Humps Optics launches indestructible polarized sunglasses

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of polarized sunglasses, it’s time to cancel your search because Humps Optics has more than just great features.

Forged in the heart of the mountain adventure, Humps crafts polarized sunglasses using the most hardcore recycled plastics so you can beat ’em, drop ’em, throw ’em, paintball ’em, let your nephew shoot them or even smash them in a two ton truck (seriously check out their destruction videos). And if that’s not enough, each pair comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s a lot for your money.

But here’s the best part: every time you buy a pair of their non-slip, bounce-free, head-turning, impact-tested, sustainably-made, and adventure-ready sunglasses, they’re giving away a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. through their partners at Restoring Vision. Translation: Humps Optics makes polarized voyeur protectors that care about the planet and its people.

That’s probably why they’ve created such an impressive following.

Known for their low-cost range of polarized sunglasses, reflective lenses, transitional blue light glasses and anti-glare snow goggles, Humps Optics lets you take care of your eyes without compromising on style. . And with their lifetime warranty, if you break them, they’ll replace them, and if you lose them, they’ll give you a discount on your next pair. They are truly worthy of the hype.

What price are they?

The question is: how affordable is it? Well, their sunglasses only cost between $39 and $59, which is good value for money, especially with all that they include. Dust cloths, cases, stickers, a lifetime warranty, free shipping in the USA and their ONE4ONE mission.

As for the Humps Optics snow goggles, for just $105 you get a pair of 100% polarized goggles with quick-change magnetic action, anti-fog technology, helmet-compatible grip strap, and two lenses for so you can enjoy the mountain in all conditions.

Their range of sunglasses?

Agreed. So not only do they offer hundreds of styles of sunglasses, but most of them have multiple colors for you to enjoy, from matte black frames to flashy mirrored lenses. But whichever pair (okay, pairs) you choose, each of their shades comes with 100% polarized UVA/B400 protection to protect you from the sun’s enemies.

When it comes to their line of blue light blocking glasses, Humps not only offers your standard blue light blocking lenses, but they also offer a transition option that uses their OneLens technology. Translation: they darken when you step into the sun for some outdoor screen time, and they go bright again when you head indoors to play with your friends online. No headaches, no migraines, no squinting or a bad night’s sleep – just good vibes


We can’t get enough of them. They’re durable, affordable, polarized, impact tested, made with recycled plastics, and have a social mission that makes a huge difference to hundreds of thousands of visually impaired people around the world. It’s literally no wonder that Humps Optics has thousands of epic reviews for their shades, all of which you can read on their website when choosing your favorite pairs.



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