Ex-hotel employee on what not to do during your stay

She has hostel– additional information for potential hotel guests.

A former hotelier is sounding the alarm after detailing 10 surprising things she would never do in a hotel, including using glasses and showering without shoes on. The clips detailing the industry insider’s hotel hacks collectively have over a million views on TikTok.

“[Five] things I would NEVER do while working for a hotel,” reads the caption for part 1 of both parts, posted by user @QueenEvangeline25, who used to work in the hospitality industry and frequently gives video advice to guests potential of the hotel on the platform.

His first hotel tip: put everyone’s name on the reservation, so that every guest can get a key from reception, even when the person who booked is not with them.

Evangeline dispelled the myth that hotels are havens of cleanliness.

“If there is more than one person staying in the room, I would never add their name on the reservation,” Evangeline shared in the first clip with over 750,000 likes. “If the main person has left and the other person is locked out and they go to reception and their name is not on the room reservation, they will not be allowed in. She won’t get a key, period.”

And don’t let their immaculate appearance fool you, says Evangeline. Hotel rooms are apparently not as clean as their welcome screens would have you believe.

“Your cleaning and my cleaning are different, you feel me?” says Evangeline, who advises potential guests to wipe down hotel TV remotes with a “Clorox wipe” and “never use the [drinking] glasses in the room.

“I’m talking about the glasses in the room ready to use. I would never use them without washing them first,” the resort guru suggests.

“I’ll use a towel, but I won’t use a washcloth,” warns the former hotel staff member. “Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have used it on their bodies and it’s not that they aren’t washed or sterilized, but that a lot of people come into close contact with their body parts with a washcloth and then put it on me. . . . no it’s okay.”

Tired after a grueling flight? Don’t jump into those sheets just yet because the bedspread isn’t “washed often,” she claimed.

“These bedspreads are cleaned about once a year, so don’t sit on them,” warned Evangeline, who reportedly removed the blanket upon arriving in the bedroom. However, she noted that spreads at high-end accommodations are generally very good for jumping without neutering.

In Part 3 of her hotel’s public service announcement, Evangeline advises against using the unlined ice bucket and walking on the hotel carpet without shoes — which she would even wear in the shower.

“I would always have a pair of flip flops on me… I also wouldn’t shower without wearing them,” the motel maven warns.

Even cleaning rags can get guests dirty, according to Evangeline, who refrains from using the hotel washcloth on her body or face.

“I’ll use a towel, but I won’t use a washcloth. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have used it on their bodies and, it’s not that they haven’t been washed or sterilized. , but that a lot of people come in close contact with their body parts with a washcloth and then put it on me . . . no it’s okay.”

She added, “Just to clarify, when I say I use a towel, I will use the body towel very, very gently.”

Evangeline isn’t just paranoid. A 2020 survey by travel service UpgradedPoints found that even five-star accommodations are sinkholes for germs, with the average hotel elevator button carrying 737 times more germs than a household toilet seat, has reported Forbes. Meanwhile, the average hotel doorknob had 918 times more insects than a household toilet seat, according to the study.

Beyond the grime, Evangeline had other tips for traveling smarter. Points programs may seem like a scam, but she recommends accumulating as many as possible, explaining, “I would never sign up for the points program, no matter what points program the hotel offers.”

“Back then, you really had to let some points accumulate to use them for something good,” she said. “But these days they actually let you use them for other things like Amazon points.”

Nor are hotels the bastions of safety and security that one might think. As such, Evangeline warns potential hotel guests to refrain from announcing their hotel room number out loud at the front desk.

“If you notice, the front desk agent will write your room number down on a piece of paper. They will surround him and direct you to the elevators. They don’t say your room number out loud,” she warns. “At least they’re not supposed to, and neither should you.”

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