Hugh Grant breaks internet claims based on marriage

Salt Lake City’s “Real Housewife” star Jenshah accused authorities of “fraud” during her arrest earlier this year, and she unknowingly blames her “dry” contact lenses for her Miranda rights. He claims to have abandoned it.

Jen asks the judge to close her case, where she was charged with conspiracy to commit electronic fraud as part of a telemarketing program.

Page Six obtained a court document claiming the reality TV star his indictment is “hard work” and “flawed criminal theory.” She also states that she accidentally gave up Miranda’s rights due to poor eyesight.

“The contact lenses in my eyes were dry and I didn’t have reading glasses, so my vision was blurry and I couldn’t read the newspaper in front of me,” she said. In a new legal document, her attorney claims Jen signed the document “as a direct result of law enforcement deception and calculated tactics to thwart her will.”

In April last year, a lawsuit in the Southern District of New York killed hundreds across the country as Jen and her assistant Steuart Smith encouraged investment in online projects and sold bogus business services. . , Mainly claimed to have stripped the elderly. For many years. They would have created a list of “reeds” that were previously exploited. They would then have shared the names of these victims with conspirators who could again abuse the “lead”. Jen and Stuart will likely take a cut.

In a statement, the Department of Homeland Security said Jen and Stuart “have built a luxurious lifestyle at the expense of vulnerable, often older working class people.”

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If found guilty, Jen and Stuart could face 30 years in prison.

However, Jen maintains that “the theory of this case has multiple flaws.” [and] In fact, she says she was confused about the arrest and believed authorities were telling her about the 2017 case where she was the victim of robbery and assault.

“I was very confused at this point, emotionally unbalanced due to a strange sequence of events, and I suspected that I had been the victim of a misidentification,” she added. Say, don’t tell her she was taped, claiming the policeman was not forthright during the arrest.

“I didn’t know the purpose of the conversation, or rather, whether Captain Bastos had been charged towards the end of the hour and twenty minute cross-examination immediately after saying, ‘I want to draw a conclusion. “” She stated in the affidavit.

well done

The document claims the officer hinted that he wanted to help Jen. But they say the policeman had decency. “He was well aware that he would take him to a judge that day on the basis of his indictment in New York,” the document said. “Of course, he desperately wanted to talk to her, but he didn’t. However I want to do that. “

Jen has been acquitted and is being held freely.

Page Six says that if the case is not closed, Jen’s attorney is asking the judge to bar any statements she made after giving up Miranda’s rights to her at the trial. I go.

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