Formulation of pilocarpine in new dispenser improves near vision in study

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Disclosures: Jasper reports that she is a medical monitor for Eyenovia.

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ORLANDO – Use of Eyenovia’s MicroLine resulted in three or more lines of improvement in distance-corrected near visual acuity in a statistically significant proportion of study subjects, according to a company representative.

April Jasper, OD, medical monitor for Eyenovia studies, shared with Primary Care Optometry News/ Healio here at Vision Expo East five key points from the VISION-1 study, which evaluated the safety and efficacy of 1% and 2% pilocarpine with a microarray print formulation versus a placebo.

Patients in any of the active arms who received MicroLine, a proprietary microdosed formulation of pilocarpine for presbyopia administered through the company’s Optejet distributor, experienced an improvement of 3 or more lines 2 hours after administration compared to placebo group.

During the study exit survey, Jasper said 70% of patients said they were interested in using the product four to seven times per week if it became available.

She also noted that the side effects were transient and mild, and eye comfort was good, both of which were the same as the placebo.

The VISION-2 study will begin by the end of the year and will evaluate one of the doses from the VISION-1 study, Jasper said.

“When patients first come into the office with difficulty seeing up close, the first thing they are offered is reading glasses – and the last thing they want,” Jasper said. . “I like that we have another option in our offers for them. It can be used whenever they want. It won’t replace reading glasses, but it can be another option on some occasions. I like to give patients choices.

Jasper said some patients have entered his practice already knowing that something is on the horizon.

“We think it could also be good for overall eye health as some people don’t normally come for eye exams because they have had excellent vision so far,” she added. .

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