Did your hanging photo leave perforations in the wall? Gaff Goddess has the answer

Do you have a hole in the wall from the previous hanging? Goddess Gaff can help you

The holes in the walls of the previous hanging can really distract the eye in a chic room. It can also be a reminder of a DIY time gone wrong or something you need to take care of before a lease ends. But how do you fill a hole in a wall and not create even more horror? It’s easy, I promise.

Supplies needed:

– A refill tube – go for a quick-dry premixed tube. Gently massage it into the tube to prepare the contents for use.

– A filling knife – a point card will do here if you don’t have one.

– Sandpaper – I like a fine note in a block.

– Safety glasses and a mask – the safe is chic and you are fabulous, so let’s protect it, okay?

– A tub of water – trust me here.

First you need to smooth the area around the hole. Usually it will be a little lumpy or cracked. Run your filling knife over the area, much like shaving your legs. Be gentle – you just want to remove any chipped or cracked paint. If the hole is lifted from a removed fitting, use the bottom of the handle of the filling knife to tap it very gently, to push it in a bit. It is better to apply the sealant to a bump than to add it to a bump.

Now you need to squeeze the load onto your filling knife. It will look like a clay mask. Wonderful. Spread it over the hole, then smooth it out. A lot of people will tell you that’s it for the app, but in this house we’re doing it right. Dip your filling knife into the tub of water to wet it, then come back over the filling patch, reworking from the inside to the outside. This will remove the filling from the hole instead of leaving a raised edge.

Schedule drying time according to package directions. When finished you will need to sand down the filler patch – goggles and a mask please there will be a lot of fine particles floating around.

Run your hand over the patch to see if you have missed any rough or raised areas. You try to flatten it so that it looks like it’s not an addition to what’s already there.

Once you are satisfied that the hole is filled and the surrounding area is smooth, you can paint. A word here: Unless it’s a super matte white paint, it can be difficult to remove a refill patch. Going through the entire wall is usually the best way to make it look like it never happened. Chandeliers and colors change over time and it can be difficult to get an exact match even with the same paint bucket.

Laura de Barra, aka Goddess Gaff, is a property manager, author and enthusiast of She-IY of Cork, now based in London

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