#EpicStrut wagging butt ad is UK’s most hated

A man selling auto insurance while swinging in high heels and hot denim pants was the most criticized ad in 2017.

the #EpicStrut and #EpicSquad the ads feature a man called Dave twerking down the street wearing the now ubiquitous hot pants.

The first variation came in 2015 with a Sharon Osbourne cameo.

Since then, the ad series has grown to include Dave’s dance with Colin the Builder where the taller guy spins, does The Worm dance and splits in front of stunned office workers. And, in an apparent homage to Miley Cyrus, he swings on a wrecking ball.

Last year, another version of the ads was released, featuring a bodyguard called Gary, and featuring men and women in suits grabbing their crotches. Incidentally, Gary is played by Mr Wave, a boy from Bronx-B who rose to fame in the 1984 film Beat Street.

Every year, Moneysupermarket advertising tops the list of most criticized people, but despite this, the ASA has not banned them.

Last year ASA CEO Gary Parker said: “In all of these cases we thought people would generally view the ads in a positive light and that the line between bad taste and crime severe or widespread had been sufficiently well explored, often with reasonable timing restrictions. “

In his defense, a spokesperson for Moneysupermarket said, “Our ads celebrate that epic feeling you get when saving money at Moneysupermarket and our characters – especially Dave, the iconic hot pants, wearing a man from business, have become a part of pop culture, generating countless parodies. “

The latest version of the TV commercial features He-Man and Skeletor engaged in a Dirty Dancing style dance.

At the time, outraged viewers complained that #EpicStrut was offensive, overtly sexual, bordering on homophobia, and could encourage hate crimes.

Despite this, the ASA decided not to ban it on the grounds that it was unlikely to cause a serious or widespread violation.

These ads, alongside meerkats from Comparethemarket and Gio Compario serenade from Gocompare – no matter how bad some of us think they are – work by setting them apart from their rivals and increasing brand recognition.

So for them, a smartly dressed guy waving his butt in the street is more than worth it.

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