Class XI admission: list of allocations for the 3rd round will be published today

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The college assignment list for Class XI Round 3 admissions will be posted on Monday, and students will need to secure admissions to their assigned colleges until August 24. After the end of the second round, 36,086 places remained vacant.

On Monday, the details of junior colleges assigned for admission in the Student Login will be posted. The list of junior college students will also be made visible and the cut-off list for the admission round will be published. The authority will send text messages to students.

Students must confirm their admissions by visiting the colleges within a specified time to be done when connecting to the college between August 22-24. If a student wishes to be admitted into the assigned junior college, then click “Proceed with Admission” in the student login, upload the required documents, and then confirm the admission into the assigned junior college. If a student does not want to be admitted to the assigned junior college, they can wait for another round. Quota admissions and bifocal admissions are made during this time. On August 25, the vacancy for the next round will be posted.

Of the 36,086 vacant seats for the third round, all streams have the same vacancy. The seats remained vacant after the completion of two rounds. With the exception of a few colleges, there were fewer takers for other institutions.

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