Craigmyle Historic Society helps with the jumble sale

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One thing is certain in life is that if we continue to walk the earth, we continue to age one day at a time. Local resident Lee Rees remembered this recently when he celebrated a milestone birthday. To his surprise, when Lee walked into his parents’ garage on the weekend of March 12, he was greeted by a chorus of “Happy Birthday” sung by a large gathering of friends and family. His parents, who had been paying attention to local news and hearing about “frozen assets”, decided that this was the appropriate year for Lee to have his own assets frozen and presented him with a frozen $50 bill in ice Cube. Lee cut his birthday cake and served it to the guests, graciously thanking everyone for coming. After appropriate rejoicings, the guests settled down to play superb card games. A great evening was spent by all!

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Next time Lee comes to shovel our snow (bless him), I’ll be more careful; check for gray hair, wrinkles, stiff joints, hearing problems, bifocal glasses, etc. !

The Craigmyle Historic Society Annual Meeting will be held in the basement of Craigmyle Church on March 29 at 7 p.m. The society is always looking for new members with new ideas. All interested people from Craigmyle and the hinterland are welcome to come to this meeting to see if the Historical Society might be right for you.

After a two-year Covid hiatus, the Hanna Ladies Auxiliary Charity Sale is on! The actual sale is scheduled for April 30, but workers are needed for April 28-29. Skilled people with half-ton trucks or utility trailers are in need. These volunteers and their equipment are needed to pick up larger items from Hanna’s homes. Volunteers are needed April 28 from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The Braderie organizers will gratefully accept such volunteers for as long as they can. Simply show up at the south gates of Hanna Arena and the curling rink whenever it suits you. Further information and contacts can be found by googling Hanna Rummage Sale on facebook or calling Gloria Hutton or Maureen Tyres.

In addition, the Craigmyle Historic Society will do its part by managing the older children’s clothing section of the flea market. Linda Norlie is the coordinator of this company and people who want to help the company are asked to call Linda at 403-665-2492. Rumor has it that the “Craigmyle Contingent” is quite a fun group to work with!

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March 2022 will soon be a faded memory, which means there are a number of people with special days ahead in April. When you see these people, offer them your best wishes. Happy birthday to Edith McDonough on April 5; McKenzie Olmstead on April 7; Mac Gordon on April 19; Don Gordon on April 22; Susie Lenfesty and Linda Norlie sharing April 24; Hart connection on April 27; Danielle Olmstead and Austin Smyth on April 28 and Marilyn Norlie on April 29. Happy birthday to Wayne and Lorraine DeGiano on April 4; Cliff and Juanita Pruden on April 11; Al and Sheila Rohrback on April 20; and Barney and Sandra Irwin on April 30. Have a great day !

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