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Imagine that you are a struggling reader. You dread reading… in any class. You feel like a failure and you’re starting to hate school. One day your science teacher brings a Microsoft HoloLens headset. You put on the mixed reality glasses and pick up the scientific paper the professor wants you to read. You start reading reluctantly.

After just a few sentences, you’re lost because you don’t know what “light energy” means. Because your eyes have rested on that sentence, an animation jumps off the page through the glasses demonstrating an example of the concept with a voice-over explanation. Moments later, you read the word “photosynthesis” and another animation appears with an audio explanation. Suddenly, reading in science class takes on a whole new emotion…you feel successful and are even interested in learning more about science.

Characteristics of struggling readers

Some students have trouble reading, and it’s a complicated situation. First of all, they fight against anxiety. High anxiety is often present in struggling readers, and they tend to have reading anxiety alongside general anxiety. Second, low-ability readers have a hard time motivating themselves. Essentially, struggling readers have low self-concept in reading, which is linked to lower motivation. Third, struggling readers have low scores. Given high anxiety and low motivation, struggling readers only succeed at low reading levels. For these readers in difficulty, current teaching methods are insufficient… and they fall behind.

Scientific reading in mixed reality

At East Carolina University, we wanted to create something unusual, so we created a science reading experience for 5and grade students using Microsoft HoloLens. HoloLens is mixed reality technology: it merges the real and virtual worlds to produce something entirely new. Young readers wore the mixed reality glasses and then viewed a page of science text in the real world. But we programmed HoloLens to provide additional content in the virtual world that could only be seen and heard through the glasses. Because abstract concepts can be intimidating for young learners, we focused on providing additional information for difficult science concepts. When students’ eyes rested on a particularly difficult word or phrase, the glasses delivered audio-visual information to supplement the reading.

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Reviews | This Mother’s Day, Here’s What Moms Really Need Sat, 07 May 2022 16:00:36 +0000

What would help me the most is…

Erica Gallegos, also co-executive director of the Child Care for Every Family Network, said there is now bipartisan support for increased funding for child care, and even some of the more conservative lawmakers she speaks to understand the need to elevate the child care provider. salary (more than 94% of educators are women). One of the biggest issues in child care is staff retention, because pay is often so low, and the District of Columbia, for example, passed a law to send a one-time payment of $10,000 to $14,000 to child care workers.

Incremental changes won’t solve all child care problems – every expert I’ve spoken to agrees that only long-term federal investment will – because providing high-quality care and retaining experienced caregivers is expensive. And while so many inequalities remain for parents overall, the pandemic has been particularly difficult for mothers without a college degree and for black and Hispanic mothers, according to economic research from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

But without being Pollyannaish about it, women like Ms. Paluso and Ms. Gallegos give me hope for the future, and they in turn are inspired by the parents and child care providers they work with to organize in the field. “They understand what the problem is, and it’s not them,” Ms Gallegos said. No one has ever bothered before to build a strong child care system because we just relied on mothers to do this work for free. Now they build it themselves.

And that’s ultimately what gives me hope, even against the backdrop of bad news: A generation ago, the rollback of legal gender discrimination didn’t just happen out of nowhere. Things have not always evolved in a straight line. Things happen because coalitions of activists have fought for years. For example, Marylin Bender’s 1973 article on women deprived of credit mentions work done by chapters of the National Organization for Women, the Center for Women Policy Studies, and women’s groups in Dallas, Minneapolis, and St. Paul and Baltimore.

Roe’s decision came after years of mass movement. As historian Leslie Reagan notes in his book “When Abortion Was a Crime”, “The startling transformation of law and public policy regarding abortion and women’s rights was rooted in the decline of abortion under criminal law and is built on generations of women demanding abortions – and getting them.

In the early 1970s, before Roe became law, an underground network in Chicago called the Jane Collective was helping women get illegal abortions. Martha Scott, who was a stay-at-home mom of four young children at the time, told WBEZ she was brought in to volunteer with Jane because “I just thought if you really care about something, you should act accordingly.” Last week we saw so many people, including mothers and their children, take to the streets to continue demanding the right to control their own bodies.

The onus shouldn’t be on those most affected to fix what’s broken, but I know that America’s mothers will continue to show up and fight. And on this Mother’s Day, I am grateful for the generations of mothers who have fought before us, doing the sometimes painfully slow work of advocacy, and for those who are fighting now too.

Mark Zuckerberg teases Meta bracelet to control smart glasses Thu, 05 May 2022 10:30:44 +0000

Mark Zuckerberg sat down with Italian eyewear maker EssilorLuxottica this week to discuss a smart eyewear project using Meta’s neural interface wristband.

Introduced last year, wearable electromyography (EMG) translates finger and hand movements into the digital world. It analyzes electrical signals traveling through the muscles of your arm to understand intent, such as whether you’re trying to move a finger or clench your fist.

“Right here [EssilorLuxottica chairman] Leonardo [Del Vecchio] uses a prototype of our EMG neural interface [electromyography] bracelet that will eventually allow you to control your glasses and other devices,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post, alongside a photo of him and Del Vecchio.

Initially developed to detect simple gestures like pinching and releasing or tapping the fingers, the wristband will eventually evolve into more advanced controls, allowing users to touch and move virtual objects. The technology is based on the work of CRTL-labs, which Facebook acquired in 2019, and captures body signals so clearly it can understand finger movement “by just a millimeter”, the company boasted. Last year.

The same wearable acts as a virtual keyboard and over time will understand users’ daily routines, such as listening to music in the morning or reading the news at night. There also appears to be plans to control smart glasses like the $299 Ray-Ban Stories, built in a multi-year collaboration with EssilorLuxottica, owner of eyewear brands Ray-Ban, Oakley and LensCrafters.

Recommended by our editors

It is unclear when the technology will be ready for the consumer; Zuckerberg’s Facebook post teased “possible” access, but provided no further details.

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Now Nowhere is Safe – Reader Feedback Sun, 01 May 2022 19:35:19 +0000

As we do from time to time, today we leave the stage to our readers because their voice matters.

Now nowhere is safe (1) (04/04/2022)

Awolowo in the 70s said that the children you failed to raise will never let you have peace, true or false?

Emmanuel Joshua Oluwabankole

We Nigerians are physically and spiritually defeated by our beliefs about our government’s ability to protect us, and sincerely the youth care less about the issue of government, the country is getting worse and on the verge of collapse.

Look at those strikes that keep students at home for months, at the corruption at every level and at the terrifying insecurity of the nation, now I’m sure even the rich don’t have a safe place to stay. This nation has sinned so much, we should either rise to greatness or the nation may be divided. The truth is always bitter.

Abubakar Abul Amina

It’s the bitter truth sir! May you reign long with good health and deeds worthy of emulation.

Shehou Mohammad

The children you failed to train will never let you have peace. The truth is that not everyone who is privileged in Nigeria cares about other people’s problems. May God continue to bless our young people.

Maiwada Tukura Makurna Prince

The children you left untrained will never let you have peace.

Bilal Ismail

The truth is bitter. Okay sir.

Abubakar Sadiq

All hope is not lost, do not despair. The government has tried to be aware of the situation, what you have to do is appreciate them and motivate them.

Bulama Bukar Buttu

You said it all sir. We choose to remain silent instead of condemning the systematic attacks and assaults on individuals and places in Yobe and Borno. Now that the relentless insurgency has spread across most of the country, we are paying the price for our failures. May God increase you in knowledge and wisdom, and strengthen you to speak the truth that matters most.

Mubarak Shu’aib

This happened because of the “I don’t care” attitude of politicians.

Ismail Isyaku Gachi

You did well sir, now it’s our turn to call home anyone abusing their position and those behind all this chaos.

Comrade Abubakar Lawan Kiru

The high level of “I don’t care” attitude and hypocrisy led the North to where it is today. He wouldn’t have gotten to this level if they hadn’t played 10 10 with the whole situation from day one.

Ovie Okukulabe

My mentor, I would like to add more to the security challenges we are currently facing, especially in northern Nigeria, but you have said it all.

Jajere Abdul

Nigeria is bleeding, sir. In Nigeria today, nowhere is safe. Insecurity has gripped the country, fueled by poor governance and corruption.

Dauda Shehu


Ali Tijjani Hassan

Captured succinctly. God save Nigeria!

Offiong Ita

Your submissions are valid sir, and as you mentioned in one of the paragraphs about how our intelligence collapsed, dozens of marauders will ride into communities, abduct their target and rush into the bushes unchallenged .

Ibrahim Baba Saleh

They don’t run in the bushes, Malam Ibrahim, they walk.

Author’s comment.

We are where we are simply because we were less concerned with what mattered to some of us.

Abdallahi Bard

As usual, this is an excellent article, Dr Hassan, an articulation of everything you have said on the subject over the past five years. I hope those responsible for saving lives and property in this country will read the article and use the lessons to do their jobs effectively. If we fail, calamity would come to us and there would be no one to speak for us, may Allah prevent such things from happening. I wish you more wisdom to continue your selfless service to humanity.

Professor Mohammed Khalid Othman

We’ve heard enough condemnations, now we want to see action upon action.

Elbash S Umar

A practical condemnation is what we needed. More ink to your pen sir.

Jibril Alhaji Yunusa Susa

Thank you Mr. Gimba for this important piece. We are consumed by our own creation, Allah yabamu mafita.

Kabiru Sadik

The corrosive insecurity caused by poverty is getting worse. We need private security.

Sufi Abdussamad Yahya

Ma Gombe is safe.

Oumar Kawuwa

One bad thing about Nigerian leadership for years is its nonchalant attitude. They will intentionally ignore a thorn until it spins out of control. Terrorism, banditry, corruption and other social vices can be stopped at the incipient stage, but the corruption within us cannot allow the authorities in charge to act quickly until it spirals out of control. The sad state of our collective irresponsibility brings us to where we are today. But it’s never too late to make amends. If we can all be responsible, we can overcome our difficulties.

Ahmad M. Salihu

This stanza was first used in Nigeria by Senator Kashim Shettima lately when he was Governor of Borno State and Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum when explaining the carefree attitude of some of his colleagues faced the threat of Boko Haram during their meeting. Hassan Gimba also did a good job. He’s a wonderful columnist.

Aboubakar Ali Abdallah

This version of “Now Nowhere is Safe” not only analyzes the problem of insecurity on many fronts in Nigeria, but also encompasses well-designed and workable solutions to combat it. Many practical solutions to the problem in question have been described. Only if they have ears/eyes to hear/read. But they decided to turn a deaf ear and throw them away, maybe because they were safe. Now no one and nowhere is safe. Thank you, doctor, for this masterpiece.

Dr Ukasha Ismail

To correct

Victoria Kitchener

Let me wear my reading glasses.

Taha Mamman Shamaki

Now nowhere is safe (2) (04/11/2022)

It’s nice. Keep telling the truth. Long may you go, sir.

Comrade Usman Abubakar DSTimetable

The heat is on. Revolution is brewing for all the evil politicians in Nigeria…

Keep plundering and making people poorer than their thoughts.

Mmaduabuchi Nwoda

I like this background journalism.

Chris Akani

Thank you for revealing the facts.

Oumar Farouk

Perfectly said! Dear sir, indeed, you are absolutely right about what you said.

Comrade Idris Salisu Ahmed

Including where you write from? Stop exaggerating our situation.

Abubakar Sarki Umar

Abubakar Sarki Umar, sad you still don’t see things for what they really are. The situation is worse than anyone can ever put in writing.

One day, una will look for SENSE. Even in war-torn Ukraine, people stole the writing. Do you or your loved one have to be a victim before believing that the security situation in the country is currently terrible? Really sad how you reason.

Hillary Idornigie

Abubakar Sarki Umar even from where you are commenting is not sure just because it did not reach you.

Sanda Yakubu Nehemiah

Exactly Nigeria is bleeding!!!

Ibrahim Moussa

Now nowhere is safe (3) (25/04/2022)

Nigeria is on the battlefield as the elite prepare to be re-elected or elected in their place to stop the campaign and focus on the situation, but they are all busy with their selfish interests while their fellow Nigerians suffer from different calamities.

Ibrahim Rayyahi Alfulaty

We should just stop the blame game and save humanity. We have called for unity to liberate Nigeria and the black race, northern and southern Nigeria must all wake up and face the truth; we must unite.

Ibrahim Unit Adam

I am very impressed with Hassan Gimba’s explanatory writing; it is an in-depth analysis of the dire situations in Nigeria today. Who will save Nigeria?

Former Victor Onyemairo Chukwudi

More ink to your golden pen, our veteran columnist, Dr. Hassan Gimba.

Inuwa Ayuba

May Allah Almighty protect you.

Sani Wakili

The concluding paragraph carries a huge message and says it all. Thank you Dr for taking such a bold step.

Dr Ukasha Ismail

As usual, the question of how this could be solved came to my mind while I was reading the article, but as I continued reading, my question was answered in the last paragraph. You have once again spoken on behalf of the people. Ride on Dr.

Amina Abdullahi

There! After reading “Now Nowhere Is Safe”, I found 2 safe places: “Its leaders must urgently embrace justice and fairness and the laws of the land must apply equally to the king and serf Next, leaders must truly see leadership as a service to the country and not as a way for them and their families to aim to own the land.

  1. “The government must urgently prepare to wage this war and do everything in its power to cut off the recruiting base for terrorists and stop allowing them to prove their strength.” Thank you sir.

Ibrahim Bomoi

Great piece, sir! I stopped receiving your updates on Whatsapp. I hope you are well.

salma muhammad

5 Mother’s Day gifts for moms who love to read Fri, 29 Apr 2022 21:12:04 +0000

We may receive a commission from purchases made through links on this page. Pricing and availability are subject to change. This content is created by a third-party partner for Yahoo.

A collection of Mother’s Day gifts for readers

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (May 8) and as we take this time to cherish our moms for all they do, it also means it’s time to start thinking about the better gift for him.

So if your mum is an avid reader or is always seen with a book in hand, these gift ideas are a great way to show her how much you care while giving her something she’ll love (without worrying). ruin ).

Readers can’t get enough of these unique discoveries

A Mother's Day gift box

A Mother’s Day gift box

Read & Recharge Box By Introverts Retreat: Buy it at

Due to some R&R (recharge and read)? This box from Cratejoy is perfect after a long day when mum is ready for an evening of reading a novel and enjoying delicious chocolates.

A reading lamp that you place around your neck

A reading lamp that you place around your neck

LED reading lamp for the neck: buy it on

Perfect for reading a chapter (or two) before bed, mom can read her favorite book under the covers without having to have someone else sacrifice the light.

A stand for reading books

A stand for reading books

Desk/Bed Reading Pad Stand: Buy it at

Another great option for when mom wants to read in bed or even lying on the couch, this stand also allows her to read hands-free.

Two people read through <a class=reading glasses” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNQ–/”/>

Two people read through reading glasses

Reading glasses: buy them on

A good option for those who use an e-reader or reader, these glasses also have blue light blocking lenses so she can read endlessly on her screen without getting annoying headaches or straining her eyes.

A newspaper to read

A newspaper to read

Journal of the book: buy it on

Mom will love this nifty journal that’s “designed by book lovers” so they can record their favorite titles and quotes and give notes while becoming more thoughtful and engaged readers.

With these ideas, you’ll have no trouble finding the best gift for your book-loving mom. Be sure to check out these freebies on Amazon and Cratejoy!

Mark Zuckerberg says Meta will cut spending after Q1 results Thu, 28 Apr 2022 00:50:33 +0000

Mark Zuckerberg told the world last October that he was all in on the metaverse and the effort would only get more costly over time. Now that his company’s stock price has been hammered in recent months, he is backtracking on that rhetoric.

Meta will “slow the pace of some of our investments” due to “our current levels of growth,” Zuckerberg said during the company’s first-quarter earnings call on Wednesday. Meta’s first-quarter earnings were $7.5 billion, down 21% from a year earlier. Revenue rose 7% to $27.9 billion, the slowest growth rate since the company went public a decade ago. Its target spending range for 2022 was lowered by $3 billion.

Make no mistake: Zuckerberg still spends billions a year building devices and software for the metaverse, a concept he believes will eventually be as important as the mobile internet. Meta’s Reality Labs division, which makes the Quest VR headset and future AR glasses, has about 17,000 employees and lost nearly $3 billion in the last quarter alone. The problem is that Meta investors are uncomfortable right now with this level of spending, especially when the gain is years away.

Sometimes the price of a stock tells the story. In the case of Meta, its price fell almost 50%, evaporating the last five years of growth, since changing his name on Facebook last October. It was then that Zuckerberg revealed that he was already spending $10 billion a year on Reality Labs and that he expected investment to grow although he hadn’t seen any. return before at least the second half of this decade.

If its core business, advertising-driven social media, grew as it has in the past, investors might have responded positively to the Meta pivot. But the timing couldn’t have been worse: Facebook is growing slower than ever, thanks in large part to young users fleeing the service. TikTok is eating away at time spent on Facebook and Instagram. And Apple’s ad tracking changes have already cost Meta more than $10 billion in lost revenue. Meanwhile, regulators have blocked Zuckerberg’s ability to make big, transformative acquisitions in social media that could kickstart growth.

Facebook continues to grow, but slower than ever. After reporting its first-ever dip in daily users in Q4 2021, the blue app managed to grow daily users by just 4% to 1.96 billion in the last quarter, while daily users on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook increased slightly from 2.82. billion to 2.87 billion. With expectations already low on Wall Street, Meta’s stock price soared more than 15% after reporting better-than-expected first-quarter earnings per share.

“Meta’s advertising business continues to face some very real challenges,” said Jasmine Enberg, principal analyst at Insider Intelligence. “Facebook, of course, is no stranger to obstacles, but iOS changes are the first direct threat to its advertising business. Combined with the rise of TikTok, brand safety issues and a change of social media user behavior, there is a perfect storm heading straight for Meta ad revenue.

It is clear that in the short term, Zuckerberg believes that copying TikTok will revive its growth. He said Wednesday that the company’s short-form video product, Reels, accounts for 20% of time spent on Instagram, and video consumption already accounts for more than half of time spent on Facebook. Meta is the first to monetize Reels with ads, but it follows the same playbook Zuckerberg used to successfully copy Snapchat’s Stories feature.

For Reality Labs, Zuckerberg said the next major hardware product will be a high-end mixed reality headset named Cambria later this year. He said Cambria will focus on “business use cases and possibly replacing your laptop or work setup.” (Apple soon has its own mixed reality headset that, if I had to guess, Zuckerberg wants to get ahead of it.)

Apart from new hardware, Meta is preparing a web version of its Horizon social platform which currently only exists on the Quest headset. This will put Horizon in more direct competition with 3D and social gaming apps like Fortnite, Roblox, and Rec Room. Zuckerberg said Horizon would also be integrated more tightly with the Quest in an upcoming software update, solidifying it as a crucial bet. Meta takes a good percentage of the virtual goods sold in Horizon but has not yet introduced an advertising system.

Interview with Helen Baxendale: “Nobody asks me to do sex scenes now, which is a big relief” Tue, 26 Apr 2022 05:30:00 +0000

Iit was during his time on Friends, playing Ross’ English wife, Emily, who Helen Baxendale realized she could never be famous for. A bit of compromise was fine, a few light looks in the street in exchange for a good acting job, but anything bigger than that felt overwhelming, even cruel. His family was at the door. His face was on the cover of Good morning!. She was always being asked inappropriate questions by reporters. Has she, like her character on ITV cold feet — brooding, glamorous, killed by a cement truck — also likes to have sex in store windows? That sort of thing.

“I think I’ve seen where all of this ultimately takes you,” the 51-year-old says today, surrounded by bookshelves and birdsong on Zoom. “Not that I was heading there at all. But I saw these people in Friends, for example, and I thought: I don’t think life is really what I want. They were hunted down. They couldn’t walk into a supermarket and buy something. She remains confused that some of that attention was shifted to her back then. “I didn’t think what I was doing warranted it,” she says. “It wasn’t about me, it was about this…” She places her hand to the side, as if drawing a separate entity with her fingers. “This thing…this program I was on for a few episodes. It was all crazy.

Baxendale was just 27 when she was chosen Friends in 1998, who had become a household name on British television a few years earlier. In contrast to the motherly warmth she brings to her later work – as a bullied mother on the Greg Davies sitcom Helloor a reluctant freedom fighter in the BBC’s adaptation of Malorie Blackman’s alternate history Tic Tac Toe, who returns this week — her early roles were defined by icy, sleek bobs and wry detachment. In 1994, just two years after graduating from acting, she played a cynical doctor in the television debut of Jed Mercurio. Heart attackand in 1999 a detective in over his head in the adaptation of PD James Unsuitable work for a woman. rachel on cold feet – famous for her on-and-off romance with James Nesbitt’s Adam – made her a star. However, she never felt comfortable. “I think you need a certain character to be able to deal with it.”

There’s a surreal lasciviousness to the questions he’s been asked in his past interviews, I tell him. “It was consistent!” she remembers. “‘And the sex scenes?’ [Headlines] would be torrid this, or torrid that. Or, in what should be heat magazineis at the lowest, “Fuck Monster”. There was also a fixation on her childcare arrangements. Shortly after his run Friendsshe had her first child, Nell – now an actor, who appeared in The iron Throne (in which she played the young Cersei Lannister) and Blinded by the light. She now has three children. “It was so sexist. All they said was, ‘How are you doing as a mother? ‘What do you do with your kids while you play?’ man. Jim Nesbitt was never asked how he raised his children. She sighs, pushing back her reading glasses from the tip of her nose. “It was extremely intense, hard and off-putting.”

Baxendale tells me how grateful she is not to have her current work entirely on her shoulders, or to present the kind of sexuality that fascinated journalists years ago. “Nobody asks me to do sex scenes now, which is a big relief,” she laughs. But I wonder if her experiences back then deterred her from pursuing a different kind of career – more starring roles, maybe more work in America. She thinks about it. “No, I don’t think it affected my choices.” She is silent, still humming at the question. “But I really liked being the leader,” she whispers, almost conspiratorially. Baxendale is a bit of a conversational swing, as if discovering its positions in real time and being aware of its own contradictions here and there. “The attention and the press still don’t sit well with me, but…” She winces. “I guess I was quite ready to deal with it to get some good plays.”

Tic Tac Toe is one of them. The show is the belated TV adaptation of a landmark early 2000s read, think of a proto-hunger gamesor Harry Potter without the contemporary cringe. Our heroes are Sephy (Masali Baduza) and Callum (Jack Rowan), teenagers who fall in love despite living on opposite sides of the color line. In this alternate world, a nation modeled after Africa – known here as Aprica – colonized England years ago, leaving white people a segregated group that continually faced racism and bigotry. Baxendale plays Callum’s mother, Meggie, a tough, resilient rock of a woman facing insurmountable loss as the series opens its second season: Callum is on the run after an act of protest puts a target on his chest. back, and her other son Jude (Josh Dylan) embeds himself in a militia that uses violence as a tool for change.

Helen Baxendale in “Noughts and Crosses”

(Mammoth Screen/BBC)

Baxendale has an incredible gravitas in the series, all quiet strength and private doubt. She says she found working on the series instructive. “I was obviously aware of the racism, but in truth I wasn’t affected by it at all. As a white person, how much do you really think about the consequences of that? The truth is you go on Being on the show gave me a better understanding of the oppression of racism and how unfair society can be.She thinks back to a scene from the start of the show, in which Callum is given a brown bandage for an injury – a “nude” color that matches a single skin tone. “I never thought about the fact that casts are always white,” Baxendale says. “You just take those things for granted.”

She admits that she struggles to talk about the show’s themes during interviews. “Because I’ve always been on the other end of this divide and inequality, I feel like I really should shut up because this isn’t my space to talk.” Instead, she chooses to sit in the discomfort it creates within her. “I feel a lot of embarrassment and guilt,” she said softly. “I just feel s*** for society to be like this.”

‘Friends’ and ‘Cold Feet’ now appear to be historical records

Society and the British class system were on his mind for most of his life, however. Baxendale’s parents were teachers at a comprehensive school, who instilled in him the importance of public education. “For a certain time, [politicians] says there’s no class, but I think that’s rubbish,” she said. “It’s very much alive, and I think it’s one of the most awful things about Britain. I love Britain, I think it’s wonderful and it’s my home, but I think it’s a shame that we’re still class riddled. She says it’s not helped by our monarchy. “I mean, I really like the Queen,” she laughs, “but I think that’s probably where it starts. And look at the wardrobe! How on earth is it that our leaders all come from such a small spectrum of society? Anyway…” She shakes her head, pausing as if she’s been walking that road a lot.

Access unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video Sign up now for a 30 day free trial


Tic Tac Toe also made him think back to the shows that brought him early fame. As reusable as they are, Friends and cold feet were blindingly white programs that felt more comfortable reflecting middle-class fantasy than anything too honest. “They now look like historical documents,” she says. “Having six white people, or all-white couples.” She thinks she remembers working with only one actor of color during her time on cold feet. “I had Lennie James as a boyfriend, but he’s…you know, just one.” They feel a bit dated now. And probably reflections of the types of people in charge at the time, I suggest. “Definitely! They’re about who was commissioning them, who was writing them — because it’s not just an on-screen representation, is it? Again, that’s the whole question of ‘the establishment”, and only people from a certain stratum of society get those best jobs.

Baxendale as Emily, alongside David Schwimmer’s Ross, in ‘Friends’


When she finished filming Tic Tac Toe last year, Baxendale told her agent she had to try doing a comedy next. But acting, she admits, is also something she never thought she was very good at. “I feel like that’s not my thing at all,” she says, punctuating those last two words with verbal dots. “I’ve always felt insecure doing these things because other people are so good at them.” I admit that it is surprising – even after the success of Helloshe’s always afraid to be funny?

“Yeah, still not confident,” she said with a nervous laugh. “It’s so eye-opening to be an actor. In no other job do people comment on what you’ve done while you’re just walking down the street. I now think I can be good and I can be bad. But I’ll take it, whatever. I don’t really care anymore. She laughs again but then falls silent, as if thinking about what she just said. “But maybe it’s “Is that trust? I don’t care that much?”

There must be something that keeps bringing her back to acting, I say, despite that long history of perverse questions and the slight uneasiness it always gave her. “Well, I have to do something! In the end, I’m an actress, you know? Although I always say I’m very good at being out of work. I’m good at filling my day. But I also appreciate when I’m into something that I find good. And I’m good at it. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does…” She smiled gratefully. “It’s really wonderful.”

The second series ‘Noughts and Crosses’ starts Tuesday April 26 at 10:40 p.m. on BBC One

REVIEW: What we thought of Wetherspoon’s Buck Inn in Northallerton Sun, 24 Apr 2022 04:00:00 +0000 HAVING spent most Easter weekends of my adult life on hockey tour (although sadly not the last two for obvious Covid reasons), the failure to perform our team’s favorite event this year provided the opportunity to experience normal bank holiday activities, away from the sports grounds of sunny Bridlington.

Good Friday saw a seaside trip to Seaton Carew (entering there before hordes of tourists after this week’s TV dramatization of the infamous story of the canoe man), and Easter Monday involved searching for a new fence panel to finally repair the damage caused by last year’s storm, followed by lunch at the new Wetherspoons in Northallerton.

Read more: The best and worst Wetherspoons in County Durham according to TripAdvisor reviews

Confession time. I’ve been to a lot of Wetherspoons over the years, but usually not to eat on purpose. The eating somehow happened out of necessity or by accident while there were a few drinks, which meant the quality of the food, or otherwise, was hard to judge.

The Buck in Northallerton opened as Wetherspoons after a major refurbishment last year

A previous meal at Northallerton’ Spoons, The Buck Inn on the High Street was quite disappointing, but notable for being my first experience ordering through the mobile phone app – brilliant during Covid, but very impersonal in what is, after everything, supposed to be the hospitality industry.

Read more: Inside Wetherspoon’s Cooper Rose in Sunderland after £2m redevelopment

Monday lunchtime it was pleasantly busy with a wide range of customers, mostly eating, from young parents with newborns to large family groups of all ages. It’s a spacious venue, with plenty of seating, both indoors and outdoors, and has been fitted out in traditional Wetherspoon style, with a nod to local history. Where else could you find local luminaries such as Gertrude Bell, footballer Michael Dawson and mountaineer Alan Hinkes all celebrated on the same walls?

Inside The Buck, Northallertons, relatively new Wetherspoons venue

Inside The Buck, Northallerton’s new Wetherspoons venue

The menu is an absolute monster, and diving into it isn’t for the faint-hearted, or those who haven’t brought their reading glasses, with multiple options for most dishes, or offers to include drinks. It was also my first experience of the new public health rules that forced restaurant chains to add calories to their menus, and my god, that’s terrifying. I’m not sure what this will accomplish, other than scaring away customers who already have a difficult relationship with food. Any sane person should know that an “ultimate burger”, for example, which includes bacon and cheese, and is served with fries and onion rings (total: 1,703 calories), is not all eaten days.

My sister and I ordered nachos with cheese, guacamole, salsa and sour cream to share as a starter (£4.90, 627 calories), from the wonderfully friendly guy behind the bar, who called me “ma’am” throughout our conversation, which, while still so polite, made me feel like I was about 1,000 years old. Usually the nachos also came with chili peppers, but there were none, which in this case was fine with us. The presentation left a little to be desired, but the salsa had a nice heat to it, and overall it was better than similar dishes I’ve had elsewhere at specialty Tex-Mex restaurants.

Nachos with salsa, sour cream and gaucamole

Nachos with salsa, sour cream and gaucamole

The service was pleasantly quiet, giving us plenty of time to peruse the reading material on the table, which consisted of a heavy, glossy Wetherspoons magazine, plus another rather odd in-house publication, declaring itself a special edition of “Wetherspoon News “. With the front-page headline “Does the Truth Matter”, it was dedicated to publishing corrections and apologies from various national news outlets related to the company’s coverage during the Covid pandemic. It was a bit heavy for a leisurely bank holiday lunch so it was a relief when our mains arrived. I had ordered a “classic” 8oz sirloin steak with chips (£9.15 including a soft drink, or £10.45 with an alcoholic drink, 1,055 calories) even though I neglected to opt for the gourmet version which for £2 more would have included peas, tomato, mushroom, three onion rings and steak sauce (1,309 calories).

Sirloin steak and fries

Sirloin steak and fries

I had asked for my steak to be semi-cooked, and it was cooked really well, without even a hint of pink, although it was quite juicy. The fries were the highlight.

Claire’s grilled chicken breast burger and fries (£6.45 with soft drink, £7.75 with alcoholic drink, 1,031 calories), had good flavor and the chicken itself was well cooked, but it could have been spread on the bread, or maybe a dollop of mayonnaise to make it less dry as a packet.

Chicken burger and fries - a hearty portion

Chicken burger and fries – a hearty portion

The dessert options looked tempting, though mostly quite unhealthy (hot cookie dough sandwich with ice cream, 845 calories!), but the generous portions meant we had little space, so we opted out. . The bill, which included a soft drink and a pint of lager cooler as part of the meal deals, was £21.80.

Is the Buck Inn a place to visit in search of a high class restaurant? Clearly not. But in these trying times, with so many people needing to put on some extra pounds, being able to eat a nice two-course meal with a few drinks, in lovely surroundings, for under £22 is nothing to sniff at. It won’t be for everyone, but for a cheap holiday lunch between garden centers and DIY stores it was perfectly acceptable.

The Buck Inn

237–238 High Street, Northallerton, DL7 8LU

01609 761461

Open 8 a.m. to midnight, Sunday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 1 a.m., Friday and Saturday

Ratings (out of 10): Food quality 6 Service 7 Environment 7 Value for money 10

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Adena Lions Club will hold its 70th show with “Lions Eyes” on April 29-30 | News, Sports, Jobs Fri, 22 Apr 2022 04:42:00 +0000

CAST MEMBERS – Among the cast members of Adena Lions Club’s upcoming “Lion Eyes,” which will be held April 29-30 at 7:30 p.m. at Buckeye West Elementary School in Adena, are, from left, Dean Rutan, Bill Ralston, Patty Staley, Nancy Knight and Dan Smallwood. The show, returning after being postponed since 2020 due to the pandemic, has been a key fundraising tradition for the service organization for many decades. — Contributed

ADENA — The Adena Lions Club will present its 70th show with “Lion’s Eyes” will take place on April 29 and 30.

Showtime both days is at 7:30 p.m. at Buckeye West Elementary School in Adena. The show returns after being postponed since 2020.

The Adena Lions show is the organization’s largest fundraiser.

“Through the generosity of the program’s book sponsors and the sale of raffle tickets, the club has raised over $100,000 in the last 12 Adena Lions shows,” said a spokesperson. “Through these donations, the Lions of Adena are able to provide service to our local community through a variety of service projects such as purchasing eyeglasses, assisting with local food pantries, and sponsoring ‘an annual summer reading program, to name a few’, noted a spokesperson. “Through its membership in Lions Club International, the club extends its services globally to help provide natural disaster relief, fund measles vaccines, support eye research and more.”

Show producers and club members Laura Konkoleski and Marty Packer explained that the show’s theme is vision, which is one of the many causes Lions Clubs International is known for.

Featured performers on the show include JoAnn Connor, Lauren Florence, Wally Jancura, Pam Kinsey, Julie Packer, Marty Packer, Dan Smallwood, Ken Staley, Karl Bowers, Dennis Kinsey, RJ Konkoleski, Bill Ralston, Dean Rutan and Rob Whinnery.

John Parkinson, who has been in almost all of the shows, returns to his role as interlocutor and guide for the evening.

Dustin Kinsey, manager, leads the house band along with Kipp Bowers, Bob Campbell and Ken Staley.

“This year’s show has literally taken three years to prepare since we haven’t been able to have a show for the past two years,” Kinsey commented. “I can’t wait to hit that first chord on the keyboard to kick off show #70. I hope everyone reading this makes plans to be in our audience. It will be a great show” he added.

Tickets for the show can be purchased at the door: — $10 for adults, $5 for students and children under 5 are admitted free. The club is also selling odds on not one, but two instant lottery ticket boards. Each council has $200 worth of tickets. A winner will be drawn each night of the show.

“In addition to great music, we have outstanding comedy,” Kinsey pointed out. “My dad, Dennis, has performed on every Adena Lions Show since the late 1970s and will no doubt have another crazy sketch this year,” he said. “Rob Whinnery and Wally Jancura are preparing an Eye Doctor skit that is sure to please audiences. And wait until you see the Cotton-Eyed Joe number,” he added.

The Adena Lions Club is a group of men and women who identify needs within the community and work together to meet them.

For more information about the show or how to get involved with the Adena Lions Club, email the club at or visit the club’s Facebook page.

To learn more about Lions Clubs International, visit

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Qantas’ new A380 business class reveals massive changes Tue, 19 Apr 2022 22:53:20 +0000

International travel is back, as are Qantas’ flagship Airbus A380s. Superjumbos now fly between Sydney and Los Angeles, with Sydney-Singapore-London from mid-June and Melbourne-Los Angeles in December.

And while some high-flying travelers will settle in first class, the majority of premium passengers will settle in the A380 business class cabin – and they will be delighted with what they find.

Business class travelers who haven’t set foot on the red-tailed A380s since early 2020 will particularly appreciate the multimillion-dollar makeover that replaced the old, sagging Skybed II seats with the same ones Business Suite like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

When Qantas put its entire fleet of A380s in mothballs at the start of the pandemic, only a few had been refurbished – but now, everything the returning superjumbos have been upgraded, with not only these modern seats in business class, but also two new premium lounges on the upper deck, as well as new premium seats in economy class.

Here’s what travelers can expect from Qantas’ new Airbus A380 business class.

1. The best seat in the fleet

Officially dubbed the Qantas Business Suite, Qantas’ new A380 business class seat is the same as the airline’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which in turn was an evolution of business class on all Qantas Airbus A330s.

If you’ve flown on these planes before, you’ll already have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect and the many ways the Business Suite is superior to the A380’s Skybed II seat.

2. Direct hallway access

The most fundamental flaw of Qantas’ decade-old Airbus A380 business class seat was a 2-2-2 layout which meant passengers seated near the window had to climb over their neighbor to exit (and return to) the seat.

It’s a pain to any times, doubling during night flights which make up most of the A380 routes. And it’s no fun being the passenger between the window seat and the aisle, either.

With the new A380 Business Suite, Qantas is getting rid of it by switch to a 1-2-1 layout that gives each passenger direct access to the aisle.

3. More privacy

The 1-2-1 design and layout of the Business Suite allows travelers to enjoy much more privacy during the flight. Even if you’re seated aisle-side, part of the Business Suite’s rear shell extends forward like an enveloping wing to help create a personal cocoon.

If you’re traveling with a partner, the middle seats have a divider that can be lowered so you can share a bit of the experience.

However, the best place to experience that private jet feeling are the seats located directly at the window: there is a side shelf more the curved seat shell between you and the aisle.

4. A completely flat, non-sagging bed

A common criticism of the Skybed II was that, largely due to its age, the seat developed a noticeable sag or sag when extended into bed mode. The Business Suite offers a correct flat bed, with more support where needed.

However, this leads to the only area where the Skybed II is arguably better than the Business Suite.

The Skybed’s pod-like design (below) left plenty of room in the front of the seat, while the Business Suite sees your feet tucked away in a ‘cubbyhole’.

Some travelers find this gives a rather snug fit, especially if their feet are above average height.

Our tip: if you have heavy weights or simply like more foot room, the front row seats of the A380’s two business class cabins have a much larger cutout. These seats are 11A, 11E, 11F, 11K, 16A, 16K, 17E and 17F.

These eight seats on Qantas' refurbished Airbus A380 offer maximum space for your feet.

These eight seats on Qantas’ refurbished Airbus A380 offer maximum space for your feet.

These photos show the oversized “toe box” for seats in both A380 bulkhead rows, these being rows 11 and 16/17.

Obviously, choosing a seat forward of the main business class cabin carries the risk of infants being reserved in both cradle positions at 17E and 17F.

5. More personal space and storage

Another substantial improvement of the Business Suite is the extra space it offers for such bulky items as laptops, smartphones and reading glasses.

It was a serious breach of Previous Qantas A380 Business Class Seat: You had to deftly juggle just about anything you wanted to use or keep close at hand during the flight.

The large, flat bench next to each Business Suite is an obvious place to temporarily plant your laptop, with an L-shaped recess behind it; meanwhile, a large bin below and in front of the bench is perfect for storing your shoes, toiletry bag, gadget bag or whatever.

Still not enough space for you? Take a seat near the window (as an example, in the seat map above, compare 18A adjacent to the window to 17A or 19A adjacent to the aisle).

This allows easy access to the long, deep bins below the A380’s upper deck windows, and these bins are ideal for your shoes, pillow, blanket and even a slim bag or backpack.

You can still access these bins if you’re in a window seat closer to the aisle, but it will involve a bit of stretching on the seat shelf.

6. A better office in the sky

When there’s work to do, privacy and storage space are key to turning the A380 Business Suite into your temporary office suite. And there are two other points in its favor.

AC and USB ports are located on this side shelf, so you won’t have to blindly rummage around the bottom of the Skybed to plug in your AC adapter (and there’s no way you or your seatmate will accidentally knocked him out.

Gone is the wobbly top table of the Skybed. The table that slides out of the shelf in the Business Suite isn’t just big enough for a 17-inch laptop, it’s pleasantly stable.

All that’s missing for the busy business traveler is in-flight internet, as Qantas’ current system is limited to domestic flights: the airline doesn’t expect to see international WiFi for a few years.

7. The “big screen” experience

If you like to relax with an in-flight movie or indulge in boxed bingefest above the clouds, the Qantas A380 Business Suite is for you.

After years of supporting the A380’s low-contrast 12-inch screen, the new A380 Business Suite is like a personal IMAX screen.

It’s a generous 16 inches, so you can really lose yourself in the spectacle. It’s also a high-definition panel, just like your flat-screen TV at home, with more brightness and more contrast.

8. Two business class lounges on board

As solid as Qantas’ Airbus A380 business class upgrade is, we highly recommend spending some time outside from this seat and in one of the two new salons at the very front of the upper deck.

Dark green leather sofas, wood-paneled walls, and dim lighting evoke a bit of a “cocktail lounge” vibe, and you can order from a menu of snacks, light meals, and drinks, including signature cocktails such as an “Australian Negroni” with mountain. pepper and river mint.

To the left of the staircase, where the crew office once was, you’ll find a long bench seat similar to the original Qantas A380 lounge, but much more comfortable.

The old and generally underused lounge to the right of the stairs has been completely redesigned into a social space with cafe-style tables and banquettes.

AC and USB outlets are hidden under the tables, with a large flat screen on the wall between the lounges so you can grab a drink and some snacks, sit back and enjoy a movie with your friends.

In short: however you measure it, these refreshed superjumbos are a boon for the business class traveler.