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By Nicole Babb

During the Wheat Festival this summer you may have seen the Cowboy Action Shooters competition at the Trigger Guard Shooting Range just outside Wellington.

Starting in September, you’ll get to see cowboys go head-to-head every month as Trigger Guard launches its very own Cowboy Action Match Club. The Club will meet on the 1st Saturday of each month at 10 a.m.

“Our goal is to become an official SASS Affiliate Club,” said Mike Yoder, owner of Trigger Guard. “We currently have 20 people interested in joining the club, and we hope to increase this participation to 50 members.”

The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) is an international organization established to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting. all participants and take out liability insurance.

A Cowboy Action Match requires an individual shooter to have three “Old West” style firearms to participate; a lever-action rifle, a Winchester Model 97 pump-action shotgun or a double-barreled shotgun and two single-action revolver pistols.

Of course, it’s not a Cowboy Action Match without the cowboys! The other requirement for this shooting event is that competitors dress in cowboy attire. Many participants dress to perfection in leggings, boots, jeans, buttons and a hat, and it’s all part of what makes these matches so in-

Interesting and unique A2.

Trigger Guard only needs boots and a cowboy hat for his club. However, safety glasses and hearing protection should be worn when shooting.

The monthly Cowboy Action Match will take place in 5 stages, rotating in variety each month, to provide new competition with each match. In each stage, a competitor will use 10 rounds for the rifle, 10 rounds for each pistol, and 4-6 rounds for the shotgun.

A variety of knockdown targets and sound targets will be used during each match. There will be 2 divisions, Center Fire and Rim Fire. The 1st place winner in each division will win a gift certificate to The Dore.

Cowboy Action Match shoots are open to the public and viewers are encouraged. During match shooting, the rest of the shooting bays will be open for target shooting.

Individual filming admission is $10 and loaner firearms are available at the shooting range. For more details on club rules and requirements, visit the Trigger Guard website at Select “More” in the banner and choose “Shooting Events”. The “Cowboy Action Rules” can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

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