Glenvar Girls Achieve Historic Vision and Win Class 2 Football Title | High school

In the aftermath, euphoric teammates hit her so hard she lost her contact lenses, but Jordin Crouch didn’t need 20/20 vision to see what she had accomplished.

She had just won the first state title for the Glenvar women’s soccer team.

Crouch got behind the defense and scored the decisive goal in the 70th minute, and the Highlanders rallied for a 2-1 win over Poquoson in Saturday’s VHSL Class 2 title game at Spartan Field.

Crouch pounced on a through ball from midfield and drew Poquoson’s keeper off his line to kick the shot, atoning for a similar play in which the first-year striker had missed the target moments earlier.

“Well, that was exciting,” Crouch said. “I was so mad at myself [on the previous attempt] because I shot too soon. It’s really nice that right after that the same game happened and I was able to think before I just took it.

Crouch lay on the ground for about a minute after scoring, her vision blurry and her mind dazed as she absorbed a tackle that would have made Glenvar football coach Kevin Clifford proud.

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“She got run over!” Glenvar goalkeeper Keira Booze said with a smile. “I was about to run over there, but I saw she was on the ground and she was like, ‘OK, I’m not going to do this.'”

Eventually, Crouch got up and helped Glenvar kill the final 10 minutes, securing the biggest win in program history.

Glenvar (18-5) trailed most of this game. Kayla Romine, who scored in extra time on Friday to put Poquoson (10-11) through to the final, scored from close range in the fifth minute for a 1-0 lead.

That’s where the score was at half-time, when Glenvar coach Kyleigh Drew called his players together.

“We had 40 minutes to go,” Drew said. “My elders, they had a few shitty years [in the past], they feel like. They had a hard working year. I told them, ‘You have lost the district title. You have lost the title of the region. We can’t leave here without the state title. And they fought for it. »

Glenvar equalized in the 53rd minute on a goal from Rhyan Harris, who had scored a hat-trick in the opening 10 minutes of Friday’s semi-final win. Prompted all season to shoot more often from distance, Harris said it was on her mind when she took possession of space from around 25 yards out.

Harris sent his attempt looping just over the fingers of Poquoson’s keeper and under the crossbar to make it 1-1.

“We knew she had the ability to score from distance,” Poquoson coach Jeff Imgrund said. “It could have gone either way – a thumbs up or a thumbs down, a thumbs down, might have had a chance to pierce it.

“It was a goalscorer’s goal and we have to give her credit for it. She deserved that one.

The Highlanders cracked down defensively in front of Booze, a freshman who became a goaltender this season out of team need. She hadn’t played the position since fourth grade.

“That game, I was really scared, because I knew this team was really good and their goalkeeper was much better than me,” Booze said. “But I’m really happy to have come to the United States with this specific team, because I know that each of them believed in me, and that helped me.”

The equalizing goal put her on high alert.

“My reaction was, OK, we’re 1-1,” Booze said. “We have about 20 minutes of play. We have to get another one. I can’t let another one in. I must be a brick wall.

“Thank God I have my defense, because without them I would be nothing.”

And now they’re all something none of their predecessors could say: state champions.

“It was the most amazing time of my life,” Crouch said. “It was so much fun. I will get emotional. It’s like what my coach says: The Dream Team. It’s like family. Each of us is like a family.

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