How to Care for Monkeypox Lesions: Experts Recommend Doing It

It is very important to take care of monkeypox lesions. Rashes and lesions can be very painful and itchy and, depending on where they originate, great care should be taken about them. The patient should use only medications recommended by the doctor to soothe the lesions and observe the strictest hygiene measures until they completely detach from the normal active skin.

Regarding the contagious nature of the lesions, Dr Desai says “patients must be strictly isolated” and advised healthcare staff to wear a PPE kit.

“Skin lesions usually heal on their own. Avoid topical or systemic steroids for skin lesions. For skin irritations, a mild cleanser or moisturizer can be used and for pain relief, the patient can take paracetamol “, he suggests and warns not to pick the lesions.

“For secondary bacterial infection, antibiotics may be needed,” he adds.

Skin lesions should be covered as much as possible (e.g. long sleeves, long pants) to minimize the risk of contact with others, reads guidelines issued by the Union Department of Health. The guideline also suggests cleaning rashes with a simple antiseptic and recommends mupironic acid/fucidin. He also recommends a sitz bath for genital ulcers and warm saline gargles/oral topical anti-inflammatory gel for mouth ulcers which are commonly seen in this infection.

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