How to clean and maintain your glasses

Chances are you are reading this with glasses on at present if you’re the type to see them. Meanwhile, some readers there, they have the chance to wear them only for sun protection or aesthetic purposes. (No, I’m not envious, I swear.)

Either way, you’ve probably come across all the downsides of being the wearer, whether prescribed or sunscreen. Sometimes they get really, really dirty. I mean stained to the point where you can’t see out of them. In the most serious cases, the lenses are scratched or broken, pieces of the nose disappear or everything becomes, because they have slipped under your buttocks or have fallen to the bottom of a bag, bent. In addition, dirty or damaged glasses can cause eye strain!

But how can errors like this be caught before they happen? And how do you avoid scratches, stains, and other cosmetic issues? To be honest, it takes discipline and a bit of routine. Sure, slipping your glasses over your head or in your pocket (whether it’s a shirt or pants) when you don’t need them can be handy, but both cause problems – and those are just two possibilities.

Here is our guide to maintaining and cleaning your glasses.

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How to clean your glasses

So they’re a little stained, eh? Your keys left a scratch? Let’s talk about it.

1. First, if you can, rinse the lentils with a little water. It even sweeps away invisible debris, making sure you don’t scratch your lenses when you wipe them off.

2. If you’re not in a place where you can get them wet, opt for a portable vaporizer instead. There are dozens of iterations in different solutions. You’ve gotten used to carrying hand sanitizer, consider this a fair compromise.

3. If you are at home and have reserved a window for washing your glasses, take some dish soap – be sure to check the ingredients for harsh detergents; acetone, for example, most commonly found in nail polish remover, can damage lenses – or a specific cleaner for glasses. Both work well.

4. Place a pea-sized portion of soap on both lenses. (Do not use sensitive skin or ultra-mild soap. Optometrists Recommend Dawn.) Using clean hands – any particles trapped in your palms or on your fingers can cause damage – work the soap in a circular motion. Don’t be afraid to clean the branches from the branches as well, unless they are made of a delicate material that you would otherwise avoid. Do this until the soap has dissolved and there is no residue left. You’ve done the dishes before, I hope, so you get the gist of it.

5. Then dry the lenses with a microfiber cloth, preferably one you don’t use to treat small stains. Avoid t-shirts, towels, or other textiles nearby, because unless they are 100% cotton – and even 100% can – they will scratch or tangle (think residue on old headlights) lenses over time. Hold the glasses in their center, preferably at the level of the bridge of the nose. Grabbing a firm grip on a temple arm can distort the dimensions of the glasses.

6. Wipe the lenses as close as possible to dry them. Let them air dry the rest of the way, if you can. If not, put them back on your face. You have finished.

glasses sleeve felt
Graf Lantz uses premium merino wool to create a scratch-free eyeglass sleeve. It is also water, stain and heat resistant.

Graf lantz

How to take care of your glasses

Gone are the days of throwing them in your bag.

1. Use both hands to remove them.

2. If they slip, as some do, don’t push them with force, especially through your nose (if you have any).

3. Never wear them as a headband. Hair products can stain lenses, nose pieces can get stuck in your strands, and force frames to extend around the enlarged noggin.

4. Put them in a hard case when you take them out. Get a soft one if you have to put them in your pocket.

5. Do not store your glasses with the lenses down. Store them upside down with open arms.

6. Establish a storage routine: a place to store them when you’re not wearing them or when you go to bed.

7. Purchase the necessary cleaning and maintenance tools: spray cleaner, microfiber cloths, and an eyeglass tool kit.

8. Don’t leave them in a hot car. Temperatures inside, which can reach 200 degrees Fahrenheit, can melt plastic or warp acetates.

Everything you need

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