How a visit to your Heartland optical store can help you spot eye disease at an early stage

He added, “Usually we advise our clients to come to the polyclinic for referral to a hospital. If they wish, they can also go directly to a private hospital or a specialized clinic. It depends on their financial situation. “

There are other scenarios in which you may also be referred to an ophthalmologist. According to Dr. Ong, optometrists are not allowed to use drugs, even eye drops to dilate the pupil in order to see the back of the eye better. “IIf there is a condition that I think requires examination but I am unable to achieve a good result, I will refer the client to a doctor. ”

Essentially, Au said, any assessment requiring medication would require a review. the attention of the ophthalmologist, even antibiotic eye drops for contact lens complications.


Many people regard the eye test (known professionally as a refraction test) as only to assess the “power” or “degree” of their prescription for lenses. And they would be right because it is indeed “just to check for refractive error and not a full eye exam,” Dr. Ong said.

That’s why most optical stores would offer it with the slit lamp review – making these two the most common and basic tests most optical stores would have, Au said. Contact lens wearers may also undergo a lens fit assessment “to determine if wearing contact lenses is right for them,” Wong said.

Some optical stores go beyond these checks by offering more specialized services such as assessment of children’s aptitude for orthokeratology (contact lenses for corneal reshaping) to treat myopia; fundus photographs that clients can take to their doctor for further medical evaluation; and check the tear film for symptoms of dry eye.

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