Harvey Weinstein Says He Goes Blind, Shouldn’t Leave New York Jail, But LA County Vows He Will Get ‘Reasonable’ Care And Maybe Even New Glasses | Nation

LOS ANGELES – Although Harvey Weinstein claims he is on the verge of going blind, Los Angeles County promises he will receive “continuity of care” for his sick eyes when transferred from New York to California to cope to charges of sex crimes.

Lawyers for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Office said in separate documents obtained by the Daily News that the jailed movie mogul charged with sexually assaulting five Jane Does in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles will not experience any disruption to her medical care once recovered from Wende Correctional Facility in Erie County.

Once in the custody of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies, Weinstein could receive his next injection of Avastin in early August to treat his vision loss diagnosed in New York City, a county attorney said in a letter to the judge. Los Angeles County Superior Court William C. Ryan. Wednesday.

Weinstein, 69, would also receive “reasonable treatment for cataracts, including surgery if necessary,” the lawyer wrote.

County attorney Karen Joynt even said she was ready to help Weinstein’s lawyers get new glasses with corrective lenses for the convicted sexual predator after a New York doctor wrote in a report. that his “current reading glasses are broken and do not fit”.

Prosecutors, meanwhile, said they were ready to bring Weinstein to justice within three months to keep up the pace.

“The people are aware and believe the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is capable of ensuring continuity of medical care,” attorney Cassandra Thorp, representing the DA, wrote to Judge Ryan in her letter dated 6. July.

Weinstein’s California lawyer said on Wednesday that extradition was still a threat.

“We appreciate the prosecutor’s and sheriff’s promise to provide Mr. Weinstein with quality medical care, but he is halfway through critical and sensitive treatment with an ophthalmologist in Buffalo who is needed to prevent him from becoming blind, ”attorney Mark Werksman said. said in a statement to the Daily News.

“We believe he should be allowed to complete his treatment with his current doctor without the delays, dislocations and medical risks that will be caused by his transportation to Los Angeles,” Werksman said.

Los Angeles County attorneys filed their letters this week in response to a Habeas Corpus petition Weinstein filed in Los Angeles on June 15, the same day a New York judge refused to further deny extradition by Weinstein.

Weinstein, who is now serving a 23-year sentence for his February 2020 rape and sexual assault conviction, was recently indicted by the Los Angeles grand jury on charges ranging from forced oral copulation to coercive sexual violence and rape .


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