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Students at Irving School in Derby took a hands-on lesson on how to stay safe this Halloween.

School leaders have implemented three activities.

“One is called foggy conditions where kids hold a piece of waxed paper in front of them and then they have to run through cones. The second station is ‘step on the brakes’ where we tell them to run as fast as possible and then we tell them to stop, ”said Candace Lebel, second grade teacher at Irving School and committee leader. safety and health. and the welfare committee.

And for the third station, the students wore dark glasses similar to the ones people wear when their eyes are dilated.

“We’re putting up a reflective crosswalk and we’re going to show kids how dark it is for a driver to see them when they come out for a ride or a treat,” Lebel said.

Lebel has been organizing this safety event for 12-13 years. She said in the past they had two close calls with children nearly hit by a car near the school and many of their students walked to school every day.

Their goal, therefore, is to make sure that children stay safe, especially before Halloween.

“Our children need to get here safely. Our kids here in this neighborhood don’t really have any playgrounds to play in and most of them play on the sidewalk or on the street, so we have to make sure they are valued and protected, ”Lebel said. .

“Whether it’s walking to school, going to the park, playing basketball, Halloween, more than anything, we want our kids to be safe,” said Aimee Misset, Principal of Irving School. .

The parents we spoke with loved this safety activity.

“I find that good. You know, because it’s dark and can be scary. And especially what Halloween masks and probably other masks. It’s kinda hard to identify. And you know what I want. So he has glow sticks and a flashlight, ”said Jamie Vargas, who has a son in fifth grade.

“I actually really, really like it. It’s, I think it helps kids learn, you know how to be safe. And you know it’s scary around Halloween because some people don’t. don’t pay attention to what happens when the kids are around, so it’s good that they know what to watch out for, ”said Amra Pelalovic, who has a daughter in second grade.

But this Halloween, parents aren’t just concerned about children’s safety when they go for a walk. COVID-19 is still a concern.

Dr. Melissa Held is a pediatric infectious disease physician at Connecticut Children’s and her advice is to be outside, enjoy Halloween, and be safe.

“We encourage the wearing of the mask even outdoors, especially if they have to be in a group of other children. And not just the kind of costume, but a real two-ply mask. And you know, limit the number of other kids you’re going to cheat on or deal with, ”Dr Held said.

Dr Held also encouraged children to limit the number of homes they cheat in to limit exposure to COVID, and to make sure you have hand sanitizer ready to apply it constantly.

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