First Look: Känguru Marsupial Pouch DIY Frame Storage Conversion Kit

We’ve seen a lot of smart products and had too many why I didn’t think of them moments to count over the years of attending trade shows and launches, but no member of Pinkbike’s technical team can remember an idea being this groundbreaking and revolutionary. ”I don’t remember anything so revolutionary and revolutionary,“Mike Kazimer whispered to me softly after first seeing the Marsupial Pouch DIY Frame Storage Conversion Kit, or MPDIYFSCK for short. ”The only thing that comes close might be disc brakes,‘, he continued.

Although there were storage solutions on the market long before Specialized released the 2016 Stumpjumper with SWAT, that little plastic door opened up the carrying space of a carbon downtube and the idea that we don’t need to look like we’re in grade six and pedaling our bikes to school. Instead of sweaty backs and uncomfortable straps, we could put our ride-on carry items low and hidden inside the frame. It makes sense.

Other bike manufacturers now offer their own versions of frame storage, some with their own little plastic doors and some carried on the outside, and I imagine most brands will tick that feature list box in the future. But what about the thousands and thousands of frames that are already on the market and, like almost obsolete dinosaurs, weren’t given downtube storage when they were made? Doesn’t that mean your frame is absolute trash and should be thrown into the ocean? Maybe not, because that’s where the Marsupial Pouch DIY Kit comes to the rescue, says founder and designer Klaus Berenstain.

Both Specialized and Trek offer storage as part of their carbon and aluminum bikes, but Kanguru says they’re on a mission to let anyone with a mountain bike enjoy the same benefits.

I remember being a little kid and seeing people struggling to carry things while riding their bikes,” Berenstain told me when I asked him where his burning passion for storage solutions came from, ”I knew from the age of two or three that I would dedicate my life to this problem,“, he continued in a rambling 20,000-word email.

Berenstain explained that he worked on perfecting his design in the 1990s and that several companies offered him ”large sums of money,” for his idea. The heist ? ”He’s my baby, the reason I’m here, and I had to be the one to lift him up and set him free,“, he said in a WhatsApp conversation at 2 a.m. Klaus also pointed out that it took many years to design and manufacture such a highly specialized product, especially since it does not “Has no formal training or education in this or anything else. Years of sketches and dead ends nearly made Berenstain give up on his dream, but a chance encounter on the track changed everything.”I was out for a ride and saw a very rare short-legged European tree-kangaroo, which has been nearly hunted to extinction due to its incredibly soft pelts that roadies love to use for their chamois and because they are so delicious,he explained. ”It was carrying a baby in its marsupial pouch, and I immediately thought, ‘how could I carry a small animal inside my frame?’

Pre-production samples of the Marsupial Pouch DIY Kit. Berenstain expects the final version to be slightly nicer.

The DIY kit consists of a sharpie and a paper template for the hinged door shape you ordered, the 3D printed door itself and a small tube of Super Glue to attach it, glasses and a high-RPM, 15 AMP corded angle grinder with a 7″ serrated cutting wheel.

While I’m sure we can all applaud the idea of ​​carrying more on the bike and less on our bodies, what about the nagging suspicion that grinding much of your downtube could affect the ultimate tensile strength of the frame? ”Everything should be fine, man!” Berenstain replied.

The German brand offers templates and doors to fit many different makes and models, and Berenstain also plans to eventually offer a freehand kit that would allow customers to draw any shape of door any where on their frame and of any size. ”DOOR TO THE CUSTOMER,“Berenstain shouted before hanging up after calling me at 4am.

Känguru expects the first production run of the $1,999 MPDIYFSCK to be available for pre-order on April 20, with orders shipping before 2024.

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