Collection and Design Office – Las Vegas, Nevada

Just three minutes from Las Vegas Boulevard is an unusual little museum. Part exhibition space, home of accessories and studio for filmmaker and artist Jessica Oreck, the Collection and Design Office is a collection of collections. The museum is full of tiny items: three-legged animal figures, incomplete decks of cards, lonely game pieces, boxes too small to hold anything, empty frames, keyless locks, and more. These pieces of often lost, obsolete, or broken mixtures of objects have been organized and arranged to give them new aesthetic importance and value.

Hundreds of small items and oddities line walls, line shelves, spill jars and fill drawers. With large collections of neglected vintage ephemera – broken doll parts, pencil tips, lost buttons, marbles, dollhouse furniture – the entire space reflects a nostalgia for a more analog childhood and rewards the tactile engagement and visual pleasures.

The collection is truly a demonstration of maximalism and a sort of visual return to the curiosity cabinets of the first museums. Most of the museum’s artifacts are from the artist’s personal collection and include (rightly for Las Vegas) a collection of rare or misshapen antique dice, now on display on the central wall of the main gallery.

The museum is an interactive space, visitors are encouraged to sit and browse the books in the reading room, open drawers and boxes, play with colors and patterns at the sorting table and move on. time to closely inspect the collection. Flashlights and magnifying glasses are provided.

Behind the main gallery is a secondary gallery for visiting artists and collectors. Check the museum’s website to see what is currently on display.

Know before you go

The collection and design office is open without appointment on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To make an appointment to visit at any other time, email, call or DM on Instagram (@ office.of.collecting). Not recommended for small children.

While admission to the museum is free, visitors can arrange to work with Jessica to curate, sort, organize and photograph their own flatlay or display, then leave with a print on instant film. (Appointment required, payment on site.)

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