable state”. Bastos works in the Criminal Enterprise Division of the New York Police Department.

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“By the time she relinquished her rights, Ms. Shah was in a very vulnerable emotional state due to the combination of strange phone calls she received on the morning of her arrest and her background with a convicted felon who l ‘had victimized in New York,’ according to the lawyer for the reality TV star.

He claims this “made his willpower easily overpowered by Det.” Bastos and several false affirmative statements he made in order to obtain a waiver of his rights.

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On the day of his arrest, Shah was filming The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. On her way to the shoot, she claims to have received a call from an unknown number who. “said her husband told this unknown person to call him. The unknown caller told Ms. Shah that she should go home.

Shah tried to call her husband, but he didn’t pick up. She started to panic before receiving a call from det. Christopher Bastos of the NYPD. He asked her to stop and the cops surrounded his car.

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photo from jen shah gallery

Source: BRAVO / NBCU

“Ms. Shah was at this point incredibly confused and emotionally unbalanced about the strange series of events, and believed that she may have been the victim of a misidentification,” her lawyer told the court.

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The reality TV star claims she kept asking where she was going, but Bastos did not provide details. Shah was taken into custody at ICE headquarters.

Shah says Bastos read Miranda’s warnings on a printed piece of paper and also gave her a copy. However, she said, as she heard the words Bastos said, she couldn’t read the newspaper. Her lawyer said, “Ms. Shah’s contact lenses, which were in her eyes, were dry and she did not have her reading glasses on, so her vision was blurry and she was unable to read the newspaper in front of her.

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“Even reading her rights, Ms. Shah didn’t know what was going on and still thought it might be a potential misidentification,” he says. Shah claims to have signed the paper without seeing it. She accuses the detective of having used “deception and cunning” to get him to give up his rights.

She wants a hearing on the issue to discuss the government’s tactics. As Radar previously reported, Shah is currently facing federal criminal charges related to an alleged long-running telemarketing program. Federal agents arrested the reality TV star and his assistant Stuart Smith for their role in the scam.

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The allegations are a bit complex. In the indictment, prosecutors say Shah and Smith were responsible for creating lists of “leads” for telemarketing companies, which would turn around and rip off those on the list.

The government claims Shah would get the telemarketers kicked off the victims’ money. Shah has pleaded not guilty to the wire fraud and money laundering charges.

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She faces 50 years in prison if convicted. Recently, lawyers representing the Bravo star called for the wire fraud charges to be dismissed, saying the government’s indictment lacked specific details.

jen shah asks court to dismiss wire fraud charges, says government case weak pp

Source: BRAVO / NBCU

The article continues under the advertisement

She said they did not provide dates or alleged crimes or anything substantive regarding her role in the alleged scheme. Shah asks the court to order prosecutors to hand over the details immediately.

Otherwise, she claims her lawyers are unable to defend themselves. In court documents, his lawyers also revealed that federal agents executed two warrants for Shah’s cell phone and email.

They claim the Det. Christopher Bastos of the New York Police Department made false statements in the request, which helped him gain a judge’s approval. She says all the evidence they’ve recovered from her cell phone and emails should be deleted.

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STEVE N ALLEN: Putting health warnings on every cigarette is like burning money Tue, 15 Jun 2021 04:00:00 +0000

I have never smoked. I may have tried it a few times in college, but I didn’t continue, much like watching movies with subtitles and eating pot noodles.

My mom used to smoke and I feel like the health costs caught up with her towards the end, which convinced me that it’s a bad habit. Usually when someone comes up with a plan to get people to quit smoking, I’m in favor of it, but there’s a new plan I’m less sure about.

Conservative Lord George Young wants to introduce a private member’s bill to put health warnings on every cigarette, not just on packages. Let me go over the reasons why I think this is unnecessary.

Everyone already knows that smoking is bad for your health. If you stopped smokers on the street, or more likely outside a pub on the street, you wouldn’t find anyone who hadn’t at least heard a rumor. No one is going to read the side of their cigarette and scream, “Why didn’t anyone mention this?

If anyone has read that smoking kills on the pack, I don’t think they will have forgotten it by the time it turns on. I know that smoking is bad for a lot of health issues, but I don’t think it kills your short term memory as much.

Maybe I’m getting old, but I wouldn’t be able to read the handwriting on anything that comes out of my mouth. Good luck that smokers always wear their reading glasses.

People will get used to all the warnings. I was standing in line behind a woman in a gas garage last week. When she was handed her cigarettes, she looked at them and said to the cashier, “Oh, that’s a nice photo on this one. I don’t know if you had the photo of the lungs, liver, or toes, but she didn’t mind.

Burning the warning written on the side of the cigarette will become symbolic and may make smokers more determined to continue. It’s similar to the Friends episode where they burn things from their ex-boyfriends.

When you smoke you breathe in an array of nasty chemicals, and the thought of adding all the compounds created when the ink burns makes it seem like a step in the wrong direction.

We better make one in 1,000 cigarettes a joke cigarette that explodes like you would see in the Tom and Jerry cartoons. Or print Ollie Robinson tweets on the side of the cigarettes. No one would want to be seen with them if they wanted to keep their jobs.

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How to clean and maintain your glasses Mon, 14 Jun 2021 09:30:37 +0000

Chances are you are reading this with glasses on at present if you’re the type to see them. Meanwhile, some readers there, they have the chance to wear them only for sun protection or aesthetic purposes. (No, I’m not envious, I swear.)

Either way, you’ve probably come across all the downsides of being the wearer, whether prescribed or sunscreen. Sometimes they get really, really dirty. I mean stained to the point where you can’t see out of them. In the most serious cases, the lenses are scratched or broken, pieces of the nose disappear or everything becomes, because they have slipped under your buttocks or have fallen to the bottom of a bag, bent. In addition, dirty or damaged glasses can cause eye strain!

But how can errors like this be caught before they happen? And how do you avoid scratches, stains, and other cosmetic issues? To be honest, it takes discipline and a bit of routine. Sure, slipping your glasses over your head or in your pocket (whether it’s a shirt or pants) when you don’t need them can be handy, but both cause problems – and those are just two possibilities.

Here is our guide to maintaining and cleaning your glasses.

Garrett leight

How to clean your glasses

So they’re a little stained, eh? Your keys left a scratch? Let’s talk about it.

1. First, if you can, rinse the lentils with a little water. It even sweeps away invisible debris, making sure you don’t scratch your lenses when you wipe them off.

2. If you’re not in a place where you can get them wet, opt for a portable vaporizer instead. There are dozens of iterations in different solutions. You’ve gotten used to carrying hand sanitizer, consider this a fair compromise.

3. If you are at home and have reserved a window for washing your glasses, take some dish soap – be sure to check the ingredients for harsh detergents; acetone, for example, most commonly found in nail polish remover, can damage lenses – or a specific cleaner for glasses. Both work well.

4. Place a pea-sized portion of soap on both lenses. (Do not use sensitive skin or ultra-mild soap. Optometrists Recommend Dawn.) Using clean hands – any particles trapped in your palms or on your fingers can cause damage – work the soap in a circular motion. Don’t be afraid to clean the branches from the branches as well, unless they are made of a delicate material that you would otherwise avoid. Do this until the soap has dissolved and there is no residue left. You’ve done the dishes before, I hope, so you get the gist of it.

5. Then dry the lenses with a microfiber cloth, preferably one you don’t use to treat small stains. Avoid t-shirts, towels, or other textiles nearby, because unless they are 100% cotton – and even 100% can – they will scratch or tangle (think residue on old headlights) lenses over time. Hold the glasses in their center, preferably at the level of the bridge of the nose. Grabbing a firm grip on a temple arm can distort the dimensions of the glasses.

6. Wipe the lenses as close as possible to dry them. Let them air dry the rest of the way, if you can. If not, put them back on your face. You have finished.

glasses sleeve felt

Graf Lantz uses premium merino wool to create a scratch-free eyeglass sleeve. It is also water, stain and heat resistant.

Graf lantz

How to take care of your glasses

Gone are the days of throwing them in your bag.

1. Use both hands to remove them.

2. If they slip, as some do, don’t push them with force, especially through your nose (if you have any).

3. Never wear them as a headband. Hair products can stain lenses, nose pieces can get stuck in your strands, and force frames to extend around the enlarged noggin.

4. Put them in a hard case when you take them out. Get a soft one if you have to put them in your pocket.

5. Do not store your glasses with the lenses down. Store them upside down with open arms.

6. Establish a storage routine: a place to store them when you’re not wearing them or when you go to bed.

7. Purchase the necessary cleaning and maintenance tools: spray cleaner, microfiber cloths, and an eyeglass tool kit.

8. Don’t leave them in a hot car. Temperatures inside, which can reach 200 degrees Fahrenheit, can melt plastic or warp acetates.

Everything you need

Ettinger Spectrum Glasses Case

Todd Snyder

Spectrum glasses case


$ 180.00

Garrett Leight rose-gold tone metal case

Garrett leight

Rose gold-tone metal case

Garrett leight

Smythson Panama Concertina Sunglasses Case


Panama Concertina Sunglasses Case


$ 195.00

Graf Lantz felt glasses sleeve

Graf lantz

Felt glasses sleeve

Graf lantz

$ 28.00

Garrett Leight Oversized Cleaning Cloth

Garrett leight

Oversized Corrugated Cleaning Cloth

Garrett leight

$ 10.00

Gabriel + Simone Reusable Anti-Fog Lens Cleaning Cloth

Gabriel + Simone

Reusable anti-fog lens cleaning cloth

Gabriel + Simone

$ 14.99

Warby Parker Clean My Lenses Kit

Warby parker

Clean My Lenses kit with anti-fog spray

Warby parker

$ 15.00

Optix 55 pre-moistened individually wrapped cleaning wipes

Optix 55

Eyeglass cleaning wipes

Optix 55

$ 11.55

Cosyzone eyewear repair tool kit


Eyeglass Repair Tool Kit


$ 8.98

Dawn Ultra Original Dish Detergent


Ultra original dish detergent

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Cameroon’s albinos demand more attention and care | Voice of America Sun, 13 Jun 2021 16:14:33 +0000

YAOUNDE – International Albinism Awareness Day on June 13 were observed in Cameroon, albinos asking for more care and protection from the government and the community. Those living with this inherited genetic condition that reduces the melanin pigment in skin, hair and eyes say the stigma, violence, superstition and murder have decreased significantly, but the abuse has not been eliminated.

One hundred and sixty albinos and their families gathered at the office of the World Association for Albino Advocacy and Solidarity in Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, to mark International Albinism Awareness Day.

Among them is Ronald Essi, a 16-year-old albino, who said he was abandoned because of his condition.

Essi said he wanted to become a police officer to defend his country Cameroon and punish civilians who violate the rights of albinos. He said his mother abandoned him when he was two. He said his grandmother resisted pressure from the family to kill him. He said he had been living on the streets since 2015, when his grandmother passed away.

Essi said a Catholic priest saved him from the streets and sent him to a school in Yaoundé.

Essi is one of some 2,200 albinos who the government says live in Cameroon.

This year, Cameroon reported that prejudice and discrimination against albinos in employment and social life has significantly decreased. The government said the hunt for albinos for their body parts has been eliminated from many communities.

The wizards who claim that albinos bring wealth and good luck to people who have access to their body parts are disappearing. In many communities, babies with albinism are no longer seen as signs of doom and buried alive or hungry until they die.

Jean-Jacques Ndoudoumou, founding president of the World Association for the Advocacy and Solidarity of Albinos, says albinos are gradually being accepted by communities.

He said the association he runs is happy as people increasingly accept albinos as normal human beings. He said that many albinos have graduated from universities and are using the knowledge they gain to contribute to the development of Cameroon. He said complaints of stigma and violence against albinos have dropped dramatically and there are now marriages between albinos and people without conditions.

Ndoudoumou said his association called on all its members to continue teaching people with albinism are normal human beings who need special assistance.

Grégoire Amindeh is a member of the Association for the Promotion of the Rights of Albinos.

Amindeh said that although the Cameroonian government has done a lot, albinos still urgently need special reading glasses and hand-held magnifiers to stop their high school dropout rate due to low vision. He said they needed grants to be treated in hospitals because their skin is extremely sensitive to the sun and can develop cancer. He said skin cancer remains a major cause of death among African albinos.

Pauline Irene Nguene, Cameroonian Minister of Social Affairs, affirms that albinos are placed in the group of people with special protection needs. She said Cameroon ensures the socio-economic integration and protection of albinos, and intervenes immediately to protect albinos whenever cases of abuse are reported.

She said that in 2020, her ministry staff visited more than 100 villages where violations of the rights of albinos were reported. She said civilians in the villages had learned in their local languages ​​to respect the health, education and social rights of albinos. She said the government had continued to push for private companies, schools and outside organizations not to reject albinos seeking positions in their institutions.

Nguene said 60 government offices established in Cameroon’s administrative units receive complaints and immediately help albinos in need.

International Albinism Awareness Day is celebrated by the United Nations on June 13 of each year. This year’s theme, “Strength Beyond All Expectations,” according to the UN, highlights the achievements of people with albinism around the world.

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