Google will test AR glasses outside in public this fall

(Pocket-lint) – Google has announced that it will test prototypes of augmented reality (AR) in public from September – partly because it wants to see how they perform in the real world and impact people and also because that he needs to better understand how his AR navigation features will handle the weather.

The company said Tuesday it is working on concepts such as AR glasses that display real-time translations, but it must test the prototypes outdoors.

“This will allow us to better understand how these devices can help people in their everyday lives,” Google wrote in a blog post. “And as we develop experiences like AR navigation, it will help us take into account factors like weather and busy intersections – which can be difficult, sometimes impossible, to fully recreate indoors. “.

On a support page, Google revealed that it will be testing a “small number” of prototypes in select areas of the United States this fall.

Testers of Google’s AR prototypes will undergo “training on devices, protocols, privacy and security” and face “strict limitations” on where they can operate. The activities they can do using the prototypes will also be restricted. The AR prototypes are meant to look like typical goggles, but they have an in-lens display and “visual and audio sensors” such as a mic, camera, and LED indicator.

Despite the LED, Google noted that its prototypes currently don’t support photography or videography. But it is actively developing features like speech transcription and translation, text translation, and navigation.

Keep in mind that Google hopes to start shipping an AR headset dubbed Project Iris in two years.

Written by Maggie Tillman.

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