From ‘Hot Cape to Cold Cape’: Kingsley Holgate’s latest 30,000km expedition aims to fight malaria

adventurer Kingsley Holgate will battle malaria on a grueling 30,000 km transcontinental expedition

Hugo Chichava, goodbye malaria

  • Explorer and humanitarian Kingsley Holgate and his team will set off on a 30,000 km journey from Cape Agulhas in South Africa to Nordkapp in Norway to raise funds for the fight against malaria.
  • The expedition is expected to last eight months and the team will travel through 30 countries.
  • They will distribute reading glasses to visually impaired seniors as part of Mashozi’s Rite to Sight campaign.

Explorer and humanitarian Kingsley Holgate has made it his mission to help fight malaria by embarking on the world’s first “Hot Cape to Cold Cape” expedition.

The 30,000 km expedition will go from the southernmost tip of Africa, Cape Agulhas, to the northernmost part of Europe, Nordkapp, within the Arctic Circle in Norway.

On Friday, Holgate and his team of explorers launched their 40th expedition, called Defender Transcontinental Expedition, at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg.

“This one is special because it is huge. We carry a scroll of peace and goodwill from Cape Agulhas to Constitution Hill past the enteral flame of our democracy. We carry a preamble to our wonderful Constitution inside of our roll of peace and goodwill,” he said.

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Holgate and his team started in Cape Town, stopping at Constitutional Hill, before traveling to northern KwaZulu-Natal, where they will cross into Mozambique to join Goodbye Malaria, an organization fighting the disease on the continent.

“In two days, we will be working with Goodbye Malaria, who have already reached more than two million people in terms of saving lives in the prevention of malaria. We will join their spray teams in this initiative. Then, in the areas where they are not spraying, we will be distributing tens of thousands of nets to pregnant mums and mums with young children because, as you know, they are the most vulnerable to the bite,” Holgate said.

The team will also distribute reading glasses to visually impaired seniors, through Mashozi’s Rite to Sight, which was started by, and is a tribute to, Holgate’s late wife, Gill. The initiative was able to provide 230,000 pairs of reading glasses.

Holgate and his team of six will travel to 30 countries, and he told News24 he would have loved traveling through Ethiopia.

adventurer Kingsley Holgate will fight again

adventurer Kingsley Holgate will battle malaria on a grueling 30,000 km transcontinental expedition

“There is currently a war in Ethiopia. We would usually have gone through Ethiopia. It is a country that we are used to and really enjoy, but which is currently not safe, so thanks to the good contacts we we have forged over the years, we are now going to cross South Sudan, we are going to do it with a military convoy to help us, and just a few months ago, in an act of peace and reconciliation, North Sudan and the South Sudan have opened a border. We will probably be the first adventurers ever to cross that border in the last 30 years,” he said.

They will make the big trip in equipped Land Rover Defenders, which will be put on a ship once they arrive in Egypt in order to cross the Arctic Circle. From there they will travel to Wales.

“Our clear ambition is to take the Zulu calabash that we filled with water at Cape Agulhas, where the two oceans meet, and empty it at Nordkapp Arctic Circle in northern Norway,” he said. declared.

When asked what keeps him going, Holgate replied:

It is part of our lives. Often we are asked the question of what drives us, where do we get the strength of mind to do these things, and I have to share with you, this is an absolute passion for mama Africa, it is what guides us, what guides us is a passion for this beautiful continent. We think he has his place in this world. It is the importance of starting from the eternal flame and taking away a preamble from our Constitution.

The expedition is expected to last eight months.

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