Dental clinic treats remote communities in Vanuatu

More than 200 people living in remote communities in Vanuatu received free dental care through outreach facilitated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

The volunteer team, including three Australian dentists, ran eight full-day clinics over two weeks on five islands in three different provinces, treating 276 patients from 40 different villages and communities. Their work included over 400 extractions and other treatments.

The team traveled on banana boats and braved big waves, flew in small five-seat planes, crossed plantations and traversed rough terrain to reach remote communities. In addition to performing the treatments, they distributed Christian literature, reading glasses and sunglasses. The team also distributed women’s underwear donated by church members in Australia.

The initiative was coordinated by the Vanuatu Mission Ministry of Health team, with substantial support from the Rosendahl family in Australia. The 10,000 Toes campaign also helped the team with a mobile clinic and health talks to educate communities on how to take care of themselves to prevent disease.

Dentist at work on a patient.- Adventist Record

This article originally appeared on Adventist Record website.


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