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Maybe it’s a matter of the age gap (make a HUGE assumption here, you might be older than me, if I’m wrong don’t beat me LOL), but charging your phone does isn’t it part of a normal daily routine? It’s an honest question because for me, plugging in my phone at night is part of my daily life.

Yes young boy, charging my phone is part of my daily routine. I can tell you are young and haven’t read the posts … just skimmed. If you had read them all you would have seen that several times I mentioned that I lost my charger somewhere between storing my luggage with bell services and getting to my room. I didn’t give specific times so it might have been confusing, so here’s exactly what I did that day, starting with my phone at 100%.

We woke up!
We left the I Dr Hotel at 7am and headed straight to the Poly for breakfast at 7.45am.
This is where my DD and I parted ways. I went to Kona and she and a friend went to Ohana … with her charging cord to use with her powerbank.

After breakfast, she went straight to MK’s. I browsed the stores, bought a few things, took a few pictures. At that time, around 9am, I got a text from Contemp saying our rooms weren’t ready. I knew they wouldn’t be, but I drove there anyway so I could park the car. Ever since my friend DDs bought this HUGE chocolate thing from the MM store the day before I walked past CR and asked if they could put the luggage so the chocolate wasn’t in the hot car all day . I waited over half an hour for bell services, but they finally came and took the luggage from the car and brought it back inside, not to be seen again until 3pm.

I then parked the car and went to the CR stores. So I decided to take a monorail ride. Saw this adorable couple with amazing matching shirts and had to get this pic to show my husband. This is my new goal :) I also want a golden anniversary tour!

(Hard to read, but it’s written Golden Anniversary Tour, 1971 – 2021
Magic kingdom
Sanibel Island)

And they were holding hands : love2::love:


Then I took the monorail ….. and a few more photos (I’m still waiting for the text on my room and getting more texts telling me to use my phone to go straight to the door)





I then went back to the parking lot to get the car and get out of the property to get some water and go to BC for my beaches and my cream refill at 1pm.

But … on the way I saw the monorail arrive, so I took another photo :)


Then … I went for water and beaches and cream



So … because I was dining alone, I had 2 choices.
1) spy on all the conversations around me
2) Go to my phone and check the weather at home, check SMS, Messenger, reply to some, read on Boo Bash etc …

I went with option 2.

After lunch my phone was about 40% off because MDE was on all the time. It was about 2 o’clock. I went to the BC market, looked around and got the text that my room was ready.

I returned to CR, went straight to the room and called bell services for my luggage, which arrived fairly quickly. Now my phone is in the 30% range. Since I had an appointment with my daughter at 6 am for dinner and it was 10,000,000 degrees outside, I decided to charge my phone a bit and take a shower.

That’s when I noticed I didn’t have a charger and scoured the WORLD looking for one, and bought a power bank for $ 30 $ which did almost nothing. As time passed before I had to meet my daughter at MK, my battery was slowly dying. I really wanted him to be responsible for taking pictures at the MK, but it didn’t work. I used its charger for the rest of the trip and kept MDE turned off for the majority. I had a magic band and I knew where I was supposed to be when.

The end. Now does this make sense to you ????

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