Horoscope for October 7: Your astrological sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecasts

Emotions run high this week as we head to Mercury and retrograde on stage. Take each hour as it comes and embrace the chaos as you funnel your energy into projects that require self-confidence and emotional investment because you are going to feel sassy.

Buckle up, as we are heading for a heavenly roller coaster over the next few days.

Today the moon leaves the house of Libra and transforms into a passionate and assertive Scorpio.

This might leave you stubborn, especially since the Moon forms a square with cold Pluto and Saturn.

So if someone tries to run into you today, you’re going to let them know.

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You will feel focused on yourself and now is not the time to narrow yourself down or reduce your desires to accommodate others.

The Sun and Mars combine, which brings a very powerful energy.

Cafeastrology.com says, “This can be a particularly dynamic time when we thrive on activity and progress. Our most passionate, aggressive and courageous natures come to the fore.

“We are straightforward and outspoken and maybe angry and impulsive. We need to be careful to bring a strong ego to a situation.

You may also feel particularly open to your feelings, but make sure that doesn’t get carried away.

Try to channel your feelings into your surroundings, looking for activities that raise your emotions.

So now is the perfect time to watch a heartbreaking movie or curl up with a good book.

This will give you a cathartic release, and then you will walk through the air.

Later this week, Mercury retrograde will return to the scene, so get ready for a bumpy ride!

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