Good luck trying to read the longest book in the world

It is impossible to read the longest book in the world, and that is the point.

ONEPIECE is both a concept art project and an editing stunt. He reinvents and reconfigures by Eichiro Oda Japanese manga of the same title for 25 years. Created by artist Ilan Manouach, “ONEPIECE only exists as an object of pure speculation.”

According to Smithsonian, Manouach wanted to create a sculpture that comments on “the commodification of comics”. Essentially, this project aimed to highlight how comics today exist as products (The Guardian).

The result is what is believed to be the longest book ever created. At 21,450 pages, 37.5 books, and 31.5 inches long, it’s actually physically impossible to read.

Although… As I write this statement, I can’t help but think that there are probably burger monsters eating extreme champions/record makers who are going to prove this notion wrong, making them likely land in Guinness World Records and/or with a new prescription for a brilliant pair of bifocals. However, you first need to get your hands on one of these super rare books and have some serious disposable coin before you go for the record.

Launched September 7e 2022, this limited-edition single volume of the long-running manga sold out within days. In collaboration with Echo Chamber, a non-profit group based in Brussels, as well as with the French publisher ELOG Booksonly 50 signed and numbered copies were printed and sold for $1,893 (€1,900) each.

The art is subjective, and it’s clear that this piece was of great interest to the buyers who snatched it up. Regardless of your impression and stance on concept art, and this piece in particular, it’s clear that Manouach created something unique here, and inadvertently offered an answer to a question no one thought of. to put ; “When is a book no longer a book?” Answer: When it strains your back, causes you carpal tunnel and costs more than your monthly rent?

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