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If you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re about to take a lesson.

So what is it?

How do you get there?

We visited the Metaverse with the help of ForwardXP, a North Texas gaming company, to answer these questions and more.

“You can work, you can travel. You can spend time with your friends and family. You can go to the cinema, you can see a concert, you can go to the museum. Basically, whatever you’re doing in the real world right now in real life, you’re going to start doing it in these digital worlds,” said Steve Nix, CEO of ForwardXP.

The Metaverse is essentially a virtual world that you can enter using a virtual reality headset.

For our experience, we visited one of Facebook’s or Meta’s Horizon meeting rooms.

Nicole Nielsen enters the metaverse. (SCE 11)

Nix says these rooms are perfect for anyone who’s tired of the average Zoom call.

Colleagues and friends can join you from across the country, either through virtual reality or even Zoom.

Once inside the metaverse, you are given an avatar body to design and dress up.

With it, you can walk, write, talk and move just like you would in real life.

“You can change seats if you want. You can walk around the room, step up to the whiteboard,” Nix said.

Nix says the Metaverse is not just for work and play, but has vast potential in education.

Students can go on field trips, such as visiting museums, using virtual reality.

And for those who want to travel the world, shop, or even attend concerts, the Metaverse offers an immersive and interactive experience that feels very real.

Virtual reality is also used in healthcare, helping surgeons train for complex surgeries.

Forward XP also develops modules that companies can use when training their employees on complex machines.

And while fascinating, Nix says there are privacy and security concerns in the Metaverse that are being ironed out.

“There may be a situation where someone comes up to you and says something uncomfortable or inappropriate. And luckily the big platforms have taken that very seriously. It’s easy to go forward and block that user.

Users can set personal limits and mute others’ conversations, while some platforms have parental control settings.

Nix says there’s a lot of investment in this space right now and it’s growing every day.

Companies are making VR glasses sleeker and more compact.

“We will really see these glasses where finally you are not dependent on your phone at all. Eventually, I think people will ask ‘what were cell phones?’ Because you know, your communication is going to be based on AR glasses or contact lenses.

Nix says there are already companies working on this technology.

If you want to experience the metaverse, it will cost you.

You will have to invest in a virtual reality headset yourself. But with it, there are already many worlds you can explore.

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